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ZSCAN21 zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 21

Top mentioned proteins: MEN, RAD54, BRG1, ATPase, PAK1
Papers on ZNF38
Host cell targets of immediate-early protein BICP22 of bovine herpesvirus 1.
Schwyzer et al., Z├╝rich, Switzerland. In Vet Microbiol, 2006
In the present work, we looked for host cell targets of BICP22 using a yeast two-hybrid system and identified seven candidates: (1) JIK, a serine/threonine kinase of the sterile 20 protein (STE20) family that inhibits stress-related pathways; (2) cAMP response element binding protein-like 2 (CREBL2), which in its bZip domain shares homology with CREB, modulating transcription of cAMP responsive genes; (3) DNA-dependent ATPase and helicase (ATRX), a protein of the SNF2 family altering nucleosome structure; (4) scaffold attachment factor B (SAF-B), which helps to organize chromatin into topologically separated loops; (5) peptidylglycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase COOH-terminal interactor protein 1 (PAMCIP1), involved in regulation of the secretory pathway in the perinuclear area; (6) zinc finger protein (ZNF38) found in proliferating cells and possibly associated with meiosis in male and female gametogenesis; (7) FLJ22709, hypothetical protein conserved among various species, containing an occludin/ELL domain.
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