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Zn finger homeodomain 2

zfh-2, zinc finger homeodomain 2, zfh-5
Top mentioned proteins: ATBF1, FATE, ACID, zfh-4, CAN
Papers on zfh-2
Identification of Drosophila Zfh2 as a Mediator of Hypercapnic Immune Regulation by a Genome-Wide RNA Interference Screen.
Beitel et al., Evanston, United States. In J Immunol, Feb 2016
In vivo tests of one of the strongest screen hits, zinc finger homeodomain 2 (Zfh2; mammalian orthologs ZFHX3/ATBF1 and ZFHX4), demonstrate that reducing zfh2 function using a mutation or RNA interference improves survival of flies exposed to elevated CO2 and infected with Staphylococcus aureus.
Expression of arthropod distal limb-patterning genes in the onychophoran Euperipatoides kanangrensis.
Janssen et al., Uppsala, Sweden. In Dev Genes Evol, 2014
We investigated the expression patterns of six genes known to function during insect distal limb development in the onychophoran Euperipatoides kanangrensis, i.e., clawless (cll), aristaless (al), spineless (ss), zinc finger homeodomain 2 (zfh2), rotund (rn), and Lim1.
The zinc finger homeodomain-2 gene of Drosophila controls Notch targets and regulates apoptosis in the tarsal segments.
Sánchez-Herrero et al., Madrid, Spain. In Dev Biol, 2014
We describe here that the zinc finger homeodomain-2 (zfh-2) gene is highly expressed in cells that will form the leg joints and needed to establish a correct size and pattern in the distal leg.
Multiple roles of the gene zinc finger homeodomain-2 in the development of the Drosophila wing.
Díaz-Benjumea et al., Madrid, Spain. In Mech Dev, 2013
The gene zfh2 and its human homolog Atbf1 encode huge molecules with several homeo- and zinc finger domains.
Behavioral abnormalities observed in Zfhx2-deficient mice.
Yamamori et al., Okazaki, Japan. In Plos One, 2011
Zfhx2 (also known as zfh-5) encodes a transcription factor containing three homeobox domains and 18 Zn-finger motifs.
A targeted genetic screen identifies crucial players in the specification of the Drosophila abdominal Capaergic neurons.
Benito-Sipos et al., Madrid, Spain. In Mech Dev, 2011
We have found that the ABCA fate requires zfh2, grain, Grunge and hedgehog genes.
Insertional mutagenesis screening identifies the zinc finger homeodomain 2 (zfh2) gene as a novel factor required for embryonic leg development in Tribolium castaneum.
Prpic et al., Göttingen, Germany. In Dev Genes Evol, 2009
We have identified the zfh2 gene as a novel factor required for normal leg development in Tribolium.
Temporal and spatial windows delimit activation of the outer ring of wingless in the Drosophila wing.
Díaz-Benjumea et al., Madrid, Spain. In Dev Biol, 2009
Our findings indicate that wingless expression is controlled by a dual mechanism: its initial activation requires the product of zinc finger homeodomain 2 and is subsequently repressed by the product of the gene complex elbow/no ocelli.
The Drosophila gene zfh2 is required to establish proximal-distal domains in the wing disc.
Díaz-Benjumea et al., Madrid, Spain. In Dev Biol, 2008
In discs lacking zfh2 the limits of the expression domains of the genes tsh, nub, rn, dve and nab coincide, and expression of wg in the wing hinge, is lost.
A homeodomain-zinc finger protein, ZFHX4, is expressed in neuronal differentiation manner and suppressed in muscle differentiation manner.
Tsuchiya et al., Machida, Japan. In Biol Pharm Bull, 2006
ZFHX4 is 90% homologous to mouse Zfhx4, 52% to human ATBF1A and 24% to Drosophila ZFH-2.
Novel transcription factor zfh-5 is negatively regulated by its own antisense RNA in mouse brain.
Yamamori et al., Okazaki, Japan. In Mol Cell Neurosci, 2006
Here, we report features of a novel transcription factor zfh-5, which we isolated from the mouse brain; in addition to the mRNA, the antisense strand of zfh-5 is also expressed in the developing brain, in a manner complementary to the expression of zfh-5 mRNA.
Temporally dynamic response to Wingless directs the sequential elaboration of the proximodistal axis of the Drosophila wing.
Russell et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Dev Biol, 2003
The expression of a novel marker for proximal wing fate, zfh-2, is initially activated by Wingless throughout the "wing primordium," but later is repressed by the activity of Vestigial and Nubbin, which together define a more distal domain.
The mouse ZFH-4 protein contains four homeodomains and twenty-two zinc fingers.
Tamaoki et al., Machida, Japan. In Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2000
The mouse ZFH-4 is 51% homologous to the mouse ATBF1 and 23% to the Drosophila ZFH-2.
Regulatory mutations of the Drosophila Sox gene Dichaete reveal new functions in embryonic brain and hindgut development.
Russell et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Dev Biol, 2000
A specific group of neural cells in the tritocerebrum fails to develop correctly in the absence of Dichaete, as revealed by reduced expression of labial, zfh-2, wingless, and engrailed.
Analysis of two cosmid clones from chromosome 4 of Drosophila melanogaster reveals two new genes amid an unusual arrangement of repeated sequences.
Hodgetts et al., Edmonton, Canada. In Genome Res, 1999
The other cosmid contains only the two short 5'-most exons from the zinc-finger-homolog-2 (zfh-2) gene.
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