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Wilms tumor 1

Top mentioned proteins: MEL-1, FATE, SIMPLE, Swap, Rbx1
Papers on xWT1
An integrated genome screen identifies the Wnt signaling pathway as a major target of WT1.
Licht et al., Chicago, United States. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2009
WT1 interference with Wnt signaling represents an important mode of its action relevant to the suppression of tumor growth and guidance of development.
The Notch-effector HRT1 gene plays a role in glomerular development and patterning of the Xenopus pronephros anlagen.
Bellefroid et al., Brussels, Belgium. In Development, 2006
XHRT1, which is the earliest and strongest gene expressed in the pronephric region, is initially transcribed predominantly in the forming glomus, where it is downregulated by antisense morpholino oligonucleotide inhibition of xWT1.
Evi1 is specifically expressed in the distal tubule and duct of the Xenopus pronephros and plays a role in its formation.
Bellefroid et al., Brussels, Belgium. In Dev Biol, 2006
In the Xenopus pronephros, Evi1 expression is upregulated by retinoid signaling and repressed by overexpression of xWT1 and by Notch signaling.
The isolation and characterization of XC3H-3b: a CCCH zinc-finger protein required for pronephros development.
Asashima et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2003
In both cases, the expression of numerous pronephric marker genes, such as Xlim-1, Xpax-2, Xpax-8, Xwnt-4, and XWT1, is decreased and morphological development of the pronephric tubules is abrogated.
The specification and growth factor inducibility of the pronephric glomus in Xenopus laevis.
Jones et al., Coventry, United Kingdom. In Development, 1999
These explants were cultured within ectodermal wraps and analysed by RT-PCR for the presence of the Wilm's Tumour-1 gene, xWT1, a marker specific for the glomus at the stages analysed, together with other mesodermal markers.
Precocious expression of the Wilms' tumor gene xWT1 inhibits embryonic kidney development in Xenopus laevis.
Vize et al., Austin, United States. In Dev Biol, 1998
In the experiments presented here, the Xenopus pronephros was used as a simple model system to examine the activity of Xenopus WT1 (xWT1) during kidney development.
Wilms' tumor suppressor gene is involved in the development of disparate kidney forms: evidence from expression in the Xenopus pronephros.
Vize et al., Austin, United States. In Dev Dyn, 1996
The Wilms' tumor suppressor gene (WT1) is required for the formation of the mammalian metanephros, or adult kidney, and for the normal development of the mesonephros, the major mammalian embryonic kidney.
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