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1: Title: A systems biological approach to identify key transcription factors and their genomic neighborhoods in human sarcomas.
Authors: Ylipää, Antti, .
Journal: Chinese journal of cancer (Ai Zheng), Vol. 30 (1): 27-40, 2011 .
Snippet: Application of the framework to study the differences between gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) and leiomyosarcoma (LMS) resulted in the identification of nine transcription factors (SRF, NKX2-5, CCDC6, LEF1, VDR, ZNF250, TRIM63, MAF, and MYC).
Affiliation: Department of Signal Processing, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere 33101, Finland. .
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2: Title: The ancient mammalian KRAB zinc finger gene cluster on human chromosome 8q24.3 illustrates principles of C2H2 zinc finger evolution associated with unique expression profiles in human tissues.
Authors: Lorenz, Peter, .
Journal: BMC genomics, Vol. 11, 2010 .
Snippet: Based on accompanying expression signatures in twenty-six other human tissues ZNF34 and ZNF250 revealed the closest expression profiles.
Affiliation: Institute of Immunology, University of Rostock, Schillingallee 70, 18055 Rostock, Germany. .
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3: Title: Identification of five human novel genes associated with cell proliferation by cell-based screening from an expressed cDNA ORF library.
Authors: Ma, Xi, .
Journal: Life sciences (Life Sci), Vol. 81 (14): 1141-51, 2007 .
Snippet: Among them, five genes, TRAF3IP3, ZNF306, ZNF250, SGOL1, and ZNF434, were determined through morphological observation, calcein AM fluorescence stain, MTT assay and cell cycle analysis to be associated with cell proliferation.
Affiliation: Chinese National Human Genome Center, Beijing, #3-707 North YongChang Road BDA, Beijing 100176, PR China. .
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