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1: Title: Stress-induced start codon fidelity regulates arsenite-inducible regulatory particle-associated protein (AIRAP) translation.
Authors: Zach, Lolita, .
Journal: The Journal of biological chemistry (J Biol Chem), Vol. 289 (30): 20706-16, 2014 .
Snippet: Translation initiation of the main open reading frame (ORF) in an mRNA transcript has been reported to be regulated by upstream open reading frames (uORFs) in a manner of re-initiation.
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2: Title: The proteasome inhibitor bortezomib is a potent inducer of zinc finger AN1-type domain 2a gene expression: role of heat shock factor 1 (HSF1)-heat shock factor 2 (HSF2) heterocomplexes.
Authors: Rossi, Antonio, .
Journal: The Journal of biological chemistry (J Biol Chem), Vol. 289 (18): 12705-15, 2014 .
Snippet: Interestingly, whereas HSF1 has been confirmed to be critical for AIRAP gene transcription, HSF2 was found to negatively regulate AIRAP expression after bortezomib treatment, further emphasizing an important modulatory role of this transcription factor under stress conditions.
Affiliation: From the Institute of Translational Pharmacology, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), 00133 Rome, Italy and. .
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3: Title: Short and long term gene expression variation and networking in human proximal tubule cells when exposed to cadmium.
Authors: Garrett, Scott H, .
Journal: BMC medical genomics (Bmc Med Genomics), Vol. 6 Suppl 1, 2013 .
Snippet: The most prominent network module consisted of INHBA, KIF20A, DNAJA4, AKAP12, ZFAND2A, AKR1B10, SCL7A11, and AKR1C1.
Affiliation: Department of Pathology, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND 58202, USA. .
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4: Title: Unraveling toxicological mechanisms and predicting toxicity classes with gene dysregulation networks.
Authors: Pronk, Tessa E, .
Journal: Journal of applied toxicology : JAT (J Appl Toxicol), Vol. 33 (12): 1407-15, 2013 .
Snippet: Pairs with known and novel markers were found such as HMOX1 and ZFAND2A, ATF3 and PPP1R15A, OXSR1 and HSPA1B, ZFP36 and MAFF.
Affiliation: Laboratory for Health Protection Research, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, PO Box 1, NL-3720, BA, Bilthoven, the Netherlands; Department of Toxicogenomics, Maastricht University, PO Box 616, NL-6200, MD, Maastricht, the Netherlands. .
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5: Title: AIRAP, a new human heat shock gene regulated by heat shock factor 1.
Authors: Rossi, Antonio, .
Journal: The Journal of biological chemistry (J Biol Chem), Vol. 285 (18): 13607-15, 2010 .
Snippet: In transfection experiments HSF1-silencing abolished heat-induced AIRAP promoter-driven transcription, which could be rescued by exogenous Flag-HSF1 expression.
Affiliation: Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine, CNR, 00133 Rome, Italy. .
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6: Title: Copper activation of NF-kappaB signaling in HepG2 cells.
Authors: McElwee, Matthew K, .
Journal: Journal of molecular biology (J Mol Biol), Vol. 393 (5): 1013-21, 2009 .
Snippet: In addition, two novel NF-kappaB-regulated genes, SRXN1 (sulfiredoxin 1 homolog) and ZFAND2A (zinc-finger, AN1-type domain 2A), were identified.
Affiliation: Laboratory of Molecular Toxicology, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH, DHHS, Box 12233, MD E1-05, 111 T. W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA. .
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7: Title: Proteasomal adaptation to environmental stress links resistance to proteotoxicity with longevity in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Authors: Yun, Chi, .
Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A), Vol. 105 (19): 7094-9, 2008 .
Snippet: We report that worms lacking aip-1, a homologue of mammalian AIRAP (arsenic-inducible proteasomal 19S regulatory particle-associated protein), are not only impaired in their ability to resist exposure to arsenite but also exhibit shortened lifespan and hypersensitivity to misfolding-prone proteins under normal laboratory conditions.
Affiliation: The Kimmel Center for Biology and Medicine at the Skirball Institute for Biomolecular Medicine. .
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8: Title: An arsenite-inducible 19S regulatory particle-associated protein adapts proteasomes to proteotoxicity.
Authors: Stanhill, Ariel, .
Journal: Molecular cell (Mol Cell), Vol. 23 (6): 875-85, 2006 .
Snippet: AIRAP's association with the 19S cap reverses the stabilizing affect of ATP on the 26S proteasome during particle purification, and AIRAP-containing proteasomes, though constituted of 19S and 20S subunits, acquire features of hybrid proteasomes with both 19S and 11S regulatory caps.
Affiliation: Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine, New York University School of Medicine, New York, New York 10016, USA. .
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9: Title: MRP-1 expression levels determine strain-specific susceptibility to sodium arsenic-induced renal injury between C57BL/6 and BALB/c mice.
Authors: Kimura, Akihiko, .
Journal: Toxicology and applied pharmacology (Toxicol Appl Pharm), Vol. 203 (1): 53-61, 2005 .
Snippet: Among heavy metal inducible proteins including multidrug resistance-associated protein (MRP)-1, multidrug resistance gene (MDR)-1, metallothionein (MT)-1, and arsenite inducible, cysteine- and histidine-rich RNA-associated protein (AIRAP), intrarenal MDR-1, MT-1, and AIRAP gene expression was enhanced to a similar extent in both strains, whereas NaAs challenge augmented intrarenal MRP-1 mRNA and protein expression levels in C57BL/6 but not BALB/c mice.
Affiliation: Department of Forensic Medicine, Wakayama Medical University, Kimiidera, 641-8509 Wakayama, Japan. .
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10: Title: Arsenite-inducible RNA-associated protein (AIRAP) protects cells from arsenite toxicity.
Authors: Sok, J, .
Journal: Cell stress & chaperones (Cell Stress Chaperon), Vol. 6 (1): 6-15, 2001 .
Snippet: We report here the identification of a novel gene encoding an arsenite-inducible, cysteine- and histidine-rich RNA-associated protein, AIRAP, that is conserved among mammals, Drosophila and C elegans.
Affiliation: Department of Medicine, Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine, and the Kaplan Cancer Center, New York University School of Medicine, NY 10016, USA. .
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