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1: Title: Transcriptional response of the bovine endometrium and embryo to endometrial polymorphonuclear neutrophil infiltration as an indicator of subclinical inflammation of the uterine environment.
Authors: Hoelker, Michael, .
Journal: Reproduction, fertility, and development (Reprod Fert Develop), Vol. 24 (6): 778-93, 2012 .
Snippet: Of these, GZMK, TCEAL4, MYL7, ADD3 and THEM50B were upregulated, whereas NUDCD2, MYO1E, BZW1, EHD4 and GZMB were downregulated.
Affiliation: Insititute of Animal Science, Animal Breeding and Husbandry Group, University of Bonn, Endenicher Allee 15, 53115 Bonn, Germany. .
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