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1: Title: Upregulation of miR‑598 promotes cell proliferation and cell cycle progression in human colorectal carcinoma by suppressing INPP5E expression.
Authors: Li, Kun-Ping, .
Journal: Molecular medicine reports (Mol Med Report), Vol. 17 (2): 2991-2997, 2018 .
Snippet: In the present study, miR‑598 was demonstrated to be significantly upregulated in CRC tissue by analyzing data from The Cancer Genome Atlas and the Gene Expression Omnibus.
Affiliation: Department of General Surgery, Huizhou First Hospital, Huizhou, Guangdong 516000, P.R. China. .
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2: Title: 8p23.1 duplication syndrome: narrowing of critical interval to 1.80 Mbp.
Authors: Weber, Axel, .
Journal: Molecular cytogenetics (Mol Cytogenet), Vol. 7 (1): 94, 2014 .
Snippet: DISCUSSION: The case indicates that genes within this interval, in particular dosage sensitive genes SOX7 and TNKS1, and possibly MIR124-1 and MIR598 as well suffice to cause the pathognomonic features of the 8p23.1 duplication syndrome.
Affiliation: Institut für Humangenetik, Justus-Liebig-Universität, Schlangenzahl 14, 35392 Giessen, Germany. Klinik für Kinderneurologie und Sozialpädiatrie, Justus-Liebig-Universität, Giessen, Germany. .
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3: Title: 8p23.1 duplication syndrome; common, confirmed, and novel features in six further patients.
Authors: Barber, John C K, .
Journal: American journal of medical genetics. Part A (Am J Med Genet A), Vol. 161A (3): 487-500, 2013 .
Snippet: The core duplication of 3.68 Mb contains 31 genes and microRNAs of which only GATA4, TNKS, SOX7, and XKR6 are likely to be dosage sensitive genes and MIR124-1 and MIR598 have been implicated in neurocognitive phenotypes.
Affiliation: Faculty of Medicine, Department of Human Genetics and Genomic Medicine, University of Southampton, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton, UK. .
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