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1: Title: Comparative FISH-mapping of twelve loci in river buffalo and sheep chromosomes: comparison with HSA8p and HSA4q.
Authors: Perucatti, A, .
Journal: Cytogenetic and genome research (Cytogenet Genome Res), Vol. 119 (3-4): 242-4, 2007 .
Snippet: Bovine BAC clones containing DCTD, C4orf20, CASP3, TLR3, MSR1, FAT, LONRF1, DLC1, C8orf41, CSSM036, LSM1 and EIF4EBP1 were used for FISH on RBPI-banded chromosomes.
Affiliation: National Research Council (CNR), ISPAAM, Laboratory of Animal Cytogenetics and Gene Mapping, Naples, Italy. .
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