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1: Title: E2F1interactive with BRCA1 pathway induces HCC two different small molecule metabolism or cell cycle regulation via mitochondrion or CD4+T to cytosol.
Authors: Chen, Qingchun, .
Journal: Journal of cellular physiology (J Cell Physiol), 2017 .
Snippet: Integration of GRNInfer with GO, KEGG, BioCarta, GNF_U133A, UNIGENE_EST, Disease, GenMAPP databases by DAVID and MAS 3.0, E2F1 feedback-interactive BRCA1 indirect mitochondrion to cytosol pathway was identified as upstream LAPTM4B activation, feedback UNG, downstream BCAT1-HIST1H2AD-TK1 reflecting protein and DNA binding with enrichment of small molecule metabolism; The corresponding BRCA1 indirect membrane to cytosol pathway as upstream CCNB2-NUSAP1 activation, feedback TTK-HIST1H2BJ-CENPF, downstream MCM4-TK1 reflecting ATP and microtubule binding with enrichment of CD4+T-related cell cycle regulation in HCC.
Affiliation: Computation and Systems Biology, School of Electronic Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, 100876, China. Lab of Computational Linguistics, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 100084, China. Dean department, Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, Harbin, 150040, China. Department of General Surgery, Beijing Luhe Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, 101100, China. .
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