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1: Title: Systems Genetics Approaches in Rat Identify Novel Genes and Gene Networks Associated With Cardiac Conduction.
Authors: Adriaens, Michiel E, .
Journal: Journal of the American Heart Association (J Am Heart Assoc), Vol. 7 (21): e009243, 2018 .
Snippet: At the chromosome 10 QTL , cis- eQTL effects were identified for Acbd4, Cd300lg, Fam171a2, and Arhgap27; the transcript abundance in the heart of these 4 genes was correlated with PR interval.
Affiliation: 1 Department of Experimental Cardiology Heart Centre Academic Medical Center Amsterdam Amsterdam The Netherlands. 2 Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology Maastricht University Maastricht The Netherlands. 4 Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore. 6 Institute of Physiology Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Prague Czech Republic. 5 Institute of Computational Biology Helmholtz Zentrum München München Germany. 3 The MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences Imperial College London London United Kingdom. .
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