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1: Title: Identification of Genes Whose Expression Profile Is Associated with Non-Progression towards AIDS Using eQTLs.
Authors: Spadoni, Jean-Louis, .
Journal: PloS one, Vol. 10 (9): e0136989, 2015 .
Snippet: Notably, ENTPD4 belongs to the same family as CD39, whose expression has already been associated with AIDS progression; while DNAJB12 is part of the HSP90 pathway, which is involved in the control of HIV latency.
Affiliation: Chaire de Bioinformatique; Laboratoire Génomique, Bioinformatique, et Applications (EA 4627), Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris, France. Department of Experimental Immunology, Sanquin Research, Landsteiner Laboratory, and Center for Infectious Diseases and Immunity Amsterdam (CINIMA), Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Meibergdreef 15, 1105 AZ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Crucell Holland B.V., Archimedesweg 4-6, 2333 CN, Leiden, The Netherlands. Département de Génétique et Développement, Faculté de Médecine, Université de Genève, Switzerland. .
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2: Title: An association study on polymorphisms in the PEA15, ENTPD4, and GAS2L1 genes and schizophrenia.
Authors: Saito, Atsushi, .
Journal: Psychiatry research (Psychiat Res), Vol. 185 (1-2): 9-15, 2011 .
Snippet: Twelve SNPs in the ENTPD4 gene were analyzed in a subset of subjects (94 schizophrenia patients and 94 control subjects).
Affiliation: Department of Biological Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Dokkyo Medical University School of Medicine, 880 Kitakobayashi, Mibu, Japan. .
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3: Title: The VSFASSQQ motif confers calcium sensitivity to the intracellular apyrase LALP70.
Authors: Biederbick, Annette, .
Journal: BMC biochemistry (Bmc Biochem), Vol. 5, 2004 .
Snippet: In this report we used a thin layer chromatography approach to study separately the UTPase and UDPase activity of the two LALP-enzymes.
Affiliation: Institute for Cytobiology and Cytopathology, University of Marburg, Germany. .
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