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WD repeat domain 5

WDR5, WD-repeat protein-5
This gene encodes a member of the WD repeat protein family. WD repeats are minimally conserved regions of approximately 40 amino acids typically bracketed by gly-his and trp-asp (GH-WD), which may facilitate formation of heterotrimeric or multiprotein complexes. Members of this family are involved in a variety of cellular processes, including cell cycle progression, signal transduction, apoptosis, and gene regulation. This protein contains 7 WD repeats. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding the same protein have been identified. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Histone, ASH2, MLL, SwDI, SET
Papers using WDR5 antibodies
Identification of a PRMT5-dependent repressor complex linked to silencing of human fetal globin gene expression.
Lau Andy T. Y., In PLoS ONE, 2009
... Anti-WDR5, anti-H3K4me2, and anti-H3K27me3 antibodies were purchased from Abcam.
Papers on WDR5
Myocardin-related transcription factor A (MRTF-A) plays an essential role in hepatic stellate cell activation by epigenetically modulating TGF-β signaling.
Xu et al., Nanjing, China. In Int J Biochem Cell Biol, Feb 2016
Further analyses revealed that MRTF-A interacted with and recruited several key epigenetic factors involved in H3K4 methylation, including ASH2, WDR5, and SET1, to the promoters of pro-fibrogenic genes in response to TGF-β treatment.
H3K4 Methyltransferase Set1a Is A Key Oct4 Coactivactor Essential for Generation of Oct4 Positive Inner Cell Mass.
Wong et al., Shanghai, China. In Stem Cells, Feb 2016
We found that among the SET1/MLL family H3K4 methyltransferases, Set1a specifically interacts with Oct4 and this interaction is independent of Wdr5.
Characterisation of two distinct Nucleosome Remodelling and Deacetylase Complex (NuRD) assemblies in embryonic stem cells.
Choudhary et al., United Kingdom. In Mol Cell Proteomics, Jan 2016
In addition, we identify and validate a novel NuRD-associated protein, Wdr5, a regulatory subunit of the MLL histone methyltransferase complex, which associates with both NuRD entities.
Histone methylation and STAT3 differentially regulate IL-6-induced MMP gene activation in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts.
Mimura et al., Saitama, Japan. In Arthritis Rheumatol, Jan 2016
Analyzed in RASFs was the effect of WDR5 silencing on histone methylation and MMPs gene expression.
Characterization of Ambra1 in asexual cycle of a non-vertebrate chordate, the colonial tunicate Botryllus schlosseri, and phylogenetic analysis of the protein group in Bilateria.
Valle et al., Padova, Italy. In Mol Phylogenet Evol, Dec 2015
By means of similarity searches we identified Wdr5 and Katnb1 as proteins evolutionarily associated to Ambra1.
The MYC-WDR5 Nexus and Cancer.
Tansey et al., Nashville, United States. In Cancer Res, Nov 2015
Recently, we discovered that recognition of target genes by MYC also depends on its interaction with WDR5, a WD40-repeat protein that exists as part of several chromatin-regulatory complexes.
INO80 facilitates pluripotency gene activation in embryonic stem cell self-renewal, reprogramming, and blastocyst development.
Hu et al., United States. In Cell Stem Cell, 2014
We show that Ino80, the chromatin remodeling ATPase, co-occupies pluripotency gene promoters with the master transcription factors, and its occupancy is dependent on OCT4 and WDR5.
Biophysical regulation of epigenetic state and cell reprogramming.
Li et al., San Francisco, United States. In Nat Mater, 2013
Specifically, decreased histone deacetylase activity and upregulation of the expression of WD repeat domain 5 (WDR5)--a subunit of H3 methyltranferase--by microgrooved surfaces lead to increased histone H3 acetylation and methylation.
The NeST long ncRNA controls microbial susceptibility and epigenetic activation of the interferon-γ locus.
Kirkegaard et al., Stanford, United States. In Cell, 2013
NeST RNA was found to bind WDR5, a component of the histone H3 lysine 4 methyltransferase complex, and to alter histone 3 methylation at the IFN-γ locus.
Carm1 regulates Pax7 transcriptional activity through MLL1/2 recruitment during asymmetric satellite stem cell divisions.
Rudnicki et al., Ottawa, Canada. In Cell Stem Cell, 2012
Methylated Pax7 directly binds the C-terminal cleavage forms of the trithorax proteins MLL1/2 resulting in the recruitment of the ASH2L:MLL1/2:WDR5:RBBP5 histone H3K4 methyltransferase complex to regulatory enhancers and the proximal promoter of Myf5.
Structural basis for WDR5 interaction (Win) motif recognition in human SET1 family histone methyltransferases.
Cosgrove et al., Syracuse, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2012
WDR5-Win motif interaction is important for the assembly of the MLL1 core complex in vivo.
Pax3/7BP is a Pax7- and Pax3-binding protein that regulates the proliferation of muscle precursor cells by an epigenetic mechanism.
Wu et al., Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In Cell Stem Cell, 2012
Pax3/7BP is a ubiquitously expressed nuclear protein, enriched in Pax7+ muscle precursor cells (MPCs), and serves as an indispensable adaptor for Pax7 to recruit the histone 3 lysine 4 (H3K4) methyltransferase (HMT) complex by bridging Pax7 and Wdr5.
On WD40 proteins: propelling our knowledge of transcriptional control?
Guccione et al., Singapore, Singapore. In Epigenetics, 2012
We will discuss how WDR5, a classical seven-bladed WD40 propeller, is able to bind with similar affinities both the catalytic subunit of the Trithorax-like complexes, and the histone H3 tail either unmodified or symmetrically dimethylated on arginine 2 (H3R2me2s).
WRAD: enabler of the SET1-family of H3K4 methyltransferases.
Vakoc et al., United States. In Brief Funct Genomics, 2012
Unlike most lysine methyltransferases, SET1-family enzymes are only fully active in the context of a multi-subunit complex, which includes a protein module comprised of WDR5, RbBP5, ASH2L and DPY-30 (WRAD).
Synergistic effect of SRY and its direct target, WDR5, on Sox9 expression.
Zhao et al., Nanjing, China. In Plos One, 2011
findings show that WDR5 is a direct target of SRY; the interaction of WDR5 and SRY activates Sox9 expression; results suggest that, in conjunction with SRY, WDR5 plays an important role in sex determination
X-linked mental retardation gene CUL4B targets ubiquitylation of H3K4 methyltransferase component WDR5 and regulates neuronal gene expression.
Xiong et al., Chapel Hill, United States. In Mol Cell, 2011
WDR5 as a critical substrate of CUL4B in regulating neuronal gene expression.
MLL1/WDR5 complex in leukemogenesis and epigenetic regulation.
Shu et al., Wuhan, China. In Ai Zheng, 2011
MLL1 is a histone H3Lys4 methyltransferase and forms a complex with WDR5 and other components.
Structural and biochemical insights into MLL1 core complex assembly.
Couture et al., Ottawa, Canada. In Structure, 2011
crystal structure of WDR5 in ternary complex with RbBP5 and MLL1
The effect of Asp-His-Ser/Thr-Trp tetrad on the thermostability of WD40-repeat proteins.
Wu et al., Shenzhen, China. In Biochemistry, 2010
the change of folding free energy by mutations mainly corresponds to the deletion of hydrogen bonds.
The molecular regulation of muscle stem cell function.
Kuang et al., Ottawa, Canada. In Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol, 2007
Pax7 activates expression of target genes such as Myf5 and MyoD through recruitment of the Wdr5/Ash2L/MLL2 histone methyltransferase complex.
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