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vinculin, VCL
Vinculin is a cytoskeletal protein associated with cell-cell and cell-matrix junctions, where it is thought to function as one of several interacting proteins involved in anchoring F-actin to the membrane. Defects in VCL are the cause of cardiomyopathy dilated type 1W. Dilated cardiomyopathy is a disorder characterized by ventricular dilation and impaired systolic function, resulting in congestive heart failure and arrhythmia. Multiple alternatively spliced transcript variants have been found for this gene, but the biological validity of some variants has not been determined. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Actin, CAN, V1a, paxillin, fibronectin
Papers using vinculin antibodies
The ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of podosomes and invadopodia: characteristics, formation and function.
Stradal Theresia E. B., In PLoS ONE, 2010
... from Clontech (Heidelberg, Germany); against zyxin, gelsolin, and paxillin from BD Biosciences (Heidelberg, Germany), against vinculin from Synaptic Systems (Göttingen, Germany) and Sigma-Aldrich ...
A role for the juxtamembrane cytoplasm in the molecular dynamics of focal adhesions.
Parsons Maddy, In PLoS ONE, 2008
... and vinculin mutants by immunofluorescence and Western blotting as stated was performed using the mouse anti-vinculin (VIN-11-5) (Sigma Aldrich, St Louis, MO) and ...
Rac and Rap GTPase activation assays.
Hartl Dominik, In PLoS ONE, 2006
... from Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA); gelsolin (GS-2C4), acetylated tubulin (T6793), β-actin (A2066), α-tubulin (DM1A), vinculin (hVIN-1) were from Sigma Aldrich (St ...
The armadillo protein p0071 regulates Rho signalling during cytokinesis
Hatzfeld Mechthild et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2005
... ), PKP2 and -3 (Progen), TIAR, eIF4E and -4G (BD), vinculin, Flag, plakoglobin (Sigma-Aldrich), eIF4A1 (Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.), HA (Rockland), myc ...
Sequential signals toward podosome formation in NIH-src cells
Takenawa Tadaomi et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2003
... (Millipore); rabbit anti-c-Src, anti-phospho-Src, anti-Crk, anti-myc, and monoclonal mouse anti-HA (Cell Signaling Technology); monoclonal mouse anti-vinculin and anti-γ-tubulin (Sigma-Aldrich); rabbit anti-GFP (MBL International); and rabbit anti-N-WASP ...
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Papers on vinculin
ALK-Rearranged Renal Cell Carcinomas in Children.
Perlman et al., Omaha, United States. In Genes Chromosomes Cancer, Feb 2016
Further investigation revealed ALK rearrangements in all cases, manifested molecularly by fusion transcripts of either VCL-ALK (3 patients all with sickle cell trait which had been previously reported) or TPM3-ALK (3 patients, none with sickle cell trait).
Mechanisms and Functions of Vinculin Interactions with Phospholipids at Cell Adhesion Sites.
Brown et al., United States. In J Biol Chem, Feb 2016
Here we discuss the roles and mechanisms of phospholipids in regulating the structure and function of vinculin and of its muscle specific metavinculin splice variant.
Beyond β-catenin: prospects for a larger catenin network in the nucleus.
Gottardi et al., Houston, United States. In Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol, Jan 2016
In most vertebrates, there are eight additional catenins that are structurally related to β-catenin, and three α-catenin genes encoding actin-binding proteins that are structurally related to vinculin.
Sperm dilution ratio affects post-thaw motility rate and velocity of Prochilodus lineatus (Characiformes) sperm.
Leal et al., Lavras, Brazil. In Zygote, Jan 2016
Post-thaw motility rate and velocities (curvilinear = VCL; average path = VAP; straight line = VSL) were determined using a Computer-Assisted Sperm Analyzer (CASA) at 10 and 40 s post-activation.
Malignant pheochromocytomas/paragangliomas harbor mutations in transport and cell adhesion genes.
Abel et al., Göteborg, Sweden. In Int J Cancer, Jan 2016
Three novel genes were identified as recurrently mutated; MYCN, MYO5B and VCL, and mutations in these genes were exclusively found in malignant sPGL tumors.
Cytoskeleton deregulation and impairment in amino acids and energy metabolism in early atherosclerosis at aortic tissue with reflection in plasma.
Alvarez-Llamas et al., Madrid, Spain. In Biochim Biophys Acta, Jan 2016
RESULTS: Data link the structural remodeling taking place in atherosclerotic arteries in terms of loss of contractile properties and favored cellular migration, with an up-regulation of integrin linked kinase, tropomyosin isoform 2 and capping protein gelsolin-like, and a down-regulation of vinculin.
Extracellular rigidity sensing by talin isoform-specific mechanical linkages.
Grashoff et al., Martinsried, Germany. In Nat Cell Biol, Dec 2015
Talin linkages are exposed to a range of piconewton forces and bear, on average, 7-10 pN during cell adhesion depending on their association with F-actin and vinculin.
Definition of a consensus integrin adhesome and its dynamics during adhesion complex assembly and disassembly.
Humphries et al., Manchester, United Kingdom. In Nat Cell Biol, Dec 2015
The consensus adhesome is likely to represent a core cell adhesion machinery, centred around four axes comprising ILK-PINCH-kindlin, FAK-paxillin, talin-vinculin and α-actinin-zyxin-VASP, and includes underappreciated IAC components such as Rsu-1 and caldesmon.
Mechanosensitive components of integrin adhesions: Role of vinculin.
Ballestrem et al., Manchester, United Kingdom. In Exp Cell Res, Dec 2015
Here, we outline how vinculin, a key component of integrin-mediated adhesions linking the actin cytoskeleton to the extracellular matrix (ECM), is regulated by force and acts as force transducing protein.
Skeletal stem cell and bone implant interactions are enhanced by LASER titanium modification.
Oreffo et al., Southampton, United Kingdom. In Biochem Biophys Res Commun, Nov 2015
Molecular analysis and qRT-PCR as well as functional analysis including biochemistry (DNA, Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP(6)) specific activity), live/dead immunostaining (Cell Tracker Green (CTG(7))/Ethidium Homodimer-1 (EH-1(8))), and fluorescence staining (for vinculin and phalloidin) were undertaken.
Super-resolution links vinculin localization to function in focal adhesions.
Giannone, Bordeaux, France. In Nat Cell Biol, Jul 2015
Integrin-based focal adhesions integrate biochemical and biomechanical signals from the extracellular matrix and the actin cytoskeleton.
Pleiotropic effects of statins in hypercholesterolaemia: a prospective observational study using a lipoproteomic based approach.
Ng et al., Leicester, United Kingdom. In Lancet, Mar 2015
17 proteins were upregulated by statin therapy, including proteins concerned with cytoskeletal organisation (vinculin p<0·0001, tropomyosin α4 p=0·0108), antioxidative (peroxiredoxin 2 p=0·0092), and anti-inflammatory effects (transgelin-2 p=0·0071).
Vinculin Interacts with the Chlamydia Effector TarP Via a Tripartite Vinculin Binding Domain to Mediate Actin Recruitment and Assembly at the Plasma Membrane.
Carabeo et al., Aberdeen, United Kingdom. In Front Cell Infect Microbiol, 2014
The mammalian protein vinculin is often a target of bacterial pathogens to subvert locally host cell actin dynamics.
Costamere proteins and their involvement in myopathic processes.
Sáenz et al., San Sebastián, Spain. In Expert Rev Mol Med, 2014
In this review, we provide a description of costameres detailing each of their constituent proteins, such as dystrophin, dystrobrevin, syntrophin, sarcoglycans, dystroglycans, vinculin, talin, integrins, desmin, plectin, etc.
Prolactin Promotes Breast Cancer Cell Migration through Actin Cytoskeleton Remodeling.
Simoncini et al., Pisa, Italy. In Front Endocrinol (lausanne), 2014
Kinases such as focal adhesion kinase (FAK) are later required to form actin/vinculin-enriched structures called focal adhesion complexes, which mediate firm adhesion to the extracellular matrix.
The metavinculin tail domain directs constitutive interactions with raver1 and vinculin RNA.
Izard et al., United States. In J Mol Biol, 2012
These binding assays show that raver1 forms a ternary complex with metavinculin and vinculin mRNA.
The C-terminal tail domain of metavinculin, vinculin's splice variant, severs actin filaments.
Hanein et al., Los Angeles, United States. In J Cell Biol, 2012
The metavinculin promoted severing of actin filaments, most efficiently at substoichiometric concentrations.
The cytoskeletal protein α-catenin unfurls upon binding to vinculin.
Izard et al., Jupiter, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2012
binding studies suggest that vinculin must be in an activated state to bind to alpha-catenin and that this interaction is stabilized by the formation of a ternary alpha-catenin-vinculin-F-actin complex, which can be formed via the F-actin binding domain
Vinculin functions as regulator of chondrogenesis.
Michigami et al., Izumi, Japan. In J Biol Chem, 2012
Results indicate a tissue-specific function of vinculin in cartilage whereby it controls chondrocytic differentiation.
Vinculin associates with endothelial VE-cadherin junctions to control force-dependent remodeling.
de Rooij et al., Utrecht, Netherlands. In J Cell Biol, 2012
Results implicate Vinculin-dependent VE-cadherin mechanosensing in endothelial processes such as leukocyte extravasation and angiogenesis.
More papers using vinculin antibodies
Regulation of anoikis by Cdc42 and Rac1
Genth Harald et al., In Journal of Signal Transduction, 2003
... -actin (mAb AC-40) (Sigma); Cdc42 (mAb-44) (BD Transduction Laboratories); pS144/141-PAK1/2 (mAb EP656Y) (Abcam); vinculin (mAb hVIN-1) (Abcam); horseradish peroxidise-conjugated secondary antibodies ...
Genetic ablation of zyxin causes Mena/VASP mislocalization, increased motility, and deficits in actin remodeling
Beckerle Mary C. et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2003
... Commercial antibody sources included ICN Biomedicals (α-actinin), Sigma-Aldrich (talin and vinculin), BD Biosciences (caldesmon, ILK, paxillin, and ...
A Nanodot Array Modulates Cell Adhesion and Induces an Apoptosis-Like Abnormality in NIH-3T3 Cells
Steve Huang G et al., In Nanoscale Research Letters, 2003
... Anti-vinculin mouse antibody was purchased from Abcam (USA) ...
A renaissance for SRC
McNiven Mark A. et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2003
... The phospho-Src family antibody pY416 was from Cell Signaling Technology, the monoclonal vinculin antibody was from Sigma-Aldrich, anti-Flag antibody from Cell Signaling Technology, and anti-GFP antibody ...
Stress fibers are generated by two distinct actin assembly mechanisms in motile cells
Lappalainen Pekka et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2003
... Vinculin was visualized with a monoclonal anti-vinculin antibody (dilution 1:140; Sigma-Aldrich); mDia1/DRF1 with monoclonal anti-mDia1 antibody (dilution 1:100; BD Biosciences); p34 with rabbit polyclonal ...
Genetic Disruption of Cortical Interneuron Development Causes Region- and GABA Cell Type Specific Deficits, Epilepsy, and Behavioral Dysfunction
Ploplis Victoria A et al., In Vascular Cell, 2002
... Mouse anti-human uPA and mouse anti-human vinculin antibodies were from Abcam (Cambridge, MA) and rabbit ...
Raver1, a dual compartment protein, is a ligand for PTB/hnRNPI and microfilament attachment proteins
Jockusch Brigitte M. et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2000
... To identify new ligands for vinculin/metavinculin, a plasmid (pGBT-9; CLONTECH) containing the murine mvt ...
PDGF-regulated rab4-dependent recycling of alphavbeta3 integrin from early endosomes is necessary for cell adhesion and spreading
Serini Guido et al., In Cell Research, 2000
... (N-19) for immunofluorescence analysis, rabbit polyclonal anti-TIAM1 (C-16), rabbit polyclonal anti-β-tubulin (H-235) and mouse monoclonal anti-vinculin (H-10) for western blot analysis were all from Santa Cruz Biotechnology.
The relationship between force and focal complex development
Sheetz Michael P. et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 1999
... Cells were transfected with GFP-vinculin with LipofectAMINE™ Plus for 1 h (Life Technologies).
Mutation of the cytoplasmic domain of the integrin beta 3 subunit. Differential effects on cell spreading, recruitment to adhesion plaques, endocytosis, and phagocytosis
Fox Joan E.B. et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 1994
... mAb against human vinculin (clone hVIN-1) was obtained from Sigma-Aldrich, mAb against phosphotyrosine (PY20) from Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc., mAb against αvβ3 ...
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