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Tribbles homolog 2

TRIB2, TRB2, Tribbles homolog 2, c5fw
This gene encodes one of three members of the Tribbles family. The Tribbles members share a Trb domain, which is homologous to protein serine-threonine kinases, but lacks the active site lysine and probably lacks a catalytic function. The Tribbles proteins interact and modulate the activity of signal transduction pathways in a number of physiological and pathological processes. This Tribbles member induces apoptosis of cells mainly of the hematopoietic origin. It has been identified as a protein up-regulated by inflammatory stimuli in myeloid (THP-1) cells, and also as an oncogene that inactivates the transcription factor C/EBPalpha (CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein alpha) and causes acute myelogenous leukemia. Alternatively spliced transcript variants have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Mar 2009] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: TRIB1, TRB3, CAN, Ubiquitin, miR
Papers using TRIB2 antibodies
Blocking ephrinB2 with highly specific antibodies inhibits angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis, and tumor growth
Roemer Klaus, In PLoS ONE, 2011
... TRIB2 primary antibodies (1∶300, dilution, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc ...
Papers on TRIB2
Tribbles-Related Protein Family Members as Regulators or Substrates of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System in Cancer Development.
Inoue et al., Hamamatsu, Japan. In Curr Cancer Drug Targets, Dec 2015
Tribbles genes are evolutionary conserved, and three TRB genes (TRB1, TRB2 and TRB3) have been identified in mammals.
Tribbles in normal and malignant haematopoiesis.
Pear et al., Philadelphia, United States. In Biochem Soc Trans, Nov 2015
The three mammalian Tribbles homologues, Trib1, Trib2 and Trib3 are characterized by conserved motifs, including a pseudokinase domain and a C-terminal E3 ligase-binding domain.
TRIB2 and the ubiquitin proteasome system in cancer.
Keeshan et al., Glasgow, United Kingdom. In Biochem Soc Trans, Nov 2015
The tribbles homolog 2 (TRIB2) mammalian family member has been well characterized for its role in murine and human leukaemia, lung and liver cancer.
Tribbles breaking bad: TRIB2 suppresses FOXO and acts as an oncogenic protein in melanoma.
Link, Faro, Portugal. In Biochem Soc Trans, Nov 2015
TRIB2 (tribbles homolog 2) encodes one of three members of the tribbles family in mammals.
Tribbles homolog 3 is induced by high glucose and associated with apoptosis in human endothelial cells.
Zhang et al., Jinan, China. In Mol Med Report, Aug 2015
Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) grown in medium with various concentrations of glucose (5.5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 mmol/l) were assessed for mRNA expression of TRIB1, TRIB2 and TRIB3 using reverse transcription quantitative polymerase chain reaction.
Pbx3 and Meis1 cooperate through multiple mechanisms to support Hox-induced murine leukemia.
Slany et al., Erlangen, Germany. In Haematologica, Jul 2015
Furthermore, expression of Meis1 target genes Flt3 and Trib2 was dependent on Pbx3/Meis1 dimerization.
The Tribbles 2 (TRB2) pseudokinase binds to ATP and autophosphorylates in a metal-independent manner.
Eyers et al., San Francisco, United States. In Biochem J, May 2015
In the present paper, we report that the human pseudokinase TRB2 retains the ability to both bind and hydrolyse ATP weakly in vitro.
C/EBPα in normal and malignant myelopoiesis.
Friedman, Baltimore, United States. In Int J Hematol, Apr 2015
RUNX1 mutation, CEBPA promoter methylation, Trib1 or Trib2-mediated C/EBPαp42 degradation, and signaling pathways leading to C/EBPα serine 21 phosphorylation reduce C/EBPα expression or activity in additional AML cases.
TRIB2 as a biomarker for diagnosis and progression of melanoma.
Link et al., Faro, Portugal. In Carcinogenesis, Apr 2015
In this study, we demonstrate that the expression of tribbles2 (TRIB2) strongly correlates with both the presence and progression of melanocyte-derived malignancies.
Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies Novel Loci Associated With Optic Disc Morphology.
Hammond et al., Rotterdam, Netherlands. In Genet Epidemiol, Mar 2015
We identified 10 new loci associated with disc area (CDC42BPA, F5, DIRC3, RARB, ABI3BP, DCAF4L2, ELP4, TMTC2, NR2F2, and HORMAD2) and another 10 new loci associated with cup area (DHRS3, TRIB2, EFEMP1, FLNB, FAM101, DDHD1, ASB7, KPNB1, BCAS3, and TRIOBP).
Epigenomic profiling of prostate cancer identifies differentially methylated genes in TMPRSS2:ERG fusion-positive versus fusion-negative tumors.
Stanford et al., Seattle, United States. In Clin Epigenetics, 2014
A number of top-ranked differentially methylated CpGs in genes (FDR Q-values ≤1.53E-29) were identified: C3orf14, CACNA1D, GREM1, KLK10, NT5C, PDE4D, RAB40C, SEPT9, and TRIB2, several of which had a corresponding alteration in mRNA expression.
TRIB2 inhibits Wnt/β-Catenin/TCF4 signaling through its associated ubiquitin E3 ligases, β-TrCP, COP1 and Smurf1, in liver cancer cells.
Sun et al., Shanghai, China. In Febs Lett, 2014
Tribbles homolog 2 (TRIB2) is specifically regulated by Wnt signaling in liver cancer cells but not in colon cancer cells.
Tribbles expression in cumulus cells is related to oocyte maturation and fatty acid metabolism.
Uzbekova et al., France. In J Ovarian Res, 2013
BACKGROUND: In mammals, the Tribbles family includes widely expressed serine-threonine kinase-like proteins (TRIB1, TRIB2 and TRIB3) that are involved in multiple biological processes including cell proliferation and fatty acid (FA) metabolism.
Elevated TRIB2 with NOTCH1 activation in paediatric/adult T-ALL.
Keeshan et al., Cork, Ireland. In Br J Haematol, 2012
Our findings here support the ability of high TRIB2 expression to reveal a T cell profile in both T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemias and acute myeloid leukaemias.
Core transcriptional regulatory circuit controlled by the TAL1 complex in human T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Look et al., Boston, United States. In Cancer Cell, 2012
One of the critical downstream targets in this circuitry is the TRIB2 gene, which is oppositely regulated by TAL1 and E2A/HEB and is essential for the survival of T-ALL cells.
Tribbles 2 (Trib2) is a novel regulator of toll-like receptor 5 signaling.
Podolsky et al., Boston, United States. In Inflamm Bowel Dis, 2012
Low Trib2 is associated with inflammatory bowel disease.
Genome-wide association of pericardial fat identifies a unique locus for ectopic fat.
Liu et al., Framingham, United States. In Plos Genet, 2011
We have identified a SNP near the TRIB2 locus that is associated with pericardial fat but not with body mass index or visceral abdominal fat.
Overexpression of TRIB2 in human lung cancers contributes to tumorigenesis through downregulation of C/EBPα.
Reddy et al., San Diego, United States. In Oncogene, 2011
TRIB2 as a potential driver of lung tumorigenesis through a mechanism that involves downregulation of C/EBPalpha
Transformation by Tribbles homolog 2 (Trib2) requires both the Trib2 kinase domain and COP1 binding.
Pear et al., Philadelphia, United States. In Blood, 2011
our data demonstrate that Trib2 can bind both COP1 and C/EBP-alpha, leading to degradation of C/EBP-alpha.
Tribbles homolog 2 inactivates C/EBPalpha and causes acute myelogenous leukemia.
Pear et al., Philadelphia, United States. In Cancer Cell, 2006
Data identify Tribbles homolog 2 as an oncogene that induces acute myelogenous leukemia through a mechanism involving inactivation of C/EBPalpha.
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