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Target of myb1-like 2

Top mentioned proteins: TOM1, Tom1L1, HRs, Stam, p53
Papers on Tom1L2
Tobacco smoking is associated with methylation of genes related to coronary artery disease.
Dehghan et al., Rotterdam, Netherlands. In Clin Epigenetics, 2014
These sites were located in the genes TERT, SARS, GNGT2, SMG6, SKI, TOM1L2, SIPA1, MRAS, CDKN1A, LRRC2, FES and RPH3A.
Multivesicular bodies in the enigmatic amoeboflagellate Breviata anathema and the evolution of ESCRT 0.
Dacks et al., Edmonton, Canada. In J Cell Sci, 2011
We determine the distribution of Tom1 family proteins across eukaryotes and show that the Tom1, Tom1L1 and Tom1L2 proteins are a vertebrate-specific expansion of the single Tom1 family ancestor, which has indeed been identified in at least one member of each of the major eukaryotic supergroups.
The emerging role of VHS domain-containing Tom1, Tom1L1 and Tom1L2 in membrane trafficking.
Hong et al., Xiamen, China. In Traffic, 2010
Recent studies suggest that Tom1, Tom1L1 and Tom1L2 subfamily of VHS domain proteins, which do not exist in yeast, are emerging as novel regulators for post-Golgi trafficking and signaling.
Analysis of lipid pathway genes indicates association of sequence variation near SREBF1/TOM1L2/ATPAF2 with dementia risk.
Prince et al., Riverside, United States. In Hum Mol Genet, 2010
Two possible dementia susceptibility genes including ATPAF2 and TOM1L2 near SREBF1 locus were identified.
Hepatic free fatty acids accumulate in experimental steatohepatitis: role of adaptive pathways.
Farrell et al., Canberra, Australia. In J Hepatol, 2008
Consistent with pathways of hepatic triglyceride synthesis, expression of diacylglycerol acyltransferase-1 and -2 was increased, as were delta-5- and delta-6- fatty acid desaturase mRNA levels.
Tom1l2 hypomorphic mice exhibit increased incidence of infections and tumors and abnormal immunologic response.
Elsea et al., Richmond, United States. In Mamm Genome, 2008
Tom1l2plays a role in the immune response and possibly in tumor suppression.
Recruitment of Tom1L1/Srcasm to endosomes and the midbody by Tsg101.
Nakayama et al., Kyoto, Japan. In Cell Struct Funct, 2007
Tom1 (target of Myb 1) and its related proteins (Tom1L1/Srcasm and Tom1L2) constitute a protein family, which share an N-terminal VHS (Vps27, Hrs and STAM) domain and a following GAT (GGA and Tom1) domain.
COPS3 amplification and clinical outcome in osteosarcoma.
Andrulis et al., Toronto, Canada. In Cancer, 2007
METHODS: Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was performed to detect copy number changes for COPS3, as well as additional genes (NCOR1, TOM1L2, and PMP22) from the 17p11.2
Recruitment of clathrin onto endosomes by the Tom1-Tollip complex.
Nakayama et al., Kyoto, Japan. In Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2006
Tom1 (target of Myb 1) and its related proteins (Tom1L1/Srcasm and Tom1L2) constitute a protein family and share an N-terminal VHS (Vps27p/Hrs/Stam) domain and a following GAT (GGA and Tom1) domain, both of which are also conserved in the GGA family proteins.
The adaptor protein Tom1L1 is a negative regulator of Src mitogenic signaling induced by growth factors.
Roche et al., Montpellier, France. In Mol Cell Biol, 2006
Finally, overexpressed Tom1 and Tom1L2 also associate with Src and affected mitogenic signaling in agreement with some redundancy among members of the Tom1 family.
Interactions of TOM1L1 with the multivesicular body sorting machinery.
Puertollano, Bethesda, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2005
Tom1L1 (Tom1-like1) and related proteins Tom1 (Target of Myb1) and Tom1L2 (Tom1-like2) constitute a new protein family characterized by the presence of a VHS (Vps27p/Hrs/Stam) domain in the N-terminal portion followed by a GAT (GGA and Tom) domain.
Endofin recruits clathrin to early endosomes via TOM1.
Hong et al., Singapore, Singapore. In J Cell Sci, 2005
TOM1 and its related proteins, TOM1-like1 (TOM1-L1) and TOM1-like2 (TOM1-L2), constitute a subfamily of the VHS domain protein family.
Gene amplifications in osteosarcoma-CGH microarray analysis.
Knuutila et al., Helsinki, Finland. In Genes Chromosomes Cancer, 2005
Our results implicate TOM1L2 and CYP27B1 as having roles as novel targets for the 17p and 12q amplicons, respectively.
Endofin recruits TOM1 to endosomes.
Hong et al., Singapore, Singapore. In J Biol Chem, 2004
Moreover, endofin does not interact with the analogous region of two other members of the TOM1 protein family, namely, TOM1-like 1 (TOM1-L1) or TOM1-like 2 (TOM1-L2).
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