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Transducer of ERBB2, 2

TOB2 belongs to the TOB (see TOB1; MIM 605523)/BTG1 (MIM 109580) family of antiproliferative proteins, which are involved in the regulation of cell cycle progression.[supplied by OMIM, Apr 2004] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: PCNA, PC1, miR, erbB-2, ACID
Papers on Tob2
MicroRNA-378 functions as an onco-miR in nasopharyngeal carcinoma by repressing TOB2 expression.
Li et al., Guangzhou, China. In Int J Oncol, 2014
Bioinformatics analyses were performed to predict the target genes of miR-378, and the following mechanistic investigations revealed that miR-378 overexpression was able to downregulate the expression of transducer of ERBB2 (TOB2), a potential tumor suppressor, and miR-378 silencing enhanced TOB2 expression.
MiR-422a as a potential cellular microRNA biomarker for postmenopausal osteoporosis.
Xiao et al., Changsha, China. In Plos One, 2013
Further qRT-PCR analyses of the target genes in the same study subjects showed that the expression of five of these genes (CBL, CD226, IGF1, PAG1, and TOB2) correlated negatively with miR-422a expression.
Tob2 inhibits peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ2 expression by sequestering Smads and C/EBPα during adipocyte differentiation.
Yamamoto et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Mol Cell Biol, 2012
Here, we show that Tob2, a member of the Tob/BTG antiproliferative protein family, inhibits adipogenesis by interfering with Smad signaling.
Genome-wide association analyses identify 13 new susceptibility loci for generalized vitiligo.
Spritz et al., Aurora, United States. In Nat Genet, 2012
× 10(-13)), IFIH1 (P = 4.91 × 10(-15)), CD80 (P = 3.78 × 10(-10)), CLNK (P = 1.56 × 10(-8)), BACH2 (P = 2.53 × 10(-8)), SLA (P = 1.58 × 10(-8)), CASP7 (P = 3.56 × 10(-8)), CD44 (P = 1.78 × 10(-9)), IKZF4 (P = 2.75 × 10(-14)), SH2B3 (P = 3.54 × 10(-18)) and TOB2 (P = 6.81 × 10(-10)).
Evidence providing new insights into TOB-promoted deadenylation and supporting a link between TOB's deadenylation-enhancing and antiproliferative activities.
Shyu et al., Houston, United States. In Mol Cell Biol, 2012
The antiproliferative and the mRNA deadenylation/decay-promoting effects of TOB1 and TOB2 proteins are linked.
The anti-proliferative activity of BTG/TOB proteins is mediated via the Caf1a (CNOT7) and Caf1b (CNOT8) deadenylase subunits of the Ccr4-not complex.
Winkler et al., Nottingham, United Kingdom. In Plos One, 2011
The human BTG/TOB protein family comprises six members (BTG1, BTG2/PC3/Tis21, BTG3/Ana, BTG4/PC3B, TOB1/Tob, and TOB2) that are characterised by a conserved BTG domain.
Genome-wide identification of microRNA targets in human ES cells reveals a role for miR-302 in modulating BMP response.
Betel et al., New York City, United States. In Genes Dev, 2011
We show that in addition to its role in TGF-β signaling, miR-302/367 promotes bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling by targeting BMP inhibitors TOB2, DAZAP2, and SLAIN1.
Myc/miR-378/TOB2/cyclin D1 functional module regulates oncogenic transformation.
Yu et al., Singapore, Singapore. In Oncogene, 2011
study identifies miR-378-TOB2-cyclin D1 as a functional module to mediate the cross talk between Myc and Ras signaling in cellular transformation
Transactivation of ErbB-2 induced by tumor necrosis factor alpha promotes NF-kappaB activation and breast cancer cell proliferation.
Schillaci et al., Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Breast Cancer Res Treat, 2010
TNFalpha is able to transactivate ErbB-2 and use it as an obligatory downstream signaling molecule in the generation of mitogenic signals.
Haploinsufficiency of the MLL and TOB2 genes in lymphoid malignancy.
Martineau et al., In Leukemia, 2010
Haploinsufficiency of the MLL and TOB2 genes in lymphoid malignancy.
Osteoporotic bone formation in mice lacking tob2; involvement of Tob2 in RANK ligand expression and osteoclasts differentiation.
Yamamoto et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Febs Lett, 2008
Tob2 negatively regulates formation of osteoclasts by suppressing RANKL expression through its interaction with vitamin D receptor
Up-regulation of the BTG2 gene in TPA- or RA-treated HL-60 cell lines.
Park et al., Kwangju, South Korea. In Oncol Rep, 2008
There are five APRO (anti-proliferative) genes, BTG1, BTG2, BTG3, TOB and TOB2, and it was reported that certain APRO genes are associated with cell differentiation.
Amplification of D22S283 as a favorable prognostic indicator in liver fluke related cholangiocarcinoma.
Miwa et al., Bangkok, Thailand. In World J Gastroenterol, 2006
AIM: To analyze the DNA copy number of target genes NF2, TIMP3, ST13, TOB2, BIK, and TP and the reference microsatellite markers D22S283, D22S423, and D22S274 mapped on 22q12-qter in liver fluke related cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) and define its correlation with clinical parameters.
Nuclear localization of Tob is important for regulation of its antiproliferative activity.
Yamamoto et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Oncogene, 2004
TOB: is a member of an antiproliferative gene family that includes btg1, pc3/tis21/btg2, pc3b, ana/btg3, and tob2.
PC3 potentiates NGF-induced differentiation and protects neurons from apoptosis.
Tirone et al., Roma, Italy. In Neuroreport, 2002
PC3TIS21/BTG2 is member of a novel family of antiproliferative genes (BTG1, ANA/BTG3, PC3B, TOB, and TOB2) that play a role in cellular differentiation.
The gene PC3(TIS21/BTG2), prototype member of the PC3/BTG/TOB family: regulator in control of cell growth, differentiation, and DNA repair?
Tirone, Roma, Italy. In J Cell Physiol, 2001
PC3(TIS21/BTG2) is the founding member of a family of genes endowed with antiproliferative properties, namely BTG1, ANA/BTG3, PC3B, TOB, and TOB2.
Cloning and characterization of the mouse tob2 gene.
Yamamoto et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Gene, 2000
Human Tob2 is a member of the Tob/BTG1 anti-proliferative family of proteins.
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