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Transmembrane protein 57

Top mentioned proteins: HDL, apolipoprotein B, Apolipoprotein C-I, delta-6-desaturase, TRIB1
Papers on TMEM57
Association of a complement receptor 1 gene variant with baseline erythrocyte sedimentation rate levels in patients starting anti-TNF therapy in a UK rheumatoid arthritis cohort: results from the Biologics in Rheumatoid Arthritis Genetics and Genomics Study Syndicate cohort.
Barton et al., Leeds, United Kingdom. In Pharmacogenomics J, 2014
DNA samples were genotyped for four single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) rs7527798 (CR1L), rs6691117 (CR1), rs10903129 (TMEM57) and rs1043879 (C1orf63).
Polymorphism of rs873308 near the transmembrane protein 57 gene is associated with serum lipid levels.
Wang et al., In Biosci Rep, 2014
The single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) of rs10903129 near the transmembrane protein (TMEM) 57 locus was associated with total cholesterol (TC) in a previous genome-wide association study, but the association of TMEM57 rs873308 SNP and serum lipid levels has not been previously reported.
A genome-wide association scan on the levels of markers of inflammation in Sardinians reveals associations that underpin its complex regulation.
Cucca et al., Cagliari, Italy. In Plos Genet, 2012
Confirmatory evidence was found for IL-6 in the IL-6R gene (rs4129267); for ESR at CR1 (rs12567990) and TMEM57 (rs10903129); for MCP-1 at DARC (rs12075); and for hsCRP at CRP (rs1205), HNF1A (rs225918), and APOC-I (rs4420638).
Implications of discoveries from genome-wide association studies in current cardiovascular practice.
Padmanabhan et al., Glasgow, United Kingdom. In World J Cardiol, 2011
Loci corresponding to CDKN2A/CDKN2B/ANRIL, MTHFD1L, CELSR2, PSRC1 and SORT1 genes have been associated with CHD, and TMEM57, DOCK7, CELSR2, APOB, ABCG5, HMGCR, TRIB1, FADS2/S3, LDLR, NCAN and TOMM40-APOE with total cholesterol.
Loci influencing lipid levels and coronary heart disease risk in 16 European population cohorts.
ENGAGE Consortium et al., Rotterdam, Netherlands. In Nat Genet, 2009
The six newly identified loci in our cohort samples are ABCG5 (TC, P = 1.5 x 10(-11); LDL, P = 2.6 x 10(-10)), TMEM57 (TC, P = 5.4 x 10(-10)), CTCF-PRMT8 region (HDL, P = 8.3 x 10(-16)), DNAH11 (LDL, P = 6.1 x 10(-9)), FADS3-FADS2 (TC, P = 1.5 x 10(-10); LDL, P = 4.4 x 10(-13)) and MADD-FOLH1 region (HDL, P = 6 x 10(-11)).
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