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Anoctamin 4

Top mentioned proteins: TMEM16B, TMEM16C, TMEM16E, ACID, Fibroblast Growth Factor 4
Papers on TMEM16D
TMEM16 proteins: unknown structure and confusing functions.
Accardi et al., New York City, United States. In J Mol Biol, Feb 2015
The roles of other family members, such as TMEM16C (ANO3), TMEM16D (ANO4), TMEM16F (ANO6), TMEM16G (ANO7) and TMEM16J (ANO9), remain poorly understood and controversial.
Functional analysis of acid-activated Cl⁻ channels: properties and mechanisms of regulation.
Zegarra-Moran et al., In Biochim Biophys Acta, 2015
By gene silencing, validated using RT-PCR, we found that ICl(H) is unrelated to ClC-3, ClC-7, TMEM16A, TMEM16D, TMEM16F, TMEM16H and TMEM16K.
Structure and function of TMEM16 proteins (anoctamins).
Galietta et al., In Physiol Rev, 2014
Other members of the anoctamin family, such as TMEM16C, TMEM16D, TMEM16F, TMEM16G, and TMEM16J, may work as phospholipid scramblases and/or ion channels.
TMEM16A/anoctamin 1 protein mediates calcium-activated chloride currents in pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells.
Tammaro et al., Manchester, United Kingdom. In J Physiol, 2010
Further analyses revealed that several TMEM16A splice variants were detected in rat PASMCs and that TMEM16F and TMEM16K were also expressed in these cells, while TMEM16B, TMEM16D and TMEM16E were all at least 50 times less abundantly expressed and the remaining TMEM16 family members were absent.
Identification and characterization of TMEM16H gene in silico.
Katoh et al., Japan. In Int J Mol Med, 2005
TMEM16A, TMEM16B, TMEM16C, TMEM16D, TMEM16E (GDD1), TMEM16F, TMEM16G and TP53I5 are TMEM16 family proteins with TM16H1, TM16H2 and TM16H3 domains.
Characterization of human TMEM16G gene in silico.
Katoh et al., Narashino, Japan. In Int J Mol Med, 2004
TMEM16A, TMEM16B, TMEM16C, TMEM16D, TMEM16E, TMEM16F and TP53I5 are TMEM16 family eight-transmembrane proteins with N- and C-terminal tails facing the cytoplasm.
Identification and characterization of human TP53I5 and mouse Tp53i5 genes in silico.
Katoh et al., Narashino, Japan. In Int J Oncol, 2004
TP53I5 orthologs were homologous to TMEM16A (FLJ10261 or ORAOV2), TMEM16B, TMEM16C, TMEM16D, TMEM16E and TMEM16F with the TM16H1, TM16H2, and TM16H3 domains.
Identification and characterization of TMEM16E and TMEM16F genes in silico.
Katoh et al., Narashino, Japan. In Int J Oncol, 2004
encodes transmembrane protein homologous to TMEM16B (C12orf3), TMEM16C (C11orf25), and TMEM16D (FLJ34272).
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