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General transcription factor IIIC, polypeptide 2, beta 110kDa

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Papers on TFIIIC110
Leishmania-induced repression of selected non-coding RNA genes containing B-box element at their promoters in alternatively polarized M2 macrophages.
Chaudhuri et al., Nashville, United States. In Mol Cell Biochem, 2011
The B-box-binding transcription factor TFIIIC110 is down-regulated in Leishmania-exposed macrophages.
Mechanism of down-regulation of RNA polymerase III-transcribed non-coding RNA genes in macrophages by Leishmania.
Chaudhuri et al., Nashville, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2011
μ-Calpain then degraded TFIIIC110 to inhibit the expression of the selected ncRNA genes.
A test of the model that RNA polymerase III transcription is regulated by selective induction of the 110 kDa subunit of TFIIIC.
White et al., Glasgow, United Kingdom. In Nucleic Acids Res, 2005
Evidence against the model that pol III transcription can be effectively modulated through the specific induction of TFIIIC110.
Increased levels of B1 and B2 SINE transcripts in mouse fibroblast cells due to minute virus of mice infection.
Astell et al., Vancouver, Canada. In Virology, 2004
The increase in SINE transcripts caused by MVM infection does not appear to be due to an increase in either of the basal transcription factors TFIIIC110 or 220, in contrast to that which has been shown for other viruses.
Nuclear factor 1 (NF1) affects accurate termination and multiple-round transcription by human RNA polymerase III.
Roeder et al., New York City, United States. In Embo J, 2001
NF1 interacts specifically with the NF1-binding sites within the terminator regions of the VA1 gene and with two subunits (TFIIIC220 and TFIIIC110) of human TFIIIC2.
Isolation and cloning of four subunits of a fission yeast TFIIIC complex that includes an ortholog of the human regulatory protein TFIIICbeta.
Maraia et al., Bethesda, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2000
Human TFIIICbeta is a transcriptional regulator that exhibits no homology to S. cerevisiae sequences on its own.
The TFIIIC90 subunit of TFIIIC interacts with multiple components of the RNA polymerase III machinery and contains a histone-specific acetyltransferase activity.
Roeder et al., New York City, United States. In Mol Cell Biol, 1999
hTFIIIC90 shows interactions with the hTFIIIC220, hTFIIIC110, and hTFIIIC63 subunits of TFIIIC, the hTFIIIB90 subunit of TFIIIB, and the human RPC39 (hRPC39) and hRPC62 subunits of an initiation-specific subcomplex of RNA polymerase III.
Cloning and characterization of a TFIIIC2 subunit (TFIIIC beta) whose presence correlates with activation of RNA polymerase III-mediated transcription by adenovirus E1A expression and serum factors.
Roeder et al., In Genes Dev, 1995
To investigate this possibility, we have cloned and expressed a cDNA encoding the 110-kD subunit (TFIIIC beta).
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