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Zinc finger protein 589

Top mentioned proteins: SET, Iris, ZFP, CD34, AGE
Papers on SZF1
The Stem Cell Zinc Finger 1 (SZF1)/ZNF589 Protein has a human-specific evolutionary nucleotide DNA change and acts as a regulator of cell viability in the hematopoietic system.
Ganser et al., Hannover, Germany. In Exp Hematol, Jan 2016
UNASSIGNED: The Stem Cell Zinc Finger 1 (SZF1)/ZNF589 protein belongs to the large family of Kr├╝ppel-associated box domain - zinc finger (KRAB-ZNF) transcription factors, only present in higher vertebrates, which epigenetically repress transcription by recruiting chromatin modifying complexes to the promoter regions of their respective target genes.
A common DNA-binding site for SZF1 and the BRCA1-associated zinc finger protein, ZBRK1.
Rauscher et al., Philadelphia, United States. In Cancer Res, 2002
In an attempt to identify the natural target genes for a KRAB-ZFP, we chose SZF1, a hematopoietic progenitor-restricted, KRAB-ZFP that contains only four C(2)H(2) zinc finger motifs.
Multiple seizure susceptibility genes on chromosome 7 in SWXL-4 congenic mouse strains.
Frankel et al., Bar Harbor, United States. In Genomics, 2000
In a conventional intercross with the ABP/Le strain, we previously mapped a SWXL-4-derived quantitative trait locus called Szf1 (seizure frequency 1) to Chromosome 7. In the present study, we confirm the existence of Szf1 in both an independent cross and a congenic strain.
SZF1: a novel KRAB-zinc finger gene expressed in CD34+ stem/progenitor cells.
Small et al., Baltimore, United States. In Exp Hematol, 1999
We report here the identification of a putative KRAB-zinc finger gene (SZF1) from a cDNA library prepared from human bone marrow CD34+ cells.
Genetic epilepsy model derived from common inbred mouse strains.
Lutz et al., Bar Harbor, United States. In Genetics, 1994
Quantitative trait locus mapping reveals a seizure frequency determinant, Szf1, near the pink-eyed dilution locus on chromosome 7, accounting for up to 32% of the genetic variance in an F2 intercross between SWXL-4 and the linkage testing strain ABP/Le.
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