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Tripartite motif containing 21

SS-A, Ro52, Ro60, Ro(SSA)
This gene encodes a member of the tripartite motif (TRIM) family. The TRIM motif includes three zinc-binding domains, a RING, a B-box type 1 and a B-box type 2, and a coiled-coil region. The encoded protein is part of the RoSSA ribonucleoprotein, which includes a single polypeptide and one of four small RNA molecules. The RoSSA particle localizes to both the cytoplasm and the nucleus. RoSSA interacts with autoantigens in patients with Sjogren syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus. Alternatively spliced transcript variants for this gene have been described but the full-length nature of only one has been determined. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: SSB, HAD, Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase, CAN, AGE
Papers using SS-A antibodies
Autoimmune ovarian disease: mechanism of disease induction and prevention
Fu Shu Man et al., In The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1996
... For cloning of mouse Ro60 cDNA, two λgt10 libraries were used: a mouse liver 5′ stretch plus cDNA library from Clontech ...
Papers on SS-A
Elucidation of the potential disease-promoting influence of IgM apoptotic cell-reactive antibodies in lupus.
Pal et al., Delhi, India. In Lupus, Feb 2016
An expanded specificity was apparent both upon Western blot on cellular lysate and from the enhanced recognition of dsDNA, Ro60, RNP68 and Sm; the antibody most efficient in mediating autoreactive diversity, while being germline encoded, also induced the highest degree of phenotypic changes on BMDCs.
Endosomal Toll-like receptors in clinically overt and silent autoimmunity.
Buyon et al., New York City, United States. In Immunol Rev, Jan 2016
In this review, we take a specific look at how TLR7, non-coding RNA, and SSA/Ro60 can contribute to clinical autoimmunity and organ damage in the context of neonatal lupus (NL).
Association of anti-Ro52, anti-Ro60 and anti-La antibodies with diagnostic, clinical and laboratory features in a referral hospital in Jerez, Spain.
Salaberri Maestrojuan et al., Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. In Reumatol Clin, Jan 2016
Our objective was to evaluate the diagnosis and manifestations associated for antibodies anti-Ro52, anti-Ro60 and anti-La at a referral hospital in Spain.
Primary Sjögren's syndrome patients with autoantibodies against TRIM38 show greater severity of disease.
Deshmukh et al., Bogotá, Colombia. In Arthritis Rheumatol, Jan 2016
Anti-TRIM38 positivity was significantly associated with the presence of anti-Ro60, anti-Ro52, anti-La, rheumatoid factor and hypergammaglobulinemia.
Myositis-specific autoantibodies are specific for myositis compared to genetic muscle disease.
Wagner et al., Baltimore, United States. In Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm, Dec 2015
A second patient with anti-Jo-1 autoantibodies had both genetically defined limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A (i.e., calpainopathy) and a systemic autoimmune process based on biopsy-confirmed lupus nephritis, sicca symptoms, and anti-Ro52 autoantibodies.
Making the diagnosis of Sjögren's syndrome in patients with dry eye.
Milner et al., Westerville, United States. In Clin Ophthalmol, Dec 2015
Examination of classic SS biomarkers (SS-A/Ro, SS-B/La, antinuclear antibody, and rheumatoid factor) is a convenient and non-invasive way of evaluating patients for the presence of SS, even years prior to confirmed diagnosis, although not all SS patients will test positive, particularly those with early disease.
The Ro60 autoantigen binds endogenous retroelements and regulates inflammatory gene expression.
Behrens et al., San Francisco, United States. In Science, Nov 2015
Autoantibodies target the RNA binding protein Ro60 in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and Sjögren's syndrome.
Pleural Effusion In A Patient With Primary Sjögren's Syndrome Successfully Treated With Corticosteroids.
Ramírez-Rivera et al., In Bol Asoc Med P R, Jul 2015
We report a woman with primary Sjögren's syndrome who developed pleuritis with moderately large effusions and antibody levels for SS-A and SS-B in the serum without evidence of infection, malignancy or other collagen diseases.
Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome as an early manifestation of mixed connective tissue disease.
Boczon et al., Gorlice, Poland. In Eur J Med Res, 2014
Both TC and MRI of the head show no changes as well as laboratory tests except Anti-SS-A (Anti-Ro) and Anti-RNP autoantibody serum level that was highly positive.
Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia overlaps organizing pneumonia in lung-dominant connective tissue disease.
Wei et al., Taiwan. In Int J Clin Exp Pathol, 2014
The first case is a patient with hands of chapped skin, right-sided pleuritic chest discomfort, weakness, positive ANA and antibodies to Ro/SS-A (+++) and Ro-52 (++).
[Evaluation of usefulness of Polycheck method in the detection autoantibodies in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjögren's syndrome and systemic sclerosis].
Grzywnowicz et al., In Wiad Lek, 2014
RESULTS: In our study we found thatthe frequency of antibodies characteristic of the SS: anti-SS-A/Ro 52, anti-SS-A Ro 60 and anti-SS-B/La was significantly higher in patients with SS group compared to TRU, TU, and GK (p <0.05); concentrations of Ab were lower in TRU and in SSc group.
Serological epitope profile of anti-Ro52-positive patients with systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases.
Bizzaro et al., Florence, Italy. In Arthritis Res Ther, 2014
Antibodies against Ro52 have been described in patients with different autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus and Sjögren's syndrome, that are often associated with anti-Ro60 antibodies.
Regulation of virus neutralization and the persistent fraction by TRIM21.
James et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In J Virol, 2012
The direct interaction between TRIM21 and neutralizing antibody is essential, as single-point mutations within the TRIM21-binding site in the Fc region of a potently neutralizing antibody impair virus neutralization.
Ro52/SSA sensitizes cells to death receptor-induced apoptosis by down-regulating c-FLIP(L).
Hua et al., Nanjing, China. In Cell Biol Int, 2012
data suggest that Ro52/SSA is involved in death receptor-mediated apoptosis by regulating c-FLIP(L)
SS-A/Ro52 promotes apoptosis by regulating Bcl-2 production.
Kawano et al., Kōbe, Japan. In Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2012
These findings shed light on a new physiological role for Ro52 that is important to intracellular immunity.
The zipcode-binding protein ZBP1 influences the subcellular location of the Ro 60-kDa autoantigen and the noncoding Y3 RNA.
Wolin et al., New Haven, United States. In Rna, 2012
these data indicate that ZBP1 may function as an adapter to export the Ro/Y3 RNA complex from nuclei.
Tyrosine phosphorylation of the E3 ubiquitin ligase TRIM21 positively regulates interaction with IRF3 and hence TRIM21 activity.
Jefferies et al., Dublin, Ireland. In Plos One, 2011
analysis of a novel role for tyrosine phosphorylation in regulating the interaction with IRF3 and the activity of TRIM21 downstream of TLR3 and TLR4
Sjögren's syndrome.
Fox, Los Angeles, United States. In Lancet, 2005
A new international consensus for diagnosis requires objective signs and symptoms of dryness including a characteristic appearance of a biopsy sample from a minor salivary gland or autoantibody such as anti-SS-A.
Ancient missense mutations in a new member of the RoRet gene family are likely to cause familial Mediterranean fever. The International FMF Consortium.
In Cell, 1997
The predicted protein, pyrin, is a member of a family of nuclear factors homologous to the Ro52 autoantigen.
Connective-tissue disease, antibodies to ribonucleoprotein, and congenital heart block.
Skinner et al., In N Engl J Med, 1983
Thirty-four mothers had antibody to a soluble tissue ribonucleoprotein antigen called Ro(SS-A), which was identified by immunodiffusion.
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