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SRY-box containing gene 17

Sox, Sox17
This gene encodes a member of the SOX (SRY-related HMG-box) family of transcription factors involved in the regulation of embryonic development and in the determination of the cell fate. The encoded protein may act as a transcriptional regulator after forming a protein complex with other proteins. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Sox2, CAN, Nanog, OCT, V1a
Papers using Sox antibodies
Transactivation of Src, PDGF receptor, and Akt is involved in IL-1beta-induced ICAM-1 expression in A549 cells.
Schneider Guenter, In PLoS ONE, 2006
... SOX-9 antibody was purchased from Acris Antibodies GmbH (Hiddenhausen, Germany) ...
Curcumin protects against acute liver damage in the rat by inhibiting NF-kappaB, proinflammatory cytokines production and oxidative stress
Shakibaei Mehdi et al., In Arthritis Research & Therapy, 2006
... Monoclonal anti-Sox-9 was purchased from Acris Antibodies GmbH, Hiddenhausen, Germany ...
TNFalpha suppresses link protein and type II collagen expression in chondrocytes: role of MEK1/2 and NF-kappaB signaling pathways
Mobasheri Ali et al., In Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine : eCAM, 2002
... SOX-9 antibody was purchased from Acris Antibodies GmbH (Hiddenhausen, Germany) ...
UCSC batch conversion tool
Ko Minoru SH et al., In BMC Genomics, 1991
... (withn 1 Kb) with ChIP-NANOG regions (number of ditags indicates binding strength); (B) Density distribution of OCT-SOX composite binding motifs at various distances from the binding site identified with ChIP-PET [ ...
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Papers on Sox
High glucose-induced reactive oxygen species generation promotes stemness in human adipose-derived stem cells.
Young et al., Taipei, Taiwan. In Cytotherapy, Feb 2016
Although dASCs or HG-treated nASCs exhibited decreased proliferation, enhanced expression of the pluripotent markers Sox-2, Oct-4, and Nanog was observed.
Integrated analysis of DNA methylation and mutations in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
Ushijima et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Mol Carcinog, Feb 2016
Regarding individual pathways affected in ESCCs, the WNT pathway was activated potentially by aberrant methylation of its negative regulators, such as SFRP1, SFRP2, SFRP4, SFRP5, SOX17, and WIF1 (33%).
SOX17 promoter methylation in plasma circulating tumor DNA of patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
Lianidou et al., In Clin Chem Lab Med, Feb 2016
BACKGROUND: SOX17 belongs to the high-mobility group-box transcription factor superfamily and down-regulates the Wnt pathway.
Meta-analysis supporting noninferiority of oxaliplatin plus S-1 to cisplatin plus S-1 in first-line treatment of advanced gastric cancer (G-SOX study): indirect comparison with S-1 alone.
Hyodo et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Int J Clin Oncol, Feb 2016
BACKGROUND: The Randomized Phase III Study Comparing Oxaliplatin plus S-1 with Cisplatin plus S-1 in Chemotherapy-naïve Patients with Advanced Gastric Cancer (G-SOX) showed the noninferiority of S-1 (an oral fluoropyrimidine-derivative dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase inhibitor) plus oxaliplatin combination therapy (SOX) to S-1 plus cisplatin therapy (CS) in overall survival [hazard ratio (HR) from proportional hazard model 0.958, 95 % confidence interval (CI) 0.803-1.142;
Evolution of eumetazoan nervous systems: insights from cnidarians.
Technau et al., Vienna, Austria. In Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci, Jan 2016
It appears that much of the genetic network of the nervous system development is partly conserved between cnidarians and bilaterians, with Wnt and bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signalling, and Sox genes playing a crucial part in the differentiation of neurons.
SOX family transcription factors involved in diverse cellular events during development.
Yang et al., Hangzhou, China. In Eur J Cell Biol, Dec 2015
In metazoa, SOX family transcription factors play many diverse roles.
Functional Overload Enhances Satellite Cell Properties in Skeletal Muscle.
Kuwabara et al., Tsukuba, Japan. In Stem Cells Int, Dec 2015
The changes in satellite cell properties coincided with the inactivation of Notch signaling and the activation of Wnt signaling and likely involve modulation by transcription factors of the Sox family.
Human sex-determination and disorders of sex-development (DSD).
McElreavey et al., Paris, France. In Semin Cell Dev Biol, Sep 2015
SOX family gene mutations, as well as mutations involving GATA4, FOG2 and genes involved in MAP kinase signaling have been associated with virilization in 46,XX individuals or with 46,XY gonadal dysgenesis.
Participation of Sox-1 expression and signaling of β-catenin in the pathophysiology of generalized seizures in rat cerebellum.
Paz et al., Mexico. In Cns Neurol Disord Drug Targets, Sep 2015
Sox-1 is a transcription factor expressed in Bergmann glia and its binding to β-catenin further inhibits the Wnt pathway.
How Does p73 Cause Neuronal Defects?
Agostini et al., Leicester, United Kingdom. In Mol Neurobiol, Sep 2015
In particular, TAp73 is involved in the maintenance of neural stem/progenitor cell self-renewal and differentiation throughout the regulation of SOX-2, Hey-2, TRIM32 and Notch.
A Unique Gene Regulatory Network Resets the Human Germline Epigenome for Development.
Surani et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Cell, Jul 2015
This unique gene regulatory network, established by SOX17 and BLIMP1, drives comprehensive germline DNA demethylation by repressing DNA methylation pathways and activating TET-mediated hydroxymethylation.
Decoding the regulatory network of early blood development from single-cell gene expression measurements.
Göttgens et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Nat Biotechnol, Mar 2015
Several model predictions concerning the roles of Sox and Hox factors are validated experimentally.
Stem cells. Human primordial germ cells in a dish.
Baumann, In Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol, Feb 2015
A robust method to induce primordial germ cells from human pluripotent stem cells has been developed, highlighting the importance of SOX17 in the specification of the human germline.
SOX17 is a critical specifier of human primordial germ cell fate.
Surani et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Cell, Feb 2015
Remarkably, SOX17 is the key regulator of hPGC-like fate, whereas BLIMP1 represses endodermal and other somatic genes during specification of hPGCLCs.
Gut endoderm takes flight from the wings of mesoderm.
Rossant et al., Toronto, Canada. In Nat Cell Biol, 2014
This process requires SOX17-mediated control of basement membrane organization.
Relevance of SOX17 variants for hypomyelinating leukodystrophies and congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT).
Vaurs-Barriere et al., Clermont-Ferrand, France. In Ann Hum Genet, 2012
New sequence variations in SOX17 were identified but all correspond to nonpathogenic variants, suggesting that SOX17 is not involved in UHL phenotype
Hypermethylation of Sox17 gene is useful as a molecular diagnostic application in early gastric cancer.
Itoh et al., Kawasaki, Japan. In Tumour Biol, 2012
silencing of Sox17 occurs frequently in early gastric cancer
Role of the gut endoderm in relaying left-right patterning in mice.
Hadjantonakis et al., New York City, United States. In Plos Biol, 2011
Sox17 mutants fail to establish left-right asymmetry and show aberrant gut endoderm morphogenesis.
SRY-box containing gene 17 regulates the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway in oligodendrocyte progenitor cells.
Gallo et al., Washington, D.C., United States. In J Neurosci, 2011
Downstream targets of Sox17 define signaling pathways and molecular mechanisms in oligodendrocyte progenitor cells that are regulated by Sox17 during cell cycle exit and differentiation in oligodendrocyte development.
Involvement of histone acetylation of Sox17 and Foxa2 promoters during mouse definitive endoderm differentiation revealed by microRNA profiling.
Shou et al., Shanghai, China. In Plos One, 2010
The promoter regions of Sox17 and Foxa2 are subjected to histone acetylation regulation.
More papers using Sox antibodies
Prevalence of sensitivity to sulfiting agents in asthmatic patients
Sen Alaattin et al., In Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, 1985
... The reagents used for hepatic SOX activity assay were obtained from Merck (Darmstadt, Germany) ...
Influence of Ionic Strength, pH, and Chelation of Divalent Metals on Isolation of Polyribosomes from Tobacco Leaves.
Renne Rolf, In PLoS Pathogens, 1975
... Kiledjan), rabbit polyclonal anti-hRrp41 (1∶1000, see below), rabbit polyclonal anti-SOX J5803 (1∶5000, [33]), mouse monoclonal hnRNPC1/C2 (1∶2000, Abcam), mouse monoclonal anti-Hsp90 (1∶3000, ...
Cleavage of structural proteins during the assembly of the head of bacteriophage T4
Bieberich E et al., In Cell Death & Disease, 1969
... Anti-Sox-10 antibody was purchased from Cemines (Evergreen, CO, USA), and ...
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