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Structural maintenance of chromosomes 1B

SMC1beta, Smc1b
SMC1L2 belongs to a family of proteins required for chromatid cohesion and DNA recombination during meiosis and mitosis (3:Revenkova et al., 2001 [PubMed 11564881]).[supplied by OMIM, Mar 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: AGE, SCP3, SMC1, Scc1, Dmc1
Papers on SMC1beta
[The peculiarities of the chromosome organization in meiosis].
Bogdanov et al., In Tsitologiia, 2012
In addition to somatic cohesins, AEs contain meiosis-specific cohesins REC8, SMC1beta, STAG3.
Altered cohesin gene dosage affects Mammalian meiotic chromosome structure and behavior.
Hunt et al., Pullman, United States. In Plos Genet, 2012
We report here evidence from the mouse that partial loss of gene function for either Smc1b or Rec8 causes perturbations in the formation of the synaptonemal complex (SC) and affects both synapsis and recombination between homologs during meiotic prophase.
Meta-analysis of clinical data using human meiotic genes identifies a novel cohort of highly restricted cancer-specific marker genes.
McFarlane et al., Bangor, United Kingdom. In Oncotarget, 2012
We analysed and validated expression profiles of human meiotic genes in normal and cancerous tissue followed by meta-analyses of clinical data sets from a range of tumour types resulting in the identification of a large cohort of highly specific cancer biomarker genes, including the recombination hot spot activator PRDM9 and the meiotic cohesin genes SMC1beta and RAD21L.
Dynamics of cohesin proteins REC8, STAG3, SMC1 beta and SMC3 are consistent with a role in sister chromatid cohesion during meiosis in human oocytes.
Garcia Caldés et al., Barcelona, Spain. In Hum Reprod, 2010
METHODS: We used immunofluorescence in human oocytes at different meiotic stages to detect cohesin subunits REC8, STAG3, SMC1 beta and SMC3, [also synaptonemal complex (SC) protein 3 and shugoshin 1].
Accelerated ovarian aging in the absence of the transcription regulator TAF4B in mice.
Freiman et al., Providence, United States. In Biol Reprod, 2010
At 3 wk of age, decreased gene expression in Taf4b-null ovaries is similar to that seen in aged ovaries, revealing several molecular signatures of premature reproductive senescence, including reduced Smc1b.
Cohesin SMC1beta protects telomeres in meiocytes.
Jessberger et al., Dresden, Germany. In J Cell Biol, 2009
telomere structure protected from DNA rearrangements depends on SMC1beta.
A spontaneous smc1b mutation causes cohesin protein dysfunction and sterility in mice.
Katoh et al., Hamamatsu, Japan. In Exp Biol Med (maywood), 2009
A deletion of 16 nucleotides in exon 5 led to a frame-shift, which generated a stop codon at position 761 (amino acid 247) of the Smc1b cDNA in mutant mice.
Disruption of pairing and synapsis of chromosomes causes stage-specific apoptosis of male meiotic cells.
Höög et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Theriogenology, 2008
Therefore we studied spermatogenesis in several knockout mice (Sycp1(-/-), Sycp3(-/-), Smc1beta(-/-) and Sycp3/Sycp1 and Sycp3/Smc1beta double-knockouts) that are specifically defective in meiotic pairing and synapsis.
Cohesin Smc1beta determines meiotic chromatin axis loop organization.
Höög et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In J Cell Biol, 2008
In addition to its role in sister chromatid cohesion, Smc1beta determines meiotic chromatin loop organization.
Defective cohesin is associated with age-dependent misaligned chromosomes in oocytes.
Keefe et al., Tampa, United States. In Reprod Biomed Online, 2008
Notably, both meiotic cohesin proteins located between sister chromatids, REC8 (recombinant 8), STAG3 (stromal antigen 3) and SMC1beta, were remarkably reduced in oocytes from aged SAM.
Influence of follicular fluid meiosis-activating sterol on aneuploidy rate and precocious chromatid segregation in aged mouse oocytes.
Eichenlaub-Ritter et al., Berlin, Germany. In Hum Reprod, 2007
Messenger RNA for checkpoint protein MAD2 and cohesion protein SMC1beta was compared between oocytes matured with or without FF-MAS.
Silencing of the meiotic genes SMC1beta and STAG3 in somatic cells by E2F6.
Gaubatz et al., Marburg an der Lahn, Germany. In J Biol Chem, 2006
E2F6 silences SMC1beta and STAG3 in somatic cells
SMC1beta-deficient female mice provide evidence that cohesins are a missing link in age-related nondisjunction.
Hunt et al., Cleveland, United States. In Nat Genet, 2005
SMC1beta plays role in oogenesis.
Cohesin and the maternal age effect.
Hawley et al., Kansas City, United States. In Cell, 2005
In a recent study in Nature Genetics, Hodges et al. (2005) show that mice with a mutation in the meiosis-specific cohesin protein SMC1beta exhibit age-dependent defects in meiosis.
Cohesin SMC1 beta is required for meiotic chromosome dynamics, sister chromatid cohesion and DNA recombination.
Jessberger et al., New York City, United States. In Nat Cell Biol, 2004
SMC1 beta-deficient mice of both sexes are sterile. Male meiosis is blocked in pachytene; female meiosis is highly error-prone but continues until metaphase II.
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