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SR-related CTD-associated factor 8

Top mentioned proteins: SET, POLYMERASE, GK2, CHIP, MEK5
Papers on SCAF8
Genome-Wide Association and Trans-ethnic Meta-Analysis for Advanced Diabetic Kidney Disease: Family Investigation of Nephropathy and Diabetes (FIND).
Family Investigation of Nephropathy and Diabetes (FIND) et al., Phoenix, United States. In Plos Genet, Aug 2015
SNPs are located between the SCAF8 and CNKSR3 genes, a region with DKD relevant changes in gene expression and an eQTL with IPCEF1, a gene co-translated with CNKSR3.
A whole genomic scan to detect selection signatures between Berkshire and Korean native pig breeds.
Kim et al., Ch'ŏngju, South Korea. In J Anim Sci Technol, 2013
We have identified a set of candidate genes under selection and have known to be involved in growth, size and pork quality (CART, AGL, CF7L2, MAP2K5, DLK1, GLI3, CA3 and MC3R), ear morphology and size (HMGA2 and SOX5) stress response (ATF2, MSRB3, TMTC3 and SCAF8) and immune response ( HCST and RYR1).
Snapshots of the RNA processing factor SCAF8 bound to different phosphorylated forms of the carboxyl-terminal domain of RNA polymerase II.
Meinhart et al., Heidelberg, Germany. In J Biol Chem, 2008
We show that the human RNA processing factor SCAF8 interacts weakly with the unphosphorylated CTD of Pol II.
A nuclear matrix protein interacts with the phosphorylated C-terminal domain of RNA polymerase II.
Corden et al., Baltimore, United States. In Mol Cell Biol, 1998
In this paper, we show that the CTD-interacting domain of SCAF8 specifically binds CTD molecules phosphorylated on serines 2 and 5 of the consensus sequence Tyr1Ser2Pro3Thr4Ser5Pro6Ser7.
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