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Processing of precursor 4, ribonuclease P/MRP subunit

Rpp29, POP4, Pop4p, hPop4
This gene encodes one of the protein subunits of the small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein complexes: the endoribonuclease for mitochondrial RNA processing complex and the ribonuclease P complex. The encoded protein is localized to the nucleus and associates directly with the RNA component of these complexes. This protein is involved in processing of precursor RNAs. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. [provided by RefSeq, Mar 2009] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: CAN, Rpp38, Rpp30, POLYMERASE, Rpp14
Papers on Rpp29
Genetic diversity and population structure of black Dahe pig based on DNA sequences analyses of mitochondrial and nuclear genes.
Guo et al., Xining, China. In Mitochondrial Dna, Jan 2016
Overall, the results of AMOVA and phylogenetic tree and gene flow analyses detected high levels of gene flow among the five populations, particularly individual pigs from Dahe town (Pop1) or Yingshang town (Pop2) to other populations (Pop3, Pop4, and Pop5).
Conservation and population genetic diversity of Curcuma wenyujin (Zingiberaceae), a multifunctional medicinal herb.
Wang et al., Wenzhou, China. In Genet Mol Res, 2014
Phylogenetic trees produced similar results, with Pop1, Pop2, and Pop5 in one group and Pop3 and Pop4 in another.
[Establishment of miniSTR fluorescent detection system and its forensic application].
Zhao et al., In Fa Yi Xue Za Zhi, 2014
The electrophoresis was fulfilled under POP4 on 3100-Avant and the typing data was validated by standard DNA 9947A and 007.
The CLRX.1/NOD24 (NLRP2P) pseudogene codes a functional negative regulator of NF-κB, pyrin-only protein 4.
Harton et al., Albany, United States. In Genes Immun, 2014
Collectively, our findings suggest that NLRP2P is a resurrected processed pseudogene that regulates NF-κB RelA/p65 activity and thus represents the newest member of the POP family, POP4.
Stability of endogenous reference genes in postmortem human brains for normalization of quantitative real-time PCR data: comprehensive evaluation using geNorm, NormFinder, and BestKeeper.
Maeda et al., Ōsaka, Japan. In Int J Legal Med, 2012
Validation of their stability and suitability as reference genes using geNorm suggested IPO8 and POLR2A as the most stable ones, and NormFinder indicated that IPO8 and POP4 had the highest expression stabilities, while BestKeeper highlighted ABL1 and ELF1 as reference genes with the least overall variation.
Pathway analysis of genome-wide association study for bone mineral density.
Song et al., Seoul, South Korea. In Mol Biol Rep, 2012
Further examination of the gene contents revealed that DBR1, DICER1, EXO1, FEN1, POP1, POP4, RPP30, and RPP38 were involved in 2 of the 8 pathways (p < 0.05).
A girl with an atypical form of ataxia telangiectasia and an additional de novo 3.14 Mb microduplication in region 19q12.
Poot et al., Mainz, Germany. In Eur J Med Genet, 2012
In peripheral blood samples she carried a de novo duplication of 3.14 Mb in chromosomal region 19q12 containing six annotated genes, UQCRFS1, VSTM2B, POP4, PLEKHF1, CCNE1, and ZNF536, and a de novo mosaic inversion 14q11q32 (96% of metaphases).
[Rapid DNA identification using 6+1 STR kit and EX-Q20 electrophoresis].
Zheng et al., Shanghai, China. In Fa Yi Xue Za Zhi, 2011
Equal amount of blood were collected by puncher and analyzed using two methods (6+1 STR kit in combination with EX-Q20 electrophoresis and Sinofiler kit in combination with POP4 electrophoresis).
Evaluation of reference genes and normalization strategy for quantitative real-time PCR in human pancreatic carcinoma.
Soucek et al., Praha, Czech Republic. In Dis Markers, 2011
Both geNorm and NormFinder programs suggested EIF2B1, ELF1, MRPL19, and POP4 as the same most stable genes.
Functional characterization of the 19q12 amplicon in grade III breast cancers.
Reis-Filho et al., London, United Kingdom. In Breast Cancer Res, 2011
Of the nine genes mapping to this amplicon, UQCRFS1, POP4, PLEKHF1, C19ORF12, CCNE1 and C19ORF2 were significantly over-expressed when amplified in primary breast cancers and/or breast cancer cell lines.
Binding and cleavage of unstructured RNA by nuclear RNase P.
Engelke et al., Ann Arbor, United States. In Rna, 2011
Additional contacts between poly(U)(50) and the RNase P proteins Rpr2p and Pop4p were identified.
Selection of suitable reference genes for quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction in human meningiomas and arachnoidea.
Roser et al., Tübingen, Germany. In Bmc Res Notes, 2010
Eight highest ranked reference genes (CASC3, EIF2B1, IPO8, MRPL19, PGK1, POP4, PPIA, and RPL37A) plus GAPDH and ACTB were then analyzed in 35 meningiomas, arachnoidea, dura mater and normal brain.
Identification of tumor suppressors and oncogenes from genomic and epigenetic features in ovarian cancer.
Lucito et al., New York City, United States. In Plos One, 2010
Among these genes CCNE1, POP4, UQCRB, PHF20L1 and C19orf2 were identified within both data sets.
Effect of Culture Conditions on Reference Genes Expression in Placenta-derived Stem Cells.
Miki et al., Pittsburgh, United States. In Int J Stem Cells, 2009
The cell cycle relating house keeping genes, PPIA, POLR2A, and POP4 were most stable in the compared culture conditions.
The enigma of ribonuclease P evolution.
Hartmann et al., Lübeck, Germany. In Trends Genet, 2003
Most eukaryotes have homologs for all four protein subunits (Pop4, Rpp1, Pop5 and Rpr2) present in the majority of Archaea.
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