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Ribosomal protein L37a

RPL37A, ribosomal protein L37a, YL37
Ribosomes, the organelles that catalyze protein synthesis, consist of a small 40S subunit and a large 60S subunit. Together these subunits are composed of 4 RNA species and approximately 80 structurally distinct proteins. This gene encodes a ribosomal protein that is a component of the 60S subunit. The protein belongs to the L37AE family of ribosomal proteins. It is located in the cytoplasm. The protein contains a C4-type zinc finger-like domain. As is typical for genes encoding ribosomal proteins, there are multiple processed pseudogenes of this gene dispersed through the genome. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: GAPDH, ACID, POLYMERASE, CAN, Actin
Papers using RPL37A antibodies
Nucleolar protein B23/nucleophosmin regulates the vertebrate SUMO pathway through SENP3 and SENP5 proteases
Dasso Mary et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2003
... Rabbit anti-RPL37A and anti-GNL2 antibodies were obtained from Abnova.
Papers on RPL37A
Evaluation of Salivary Transcriptome Markers for the Early Detection of Oral Squamous Cell Cancer in a Prospective Blinded Trial.
Swanick et al., Lansing, United States. In Compend Contin Educ Dent, May 2015
Six pre-specified oral-cancer-associated mRNAs (IL1β, IL8, OAZ1, SAT, S100P, and DUSP1) and five housekeeping mRNAs (MT-ATP6, RPL30, RPL37A, RPL0, and RPS17) were measured by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) without knowledge of tissue diagnosis.
Identification of stable reference genes for gene expression analysis of three-dimensional cultivated human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells for bone tissue engineering.
Stiehler et al., Dresden, Germany. In Tissue Eng Part C Methods, Feb 2015
Notably, genes that are routinely used as RGs, for example, beta actin (ACTB) and ribosomal protein L37a (RPL37A), were among the least stable genes.
Transcriptome analysis of the Bombyx mori fat body after constant high temperature treatment shows differences between the sexes.
Sima et al., Suzhou, China. In Mol Biol Rep, 2014
Constant high temperature also affected the expression of other functional genes and differences were observed between male and female fat bodies in the expression of RPS2, RPL37A and MREL.
Optimal reference genes for normalization of qRT-PCR data from archival formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded breast tumors controlling for tumor cell content and decay of mRNA.
Alsner et al., Århus, Denmark. In Diagn Mol Pathol, 2013
The 4 most stable expressed genes were CALM2, RPL37A, ACTB, and RPLP0.
Critical selection of internal control genes for quantitative real-time RT-PCR studies in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated human THP-1 and K562 cells.
Guo et al., Taiyuan, China. In Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2012
The transcriptional stability of eleven potential internal control genes (RPL37A, ACTB, GAPDH, B(2)M, PPIB, PGK1, PPIA, SDHA, TBP, HPRT1 and RPL13A) were evaluated using RT-qPCR and were compared in different treatment, that was un-stimulated or LPS-stimulated cells.
Selection of suitable reference genes for quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction in human meningiomas and arachnoidea.
Roser et al., Tübingen, Germany. In Bmc Res Notes, 2010
Eight highest ranked reference genes (CASC3, EIF2B1, IPO8, MRPL19, PGK1, POP4, PPIA, and RPL37A) plus GAPDH and ACTB were then analyzed in 35 meningiomas, arachnoidea, dura mater and normal brain.
Gene trio signatures as molecular markers to predict response to doxorubicin cyclophosphamide neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer patients.
Folgueira et al., São Paulo, Brazil. In Braz J Med Biol Res, 2010
Among five trio combinations previously identified, defined by nine genes individually investigated (BZRP, CLPTM1, MTSS1, NOTCH1, NUP210, PRSS11, RPL37A, SMYD2, and XLHSRF-1), the most accurate were established by RPL37A, XLHSRF-1 based trios, with NOTCH1 or NUP210.
Differential expression of a subset of ribosomal protein genes in cell lines derived from human nasopharyngeal epithelium.
Narayanan et al., Malaysia. In J Hum Genet, 2010
Three such genes (RPL27, RPL37a and RPL41) were found to be significantly downregulated in all cell lines derived from NPC tissues compared with a nonmalignant nasopharyngeal epithelial cell line.
Selection of reliable reference genes during THP-1 monocyte differentiation into macrophages.
Lorkowski et al., Jena, Germany. In Bmc Mol Biol, 2009
Our results indicated ACTB (β-actin) (Cq ± SD, 14.1 ± 0.3) and RPL37A (ribosomal protein L37a) (14.5 ± 0.3) as the most stable genes.
RNA extraction from archival formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue: a comparison of manual, semiautomated, and fully automated purification methods.
Schaefer et al., Köln, Germany. In Clin Chem, 2009
RNA from 360 sections (90 sections per extraction method) of 30 FFPE tumor blocks up to 20 years of age was purified and analyzed by quantitative reverse-transcription PCR for ESR1 (estrogen receptor 1), PGR (progesterone receptor), ERBB2 [v-erb-b2 erythroblastic leukemia viral oncogene homolog 2, neuro/glioblastoma derived oncogene homolog (avian)], and RPL37A (ribosomal protein L37a).
Evaluation of reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR to investigate protein disulfide isomerase transcription pattern in the bovine lungworm Dictyocaulus viviparus.
Schnieder et al., Hannover, Germany. In Gene, 2009
For Dictyocaulus viviparus, the housekeeping genes beta-tubulin, beta-actin, elongation factor 1alpha (ef-1alpha), glyceraldehyde-3-phosphatase dehydrogenase (gapdh), and 60S ribosomal protein L37a (60S rpL37a) were characterized and evaluated.
Supplementation of healthy volunteers with nutritionally relevant amounts of selenium increases the expression of lymphocyte protein biosynthesis genes.
Hesketh et al., Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. In Am J Clin Nutr, 2008
Gene expression changes were confirmed by quantitative polymerase chain reaction for 3 representative target genes (RPL37A, RPL30, and EEF1E1).
Progression-associated genes in astrocytoma identified by novel microarray gene expression data reanalysis.
Lyons-Weiler et al., Washington, D.C., United States. In Methods Mol Biol, 2006
Four genes encoding ribosomal proteins (RPS2, RPS8, RPS18, RPL37A) were upregulated, and five genes (APOD, SORL1, SPOCK2, PRSS11, ID3) were downregulated in high-grade by all tests.
Survivin and glycodelin transcriptional activity in node-positive early breast cancer: mRNA expression of two key regulators of cell survival.
Pavlidis et al., Athens, Greece. In Breast Cancer Res Treat, 2006
A normalized score was calculated by the use of GAPDH, RPL37A reference genes and was correlated with clinicopathologic/molecular parameters and patient outcome.
Yeast ribosomal proteins. VIII. Isolation of two proteins and sequence characterization of twenty-four proteins from cytoplasmic ribosomes.
Itoh et al., Hiroshima, Japan. In Mol Gen Genet, 1983
Amino-terminal amino acid sequences were determined for 17 proteins,YS3, YS9, YS23, YS24, YS29, YL6, YL8, YLll, YLI5,YL17, YL23, YL28, YL33, YL37, YL39, YL41, and YL43.YL41, which has a 72.7% lysine and arginine content, was found to be particular to eukaryotic ribosomes.
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