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RPC10 Rpc10p

Rpb12, rpc10, RPC11, ABC10 alpha, Rpc11p
This gene encodes a small essential subunit of RNA polymerase III, the polymerase responsible for synthesizing transfer and small ribosomal RNAs in eukaryotes. The carboxy-terminal domain of this subunit shares a high degree of sequence similarity to the carboxy-terminal domain of an RNA polymerase II elongation factor. This similarity in sequence is supported by functional studies showing that this subunit is required for proper pausing and termination during transcription. Pseudogenes of this gene are found on chromosomes 13 and 17.[provided by RefSeq, Jul 2010] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: POLYMERASE, CAN, RPB6, TFIIS, SET
Papers on Rpb12
Point mutations in the Rpb9-homologous domain of Rpc11 that impair transcription termination by RNA polymerase III.
Maraia et al., Bethesda, United States. In Nucleic Acids Res, 2011
Isolation of Rpc11 mutants from Schizosaccharomyces pombe that cause pol III to readthrough terminators in vivo.
3' processing of eukaryotic precursor tRNAs.
Lamichhane et al., Bethesda, United States. In Wiley Interdiscip Rev Rna, 2011
Evidence that the pol III-intrinsic 3'exonuclease activity mediated by Rpc11p affects 3'oligo(U) length is reviewed.
The archaeal RNA polymerase subunit P and the eukaryotic polymerase subunit Rpb12 are interchangeable in vivo and in vitro.
Thomm et al., Regensburg, Germany. In Mol Microbiol, 2009
The general subunit of all three eukaryotic RNA polymerases, Rpb12, and subunit P of the archaeal enzyme show sequence similarities in their N-terminal zinc ribbon and some highly conserved residues in the C-terminus.
Predicting functional upstream open reading frames in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Sunnerhagen et al., Göteborg, Sweden. In Bmc Bioinformatics, 2008
Three (RPC11, TPK1, and FOL1) of these 301 genes have been hypothesised, following wet-experiments, by a related study to have functional uORFs.
The NS5A protein of hepatitis C virus represses gene expression of hRPB10alpha, a common subunit of host RNA polymerases, through interferon regulatory factor-1 binding site.
Im et al., Taejŏn, South Korea. In Virus Res, 2007
results suggest that NS5A may partly modulate host cell transcription by the down-regulation of hRPB10alpha
Mutation of RNA Pol III subunit rpc2/polr3b Leads to Deficiency of Subunit Rpc11 and disrupts zebrafish digestive development.
Pack et al., Philadelphia, United States. In Plos Biol, 2007
Structural considerations predict that the slj Pol3rb deletion might impair its interaction with Polr3k, the ortholog of an essential yeast Pol III subunit, Rpc11, which promotes RNA cleavage and Pol III recycling.
Mammalian Maf1 is a negative regulator of transcription by all three nuclear RNA polymerases.
Johnson et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Mol Cell, 2007
Changes in Maf1 expression affect Pol III-dependent transcription in human glioblastoma lines.
Diversification of function by different isoforms of conventionally shared RNA polymerase subunits.
Gull et al., Brussels, Belgium. In Mol Biol Cell, 2007
At the core of each complex is a set of 12 highly conserved subunits of which five--RPB5, RPB6, RPB8, RPB10, and RPB12--are thought to be common to all three polymerase classes.
Biochemical characterization of Trypanosoma brucei RNA polymerase II.
Bellofatto et al., Newark, United States. In Mol Biochem Parasitol, 2006
Using mass spectrometric analysis we have identified the previously unobserved RPB12 subunit of T. brucei RNA polymerase II.
Identification and characterization of upstream open reading frames (uORF) in the 5' untranslated regions (UTR) of genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Dietrich et al., Durham, United States. In Curr Genet, 2005
We hypothesize that uORFs in the UTR of RPC11, TPK1, FOL1, WSC3, and MKK1 may have translational regulatory roles while uORFs in the 5' UTR of ECM7 and IMD4 have little effect on translation under the conditions tested.
Mutations in the RNA polymerase III subunit Rpc11p that decrease RNA 3' cleavage activity increase 3'-terminal oligo(U) length and La-dependent tRNA processing.
Maraia et al., Bethesda, United States. In Mol Cell Biol, 2005
Data indicate that Rpc11p limits RNA 3'-U length and that this significantly restricts pre-tRNAs to a La-independent pathway of maturation in fission yeast.
Transcriptional termination by RNA polymerase I requires the small subunit Rpa12p.
Proudfoot et al., Oxford, United Kingdom. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2004
The homology of Rpa12p to the small subunit Rpb9p of Pol II and Rpc11p of Pol III, both implicated in transcriptional termination, points to a common termination mechanism for all three classes of RNA polymerase.
Delineation of an estimated 6.7 MB candidate interval for an anophthalmia gene at 3q26.33-q28 and description of the syndrome associated with visible chromosome deletions of this region.
Berg et al., London, United Kingdom. In Eur J Hum Genet, 2002
This interval, between clones RPC11-134F2 and RPC11-132N15, was estimated to be 6.7 MB.
Transcriptional effects of the potent enediyne anti-cancer agent Calicheamicin gamma(I)(1).
Schultz et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Chem Biol, 2002
Among these effects were the upregulation of two nuclear proteins encoding a Y'-helicase (a subtelomerically encoded protein whose function is to maintain telomeres) and a suppressor of rpc10 and rpb40 mutations (both rpc10 and rpb40 encode RNA polymerase subunits).
Transcription organization and mRNA levels of the genes for all 12 subunits of the fission yeast RNA polymerase II.
Ishihama et al., Mishima, Japan. In Genes Cells, 2001
To obtain an insight into the regulation of synthesis of these 12 Pol II subunits, Rpb1 to Rpb12, in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, we analysed the transcriptional organization of the rpb genes by use of the oligo capping method, and determined mRNA levels by quantitative competitive PCR assay.
Archaeal RNA polymerase subunits F and P are bona fide homologs of eukaryotic RPB4 and RPB12.
Weinzierl et al., London, United Kingdom. In Nucleic Acids Res, 2000
The F and P subunits present in archaeal RNA polymerases were only recently identified in a purified archaeal RNA polymerase preparation and, on the basis of localized sequence homologies, tentatively identified as archaeal versions of the eukaryotic RPB4 and RPB12 RNA polymerase subunits, respectively.
Interaction between yeast RNA polymerase III and transcription factor TFIIIC via ABC10alpha and tau131 subunits.
Marck et al., Gif-sur-Yvette, France. In J Biol Chem, 1999
A thermosensitive mutation in the C terminus region of ABC10alpha (rpc10-30) was found to be selectively suppressed by overexpression of a mutant form of tau131 (tau131-DeltaTPR2) that lacks the second TPR repeat.
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