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Ribosome production factor 1 homolog

RNA processing factor
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Papers on RNA processing factor
Two NYN domain containing putative nucleases are involved in transcript maturation in Arabidopsis mitochondria.
Binder et al., Ulm, Germany. In Plant J, Jan 2016
In addition, severely reduced amounts of nad9 mRNAs in the rpf2-1/mnu2-1 double mutant indicate a corporate function of RNA processing factor 2 and MNU2 in the maturation of these transcripts.
The long noncoding RNA Pnky regulates neuronal differentiation of embryonic and postnatal neural stem cells.
Lim et al., San Francisco, United States. In Cell Stem Cell, May 2015
These data thus unveil Pnky as a conserved lncRNA that interacts with a key RNA processing factor and regulates neurogenesis from embryonic and postnatal NSC populations.
CPF-associated phosphatase activity opposes condensin-mediated chromosome condensation.
Bernard et al., Lyon, France. In Plos Genet, 2014
Here we show in fission yeast that the 3' end RNA processing factor Swd2.2, a component of the Cleavage and Polyadenylation Factor (CPF), is a negative regulator of condensin-mediated chromosome condensation.
PRP19 upregulation inhibits cell proliferation in lung adenocarcinomas by p21-mediated induction of cell cycle arrest.
Shao et al., Dalian, China. In Biomed Pharmacother, 2014
Precursor messenger RNA processing factor 19 (PRP19) is known to be a critical component of the eukaryotic spliceosomal machinery and DNA damage repair system, the deregulation of which leads to many disease conditions.
Transcriptome-wide RNA interaction profiling reveals physical and functional targets of hnRNP L in human T cells.
Lynch et al., Philadelphia, United States. In Mol Cell Biol, 2014
The RNA processing factor hnRNP L is required for T cell development and function.
RNA processing factor 7 and polynucleotide phosphorylase are necessary for processing and stability of nad2 mRNA in Arabidopsis mitochondria.
Binder et al., Ulm, Germany. In Rna Biol, 2013
Based on natural genetic variation affecting 5' ends of nad2 transcripts in ecotype Can-0 and complementation studies we now identified RNA processing factor 7, which takes part in the generation of the 5' terminus of the mature nad2 mRNA.
Identification and characterization of peptides that bind the PPIase domain of Parvulin17.
Bayer et al., Essen, Germany. In J Pept Sci, 2013
Par14 can bind AT-rich double-stranded DNA and was shown to be part of the pre-ribosomal ribonucleoprotein (pre-rRNP) complexes, where it functions as an RNA processing factor that is involved in ribosome biogenesis.
Proteomic investigations reveal a role for RNA processing factor THRAP3 in the DNA damage response.
Choudhary et al., Copenhagen, Denmark. In Mol Cell, 2012
The regulatory networks of the DNA damage response (DDR) encompass many proteins and posttranslational modifications.
CPSF6 defines a conserved capsid interface that modulates HIV-1 replication.
James et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Plos Pathog, 2011
Mutation of the interface prevents binding to and restriction by CPSF6-358, a truncated cytosolic form of the RNA processing factor, cleavage and polyadenylation specific factor 6 (CPSF6).
The Arabidopsis CstF64-Like RSR1/ESP1 Protein Participates in Glucose Signaling and Flowering Time Control.
Hellmann et al., Konstanz, Germany. In Front Plant Sci, 2011
Map-based identification of the affected locus demonstrated that rsr1-1 carries a premature stop codon in the gene for a CstF64-like putative RNA processing factor, ESP1, which is involved in mRNA 3'-end formation.
Resveratrol, by modulating RNA processing factor levels, can influence the alternative splicing of pre-mRNAs.
Morris et al., Sydney, Australia. In Plos One, 2010
Alternative pre-mRNA splicing defects can contribute to, or result from, various diseases, including cancer.
An archaeal Dim2-like protein, aDim2p, forms a ternary complex with a/eIF2 alpha and the 3' end fragment of 16S rRNA.
Tanokura et al., Tokyo, Japan. In J Mol Biol, 2010
Dim2p is a eukaryal small ribosomal subunit RNA processing factor required for the maturation of 18S rRNA.
Conditional gene expression and RNAi using MEC-8-dependent splicing in C. elegans.
Chalfie et al., New York City, United States. In Nat Methods, 2010
The RNA processing factor MEC-8 is necessary for the function of the Caenorhabditis elegans touch receptor neurons; mec-8 mutants are touch insensitive.
Identification of a tripartite import signal in the Ewing Sarcoma protein (EWS).
Young et al., Exeter, United Kingdom. In Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2010
The Ewing Sarcoma (EWS) protein is a ubiquitously expressed RNA processing factor that localises predominantly to the nucleus.
Transcriptional regulation by WT1 in development.
Roberts, Manchester, United Kingdom. In Curr Opin Genet Dev, 2005
WT1 can act as a transcriptional regulator or as an RNA processing factor in an isoform-dependent manner.
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