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Ring finger protein 167

RING105, ring finger protein 167, DKFZP566H073
RNF167 is an E3 ubiquitin ligase that interacts with TSSC5 (SLC22A18; MIM 602631) and, together with UBCH6 (UBE2E1; MIM 602916), facilitates TSSC5 polyubiquitylation (Yamada and Gorbsky, 2006 [PubMed 16314844]).[supplied by OMIM, Mar 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: TIEG, DNA methyltransferase, CAN, Ubiquitin, ACID
Papers on RING105
Serological identification and bioinformatics analysis of immunogenic antigens in multiple myeloma.
Liu et al., Xi'an, China. In Cancer Immunol Immunother, 2006
Known genes, including ring finger protein 167, KLF10, TPT1, p02 protein, cDNA FLJ46859 fis, and DNMT1, were related to the development of different tumors.
[Immunological screening for multiple myeloma-associated antigens and their bioinformatics analysis].
Liu et al., Xi'an, China. In Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi, 2006
6 known genes such as for ring finger protein 167, KLF10, TPT1 protein, p02 protein, cDNA FLJ46859 fis, DNMT1 methyltrasferase etc. have been demonstrated a certain relationship with other tumor's formation, progress and prognosis.
Tumor suppressor candidate TSSC5 is regulated by UbcH6 and a novel ubiquitin ligase RING105.
Gorbsky et al., Oklahoma City, United States. In Oncogene, 2006
Here, we present evidences indicating that RING105, a novel conserved RING-finger protein with a PA (protease-associated) domain and a PEST sequence, is a ubiquitin ligase for TSSC5 that can function in concert with the ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UbcH6.
A candidate region for Asperger syndrome defined by two 17p breakpoints.
Dahl et al., Uppsala, Sweden. In Eur J Hum Genet, 2003
The CHRNE, DKFZP566H073, LOC90048, PFN1, SPAG7, KIAA0909, ZNF232 and KIF1C genes showed similar levels of expression in cell lines with the translocations when compared with cell lines with normal karyotype.
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