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Rhophilin, Rho GTPase binding protein 2

rhophilin-2, Rhpn2, p76RBE
This gene encodes a member of the rhophilin family of Ras-homologous (Rho)-GTPase binding proteins. The encoded protein binds both GTP- and GDP-bound RhoA and GTP-bound RhoB and may be involved in the organization of the actin cytoskeleton. [provided by RefSeq, Apr 2009] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: E-cadherin, RhoB, Rhodopsin, RhoA, BMP4
Papers on rhophilin-2
Adult Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumors.
Dunn et al., Boston, United States. In World Neurosurg, Jan 2016
Molecular profiling revealed additional mutations in RHPN2(L385I), MDM4(D396G), FLT3(V194M), and NPRL3(D53N).
Analyzing large-scale samples highlights significant association between rs10411210 polymorphism and colorectal cancer.
Liu et al., Harbin, China. In Biomed Pharmacother, Aug 2015
RHPN2 is located on 9q13.11, which encodes a member of the rhophilin family of Ras-homologous (Rho)-GTPase binding proteins.
Frequent alterations in cytoskeleton remodelling genes in primary and metastatic lung adenocarcinomas.
He et al., Shenzhen, China. In Nat Commun, 2014
Altogether 13 significantly mutated genes are identified, including the most commonly mutated gene TP53 and novel mutation targets such as RHPN2, GLI3 and MRC2.
Association between GWAS-identified genetic variations and disease prognosis for patients with colorectal cancer.
Kim et al., Taegu, South Korea. In Plos One, 2014
Among the 22 SNPs, two (rs1321311G>T in CDKN1A and rs10411210C>T in RHPN2) were significantly associated with the survival outcomes of CRC in a multivariate survival analysis.
Shared and independent colorectal cancer risk alleles in TGFβ-related genes in African and European Americans.
Ellis et al., Tucson, United States. In Carcinogenesis, 2014
Testing more broadly for associations in these gene regions in AAs, we noted three statistically significant association peaks in GREM1 and RHPN2 that were not identified in EAs.
RHPN2 drives mesenchymal transformation in malignant glioma by triggering RhoA activation.
Iavarone et al., New York City, United States. In Cancer Res, 2013
Using this method, we identified rhophilin 2 (RHPN2) as a central genetic determinant of the mesenchymal phenotype of human GBM.
Genome-wide functional annotation of dual-specificity protein- and lipid-binding modules that regulate protein interactions.
Cho et al., Chicago, United States. In Mol Cell, 2012
Functional studies of a PDZ domain protein, rhophilin 2, suggest that all classes of lipid-binding PDZ domains serve as genuine dual-specificity modules regulating protein interactions at the membrane under physiological conditions.
Characterization of gene-environment interactions for colorectal cancer susceptibility loci.
Peters et al., Seattle, United States. In Cancer Res, 2012
We used meta-analysis of an efficient empirical-Bayes estimator to detect potential multiplicative interactions between each of the SNPs [rs16892766 at 8q23.3 (EIF3H/UTP23), rs6983267 at 8q24 (MYC), rs10795668 at 10p14 (FLJ3802842), rs3802842 at 11q23 (LOC120376), rs4444235 at 14q22.2 (BMP4), rs4779584 at 15q13 (GREM1), rs9929218 at 16q22.1 (CDH1), rs4939827 at 18q21 (SMAD7), rs10411210 at 19q13.1 (RHPN2), and rs961253 at 20p12.3 (BMP2)] and select major CRC risk factors (sex, body mass index, height, smoking status, aspirin/nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use, alcohol use, and dietary intake of calcium, folate, red meat, processed meat, vegetables, fruit, and fiber).
Transcriptome dysregulation by anthrax lethal toxin plays a key role in induction of human endothelial cell cytotoxicity.
Lemichez et al., Nice, France. In Cell Microbiol, 2010
We show that knock-down of cortactin and rhophilin-2 under conditions of calponin-1 expression defines the minimal set of genes regulated by LT for actin cable formation.
Transcriptom-based identification of a putative role for the human Acyl-CoA-Binding-Protein (ACBP) in vesicular trafficking.
Döring et al., Kiel, Germany. In Cell Mol Biol (noisy-le-grand), 2009
By applying Genomatix BiblioSphere expert level based co-citation filter 4 (GFG level 4) ras homolog gene family member B (RhoB) and its interacting rhophilin-2 (Rhpn2) were refined from 64 ACBP sensitive genes.
Cyclical expression of the Notch/Wnt regulator Nrarp requires modulation by Dll3 in somitogenesis.
Kusumi et al., Tempe, United States. In Dev Biol, 2009
Using microdissected embryonic tissue from somitic and presomitic mesodermal tissue, we identified new genes enriched in these tissues, including Limch1, Rhpn2, and A130022J15Rik.
Meta-analysis of genome-wide association data identifies four new susceptibility loci for colorectal cancer.
Dunlop et al., United Kingdom. In Nat Genet, 2008
We identified four previously unreported CRC risk loci at 14q22.2 (rs4444235, BMP4; P = 8.1 x 10(-10)), 16q22.1 (rs9929218, CDH1; P = 1.2 x 10(-8)), 19q13.1 (rs10411210, RHPN2; P = 4.6 x 10(-9)) and 20p12.3
Rhophilin-2 is targeted to late-endosomal structures of the vesicular machinery in the presence of activated RhoB.
Pirson et al., Brussels, Belgium. In Exp Cell Res, 2007
Rhophilin-2 or p76(RBE), a protein whose expression is induced by the cyclic AMP pathway in thyrocytes, contains several protein-protein interaction domains including HR-1, Bro1 and PDZ domains, and is a partner of RhoB in its GTP-bound form (Eur J Biochem, 269(24): 6241-9, 2002).
Nitroproteins from a human pituitary adenoma tissue discovered with a nitrotyrosine affinity column and tandem mass spectrometry.
Desiderio et al., Memphis, United States. In Anal Biochem, 2006
Nine nitroproteins (Rho-GTPase-activing protein 5, leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor subfamily A member 4 precursor, zinc finger protein 432, cAMP-dependent protein kinase type I-beta regulatory subunit, sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase 1, centaurin beta 1, proteasome subunit alpha type 2, interleukin 1 family member 6, and rhophilin 2) and three proteins (interleukin 1 receptor-associated kinase-like 2, glutamate receptor-interacting protein 2, and ubiquitin) that interacted with nitroproteins were discovered.
Identification and characterization of a novel activated RhoB binding protein containing a PDZ domain whose expression is specifically modulated in thyroid cells by cAMP.
Pirson et al., Brussels, Belgium. In Eur J Biochem, 2002
may play a key role between RhoB and potential downstream elements needed under stimulation of the thyrotropin/cAMP pathway in thyrocytes
The RhoA-binding protein, rhophilin-2, regulates actin cytoskeleton organization.
Burbelo et al., Washington, D.C., United States. In J Biol Chem, 2002
Rhophilin-2 may function normally in a Rho pathway to limit stress fiber formation and/or increase the turnover of F-actin structures in the absence of high levels of RhoA activity
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