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RAB3D, member RAS oncogene family

Rab3D, D22, Gov
may regulate membrane fusion in Fc epsilonRI-stimulated mast cell exocytosis [RGD, Feb 2006] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Rab3A, HAD, Rab5, CAN, ACID
Papers on Rab3D
Ultrasound is at least as good as magnetic resonance imaging in predicting tumour size post-neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer.
INTENS Study Group et al., Maastricht, Netherlands. In Eur J Cancer, Jan 2016
However, both modalities suffered from a substantial percentage of over- and underestimation of tumour size and in addition both showed a low negative predictive value of pathologic complete remission (Gov nr: NCT00314977).
Effect of Food on the Pharmacokinetics of the Investigational Aurora A Kinase Inhibitor Alisertib (MLN8237) in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors.
Sarantopoulos et al., Denver, United States. In Drugs R D, Jan 2016
Phase 1 study of galunisertib, a TGF-beta receptor I kinase inhibitor, in Japanese patients with advanced solid tumors.
Tamura et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Cancer Chemother Pharmacol, Dec 2015
Effect of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) on mortality of artificially reared honey bee larvae (Apis mellifera carnica).
Riessberger-Gallé et al., Graz, Austria. In Ecotoxicology, Dec 2015
The mortality was assessed from day 2 to day 7 (d7) and on day 22 (d22).
Short-Term Effects of Relamorelin on Descending Colon Motility in Chronic Constipation: A Randomized, Controlled Trial.
Burton et al., Rochester, United States. In Dig Dis Sci, Nov 2015
ClinicalTrial.Gov registration number: NCT 01781104.
DYNLT (Tctex-1) forms a tripartite complex with dynein intermediate chain and RagA, hence linking this small GTPase to the dynein motor.
Rodríguez-Crespo et al., Madrid, Spain. In Febs J, Oct 2015
Recent data showed that DYNLT links the small GTPase Rab3D to microtubules and, for this to occur, the DYNLT homodimer needs to display a binding site for dynein intermediate chain together with a binding site for the small GTPase.
Strength Training to Contraction Failure Increases Voluntary Activation of the Quadriceps Muscle Shortly After Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Cross-sectional Study.
Bandholm et al., Copenhagen, Denmark. In Am J Phys Med Rehabil, Oct 2015
CLINICAL TRIALS: Gov-identifier: NCT01713140 to the abstract to increase trial transparency.This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives License 4.0 (CCBY-NC-ND), where it is permissible to download and share the work provided it is properly cited.
Effect of Nourishing "Yin" Removing "Fire" Chinese Herbal Mixture on Hypothalamic Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Expression during Onset of Puberty in Female Rats.
Tian et al., Shanghai, China. In Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, 2014
Rats in CHM and NS were treated with NYRF mixture and normal saline, respectively, from d22.
Rab3D regulates amylase levels, not agonist-induced amylase release, in AR42J cells.
Raffaniello et al., New York City, United States. In Cell Mol Biol Lett, 2012
Rab3D is not involved in agonist-induced exocytosis in AR42J cells. Instead, Rab3D may regulate amylase content in these cells.
Tctex-1, a novel interaction partner of Rab3D, is required for osteoclastic bone resorption.
Xu et al., Perth, Australia. In Mol Cell Biol, 2011
Targeted disruption of Tctex-1 by RNA interference significantly impairs bone resorption capacity and mislocalizes Rab3D vesicles in osteoclasts.
Roles of myosin Va and Rab3D in membrane remodeling of immature secretory granules.
Gerdes et al., Bergen, Norway. In Cell Mol Neurobiol, 2010
These data suggest an implication of myosin Va and Rab3D in the maturation of SGs where they participate in overlapping but not identical tasks.
RAB26 and RAB3D are direct transcriptional targets of MIST1 that regulate exocrine granule maturation.
Mills et al., Saint Louis, United States. In Mol Cell Biol, 2010
MIST1 binds to highly conserved CATATG E-boxes to directly activate transcription of 6 genes, including those encoding the small GTPases RAB26 and RAB3D.
[Formation and function of Weibel-Palade bodies].
Li et al., Beijing, China. In Yi Chuan, 2009
Different molecules such as vWF, P-selectin, CD63, Rab27A and Rab3D are recruited into WPB mediated by the AP-1, AP-3 or other transport machinery.
Small G proteins as key regulators of pancreatic digestive enzyme secretion.
Sabbatini et al., Ann Arbor, United States. In Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab, 2009
Rab3D, Rab27B, and Rap1 are present on the granule membrane and play a role in the steps leading up to exocytosis.
Education of children and adolescents for the prevention of dog bite injuries.
Jeannot et al., Genève, Switzerland. In Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 2008
SEARCH STRATEGY: We searched the following databases: The Cochrane Injuries Group's Specialised Register, CENTRAL (The Cochrane Library Issue 3, 2008), CAB Abstracts, Zetoc, SIGLE, MEDLINE, EMBASE, ERIC, PsycInfo, SPECTR, CINAHL, National Research Register, LILACs, African Healthline, Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index, CurrentClinicalTrials.Gov, Centrewatch,,
Direct interaction between Rab3D and the polymeric immunoglobulin receptor and trafficking through regulated secretory vesicles in lacrimal gland acinar cells.
Okamoto et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Am J Physiol Cell Physiol, 2008
Novel localization of pIgR to the regulated secretory pathway of lacrimal gland acinar cells and its secretion therefrom may be affected by its novel interaction with Rab3D.
SNAREs and associated regulators in the control of exocytosis in the RBL-2H3 mast cell line.
Varin-Blank et al., Paris, France. In Mol Immunol, 2002
We also highlight the role of a Ser/Thr kinase found to be associated with Rab3D, a negative regulator of degranulation.
Rab3D: a regulator of exocytosis in non-neuronal cells.
Zheng et al., Australia. In Histol Histopathol, 2001
Rab3D, a small Ras-like GTPase, is a key regulator of intracellular vesicle transport during exocytosis.
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