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RAB2B, member RAS oncogene family

Members of the Rab protein family are nontransforming monomeric GTP-binding proteins of the Ras superfamily that contain 4 highly conserved regions involved in GTP binding and hydrolysis. Rab proteins are prenylated, membrane-bound proteins involved in vesicular fusion and trafficking; see MIM 179508.[supplied by OMIM, Apr 2006] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Rab5, YPT1, fibrillin-1, Rab2, ACID
Papers on Rab2B
Small GTPase Rab2B and Its Specific Binding Protein Golgi-associated Rab2B Interactor-like 4 (GARI-L4) Regulate Golgi Morphology.
Fukuda et al., Sendai, Japan. In J Biol Chem, Oct 2015
Rab2B, was efficiently rescued by re-expression of its siRNA-resistant Rab alone, not by any of the other five Rabs, e.g.
Associations between Serum Sex Hormone Concentrations and Whole Blood Gene Expression Profiles in the General Population.
Wallaschofski et al., Greifswald, Germany. In Plos One, 2014
RESULTS: In men, positive correlations were detected between AD and DDIT4 mRNA levels, as well as between SHBG and the mRNA levels of RPIA, RIOK3, GYPB, BPGM, and RAB2B.
Recurrent ∼100 Kb microdeletion in the chromosomal region 14q11.2, involving CHD8 gene, is associated with autism and macrocephaly.
Donti et al., Perugia, Italy. In Am J Med Genet A, 2014
chromosomal region, involving the SUPT16H, CHD8, and RAB2B genes.
8q12 microduplication including CHD7: clinical report on a new patient with Duane retraction syndrome type 3.
Bonaglia et al., Monza, Italy. In Mol Cytogenet, 2012
BACKGROUND: A novel multiple congenital anomalies syndrome has been recently identified in four patients carrying a 8q12 microduplication sharing the smallest region of overlap (SRO, size 1.6 Mb) including five genes CA8, ASPH, RAB2B, CLVS1 and CDH7.
RAB2A: a major subacrosomal protein of bovine spermatozoa implicated in acrosomal biogenesis.
Oko et al., Kingston, Canada. In Biol Reprod, 2008
Since a genome search only identified two RAB2 subfamily members, RAB2A and RAB2B, the 72%% sequence coverage of PT24 provides assurance that this protein is RAB2A and not a new RAB2 subfamily member.
Large scale screening for novel rab effectors reveals unexpected broad Rab binding specificity.
Itoh et al., Sendai, Japan. In Mol Cell Proteomics, 2008
INPP5E and Cog4) with a specific Rab isoform was confirmed by co-immunoprecipitation assay and/or colocalization analysis in mammalian cell cultures, and the novel Rab2B-binding domain of Golgi-associated Rab2B interactor (GARI) and GARI-like proteins was identified by deletion and homology search analyses.
Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel human Rab ( Rab2B) gene.
Mao et al., Shanghai, China. In J Hum Genet, 2001
We identified a novel human Rab (Rab2B) gene that was 2312 bp in length and encoded a protein of 216 amino acid residues.
Expression of Rab small GTPases in epithelial Caco-2 cells: Rab21 is an apically located GTP-binding protein in polarised intestinal epithelial cells.
Fransen et al., Nijmegen, Netherlands. In Eur J Cell Biol, 2000
Seven novel human sequences, representing Rab2B, Rab6A', Rab6B, Rab10, Rab19B, Rab21 and Rab22A, were identified.
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