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Forkhead box G1

Qin, Foxg1, BF1, BF2
This locus encodes a member of the forked-head transcription factor family. The encoded protein, which functions as a repressor, may play a role in brain development. Mutations at this locus have been associated with Rett syndrome. [provided by RefSeq, Feb 2012] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: CAN, HAD, ACID, Blimp-1, RIZ1
Papers using Qin antibodies
Autolytic transition of mu-calpain upon activation as resolved by antibodies distinguishing between the pre- and post-autolysis forms.
Okazawa Hitoshi, In PLoS ONE, 1991
... anti-Ctip2 (1∶500, Abcam), rabbit anti-Tbr1 (1∶500, Abcam), rabbit anti-vGlut1 (1∶1000, Synaptic Systems, Göttingen, Germany), rabbit anti-Foxg1 (1∶100, Abcam), rabbit anti-GABA (1∶1000, Sigma-Aldrich, ...
Papers on Qin
NLOphoric Red Emitting Bis Coumarins with O-BF2-O core - Synthesis, Photophysical Properties and DFT Studies.
Sekar et al., Mumbai, India. In J Fluoresc, Jan 2016
The BF2-complexation was used as a tool to introduce a red shift in the molecules.
An AKT3-FOXG1-reelin network underlies defective migration in human focal malformations of cortical development.
Gleeson et al., New York City, United States. In Nat Med, Dec 2015
Mutation-expressing neural progenitors showed misexpression of reelin, which led to a non-cell autonomous migration defect in neighboring cells, due at least in part to derepression of reelin transcription in a manner dependent on the forkhead box (FOX) transcription factor FOXG1. Treatments aimed at either blocking downstream AKT signaling or inactivating reelin restored migration.
[(18)F]-Group 13 fluoride derivatives as radiotracers for positron emission tomography.
Gabbaï et al., College Station, United States. In Chem Soc Rev, Dec 2015
Some of the key fluoride-binding motifs covered in this review include the trifluoroborate unit bound to neutral or cationic electron deficient backbones, the BF2 unit of BODIPY dyes, and AlF or GaF3 units coordinated to multidentate Lewis basic ligands.
Rapid generation of sub-type, region-specific neurons and neural networks from human pluripotent stem cell-derived neurospheres.
Hong et al., Pomona, United States. In Stem Cell Res, Nov 2015
Round and bright-edged neurospheres were generated in a supplemented knockout serum replacement medium (SKSRM) with 10% CO2, which doubled the expression of the NESTIN, PAX6 and FOXG1 genes compared with those cultured with 5% CO2.
Red blood cells in Rett syndrome: oxidative stress, morphological changes and altered membrane organization.
Hayek et al., In Biol Chem, Nov 2015
MeCP2, CDKL5, or rarely FOXG1).
ABCG2: the molecular mechanisms of urate secretion and gout.
Woodward, Baltimore, United States. In Am J Physiol Renal Physiol, Oct 2015
JAMA 300: 924-932, 2008; Wang J, Qin T, Chen J, Li Y, Wang L, Huang H, Li J. PLoS One 9: e114259, 2014; Zhu P, Liu Y, Han L, Xu G, Ran JM.
VEGF-Mediated Induction of PRD1-BF1/Blimp1 Expression Sensitizes Tumor Vasculature to Oncolytic Virus Infection.
Bell et al., Ottawa, Canada. In Cancer Cell, Sep 2015
VEGF/VEGFR2 signaling through Erk1/2 and Stat3 leads to upregulation, nuclear localization, and activation of the transcription repressor PRD1-BF1/Blimp1.
FOXG1-Dependent Dysregulation of GABA/Glutamate Neuron Differentiation in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Vaccarino et al., New Haven, United States. In Cell, Aug 2015
Using RNA interference, we show that overexpression of the transcription factor FOXG1 is responsible for the overproduction of GABAergic neurons.
Transcriptional regulator PRDM12 is essential for human pain perception.
Senderek et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Nat Genet, Jul 2015
Here we identified 10 different homozygous mutations in PRDM12 (encoding PRDI-BF1 and RIZ homology domain-containing protein 12) in subjects with CIP from 11 families.
[Molecular basis of Rett syndrome: A current look].
Juvier R et al., Havana, Cuba. In Rev Chil Pediatr, May 2015
RS with early epilepsy and the congenital variant are mainly due to variations in the CDKL5 and FOXG1 genes, respectively.
Tudor-domain containing proteins act to make the piRNA pathways more robust in Drosophila.
Siomi et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Fly (austin), May 2015
Recent studies show that two Tudor-domain containing piRNA factors, Krimper (Krimp) and Qin/Kumo, play crucial roles in making Aub-AGO3 heterotypic ping-pong robust.
The Utility of Next-Generation Sequencing in Gene Discovery for Mutation-Negative Patients with Rett Syndrome.
Christodoulou et al., Sydney, Australia. In Front Cell Neurosci, 2014
Over 90% of patients with classical RTT have mutations in the X-linked methyl-CpG-binding (MECP2) gene, while other genes, including cyclin-dependent kinase-like 5 (CDKL5), Forkhead box protein G1 (FOXG1), myocyte-specific enhancer factor 2C (MEF2C), and transcription factor 4 (TCF4), have been associated with phenotypes overlapping with RTT.
Fragment-based designing for the generation of novel leads against BACE1.
Basu et al., Calcutta, India. In Cent Nerv Syst Agents Med Chem, 2014
Interestingly, QIN, a known inhibitor of BACE1 with an IC50 of 11nM, when docked to BACE1, shows a binding energy (-9.43 kcal/mol) lying within the range of the novel ligand-BACE1 complexes.
The Genetic Diversity and Evolution of HIV-1 Subtype B Epidemic in Puerto Rico.
Yamamura et al., Ponce, Puerto Rico. In Int J Environ Res Public Health, 2014
Though there were fewer cases, the following subtypes were also found (in the given proportions): A1B (0.3%), BF1 (0.2%), subtype A (01-AE) (0.1%), subtype A (A2) (0.1%), subtype F (12BF) (0.1%), CRF-39 BF-like (0.1%), and others (0.1%).
The Analgesic and Antineuroinflammatory Effect of Baicalein in Cancer-Induced Bone Pain.
Wang et al., Shanghai, China. In Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, 2014
Baicalein (BE), isolated from the traditional Chinese herbal medicine Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi (or Huang Qin), has been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects.
Dynamic FoxG1 expression coordinates the integration of multipolar pyramidal neuron precursors into the cortical plate.
Fishell et al., New York City, United States. In Neuron, 2012
the dynamic expression of FoxG1 during migration within the intermediate zone is essential for the proper assembly of the cerebral cortex.
Transducin-like enhancer of Split-1 (TLE1) combines with Forkhead box protein G1 (FoxG1) to promote neuronal survival.
D'Mello et al., Richardson, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2012
TLE1 cooperates with FoxG1 to promote neuronal survival in a CK2- and PI3K-Akt-dependent manner.
Foxg1 has an essential role in postnatal development of the dentate gyrus.
Zhao et al., Nanjing, China. In J Neurosci, 2012
Foxg1 is critical for dentate gyrus formation, especially during the early postnatal stage.
West syndrome associated with mosaic duplication of FOXG1 in a patient with maternal uniparental disomy of chromosome 14.
Saitoh et al., Niigata, Japan. In Am J Med Genet A, 2011
A small increase in the dosage of FOXG1 could cause infantile spasms.
West syndrome associated with 14q12 duplications harboring FOXG1.
Zara et al., Genova, Italy. In Neurology, 2011
West syndrome was associated with 14q12 duplications harboring FOXG1
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