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pyrophosphatase, inorganic pyrophosphatase, P-P
The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the inorganic pyrophosphatase (PPase) family. PPases catalyze the hydrolysis of pyrophosphate to inorganic phosphate, which is important for the phosphate metabolism of cells. Studies of a similar protein in bovine suggested a cytoplasmic localization of this enzyme. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Phosphodiesterase, ACID, PPase, CAN, HAD
Papers using pyrophosphatase antibodies
DNA polymerase insertion fidelity. Gel assay for site-specific kinetics.
Romesberg Floyd, In PLoS ONE, 1986
... Thermostable inorganic pyrophosphatase was purchased from New England Biolabs (1 U is defined as ...
Papers on pyrophosphatase
Fluvastatin Suppresses Mast Cell and Basophil IgE Responses: Genotype-Dependent Effects.
Ryan et al., Richmond, United States. In J Immunol, Feb 2016
The effects of fluvastatin were reversed by mevalonic acid or geranylgeranyl pyrophosphatase, and mimicked by geranylgeranyl transferase inhibition.
Discovery of the first potent and selective inhibitors of the human dCTP pyrophosphatase 1 (dCTPase).
Helleday et al., In J Med Chem, Feb 2016
UNASSIGNED: The dCTPase pyrophosphatase 1 (dCTPase) regulates the intracellular nucleotide pool through hydrolytic degradation of canonical and non-canonical nucleotide triphosphates (dNTPs).
Human cytomegalovirus RL13 protein interacts with host NUDT14 protein affecting viral DNA replication.
Ruan et al., Shenyang, China. In Mol Med Report, Feb 2016
The present study provided direct evidence for the specific interaction between HCMV RL13 and host nucleoside diphosphate linked moiety X (nudix)‑type motif 14 (NUDT14), a UDP‑glucose pyrophosphatase, using two‑hybrid screening, an in vitro glutathione S‑transferase pull‑down assay, and co‑immunoprecipitation in human embryonic kidney HEK293 cells.
Maize ZmVPP5 is a truncated Vacuole H(+) -PPase that confers hypersensitivity to salt stress.
Song et al., Shanghai, China. In J Integr Plant Biol, Feb 2016
Although ZmVPP5 shares high sequence similarity with ZmVPP1, ZmVPP5 lacks the complete structure of the conserved proton transport and the inorganic pyrophosphatase-related domain.
Autotaxin, a lysophospholipase D with pleomorphic effects in oncogenesis and cancer progression.
Mills et al., Houston, United States. In J Lipid Res, Jan 2016
The ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase type 2, more commonly known as autotaxin (ATX), is an ecto-lysophospholipase D encoded by the human ENNP2 gene.
New insights into heterogeneity of peritoneal B-1a cells.
Morse et al., Rockville, United States. In Ann N Y Acad Sci, Dec 2015
The introduction of new markers such as PD-L2, CD25, CD73, and PC1 (plasma cell alloantigen 1, also known as ectonucleotide phosphodiesterase/pyrophosphatase 1) further helped to identify phenotypically and functionally distinct B-1a subsets.
The ectoenzyme E-NPP3 negatively regulates ATP-dependent chronic allergic responses by basophils and mast cells.
Takeda et al., Suita, Japan. In Immunity, Mar 2015
Here, we showed that ecto-nucleotide pyrophosphatase-phosphodiesterase 3 (E-NPP3), also known as CD203c, rapidly induced by FcεRI crosslinking, negatively regulated chronic allergic inflammation.
Inorganic pyrophosphatase (PPA1) is a negative prognostic marker for human gastric cancer.
Zhang et al., Beijing, China. In Int J Clin Exp Pathol, 2014
Inorganic pyrophosphatase (PPA1) is an enzyme which has been found to be upregulated in various tumors, yet its profile in gastrointestinal cancers has not systemically investigated.
Impact of IL28B, ITPA and PNPLA3 genetic variants on therapeutic outcome and progression of hepatitis C virus infection.
Lagging et al., Göteborg, Sweden. In Pharmacogenomics, 2014
This review describes the impact of genetic variants of interleukin 28B (IL28B; also known as interferon-lambda 3), inosine triphosphate pyrophosphatase (ITPA) and patatin-like phospholipase domain-containing 3 (PNPLA3) on therapeutic outcome and liver disease severity in HCV-infected patients.
Genetically Modified Mice for Studying TNAP Function.
Narisawa, Los Angeles, United States. In Subcell Biochem, 2014
Studies of the TNAP knockout mice and their double knockouts with ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 1 or progressive ankylosis protein revealed that pyridoxal phosphate and inorganic pyrophosphate are natural substrates of TNAP.
Understanding the Multifaceted Role of Ectonucleotide Pyrophosphatase/Phosphodiesterase 2 (ENPP2) and its Altered Behaviour in Human Diseases.
Mantha et al., India. In Curr Mol Med, 2014
Ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 2 (ENPP2) also known as Autotaxin, is a secreted lysophospholipase D, which hydrolyzes lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) into Lysophosphatidic acid (LPA).
Chalk5 encodes a vacuolar H(+)-translocating pyrophosphatase influencing grain chalkiness in rice.
He et al., Wuhan, China. In Nat Genet, 2014
Chalk5 encodes a vacuolar H(+)-translocating pyrophosphatase (V-PPase) with inorganic pyrophosphate (PPi) hydrolysis and H(+)-translocation activity.
The structure and catalytic cycle of a sodium-pumping pyrophosphatase.
Goldman et al., Helsinki, Finland. In Science, 2012
The 2.6-angstrom structure of Thermotoga maritima M-PPase in the resting state reveals a previously unknown solution for ion pumping.
Crystal structure of a membrane-embedded H+-translocating pyrophosphatase.
Sun et al., Taiwan. In Nature, 2012
H(+)-translocating pyrophosphatases (H(+)-PPases) are active proton transporters that establish a proton gradient across the endomembrane by means of pyrophosphate (PP(i)) hydrolysis.
PP1/Repo-man dephosphorylates mitotic histone H3 at T3 and regulates chromosomal aurora B targeting.
Bollen et al., Leuven, Belgium. In Curr Biol, 2011
PP1gamma is the major histone H3 phosphatase acting on the mitotically phosphorylated residues H3T3ph, H3S10ph, H3T11ph, and H3S28ph.
IRBIT governs epithelial secretion in mice by antagonizing the WNK/SPAK kinase pathway.
Muallem et al., Bethesda, United States. In J Clin Invest, 2011
IRBIT opposes the effects of WNKs and SPAK by recruiting PP1 to the complex to dephosphorylate CFTR and NBCe1-B, restoring their cell surface expression, in addition to stimulating their activities
Regulation of postsynaptic gephyrin cluster size by protein phosphatase 1.
O'Sullivan et al., Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In Mol Cell Neurosci, 2010
Data are consistent with the postsynaptic gephyrin scaffold acting as a platform for protein phosphatase 1 (PP1), which regulates gephyrin cluster size by dephosphorylation of gephyrin- or cytoskeleton-associated proteins.
The role of membrane glycoprotein plasma cell antigen 1/ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase phosphodiesterase 1 in the pathogenesis of insulin resistance and related abnormalities.
Frittitta et al., San Francisco, United States. In Endocr Rev, 2008
A number of laboratories have observed that PC-1 (membrane [corrected] glycoprotein plasma cell antigen 1; also termed [corrected] ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase phosphodiesterase 1 or ENPP1) [corrected] is either overexpressed or overactive in muscle, adipose tissue, fibroblasts, and other tissues of insulin-resistant individuals, both nondiabetic and diabetic.
Cloning, expression, and functional analysis of rat liver cytosolic inorganic pyrophosphatase gene and characterization of its functional promoter.
Supakar et al., Bhubaneshwar, India. In Gene Expr, 2006
Cloning, expression, and functional analysis of rat liver cytosolic Pyp gene and characterization of its functional promoter are reported.
Localization of the structural genes for hexokinase-1 and inorganic pyrophosphatase on region (pter-->q24) of human chromosome 10.
Chern, Philadelphia, United States. In Cytogenet Cell Genet, 1975
Neither human hexokinase-1 nor human inorganic pyrophosphatase expression segregated concordantly with human cytoplasmic glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase expression.
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