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Phospholipase C, gamma 1

PLCgamma, phospholipase C-gamma, phospholipase C-gamma1, PLCgamma1
The protein encoded by this gene catalyzes the formation of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate and diacylglycerol from phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate. This reaction uses calcium as a cofactor and plays an important role in the intracellular transduction of receptor-mediated tyrosine kinase activators. For example, when activated by SRC, the encoded protein causes the Ras guanine nucleotide exchange factor RasGRP1 to translocate to the Golgi, where it activates Ras. Also, this protein has been shown to be a major substrate for heparin-binding growth factor 1 (acidic fibroblast growth factor)-activated tyrosine kinase. Two transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: PLC, V1a, Src, Akt, CAN
Papers on PLCgamma
Cell confluence induces switching from proliferation to migratory signaling by site-selective phosphorylation of PDGF receptors on lipid raft platforms.
Vereb et al., Debrecen, Hungary. In Cell Signal, Feb 2016
Tyr771 serves as adaptor for Ras-GAP, which inactivates the MAPK pathway, and Tyr1021 feeds into the phospholipase C-gamma/PKC pathway.
Molecular Pathways: AXL, a Membrane Receptor Mediator of Resistance to Therapy.
Baselga et al., Kettering, United States. In Clin Cancer Res, Feb 2016
Likewise AXL overexpression and dimerization with EGFR can overcome PI3K inhibition by activating the phospholipase C-gamma (PLCγ)-PKC cascade that in turn sustains mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) activity.
Phospholipase C gamma 1 (PLCG1) R707Q mutation is counterselected under targeted therapy in a patient with hepatic angiosarcoma.
Debiec-Rychter et al., Leuven, Belgium. In Oncotarget, Dec 2015
In contrast, seven other mutations, including phospholipase C-gamma1 (PLCG1) R707Q mutation, were found only in the metastatic tumor, indicating selection of cells with the resistant genotype under sunitinib pressure.
Endogenous BDNF augments NMDA receptor phosphorylation in the spinal cord via PLCγ, PKC, and PI3K/Akt pathways during colitis.
Qiao et al., Richmond, United States. In J Neuroinflammation, 2014
In contrast, the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt pathway mediated BDNF-induced NR1 phosphorylation in vivo and in culture; this is an additional pathway to the phospholipase C-gamma (PLCγ) and the protein kinase C (PKC) that was widely considered to phosphorylate NR1 at Ser(896).
[Changes in expression of phospholipase C-gamma1(tyr783) in young rat condylar cartilage during functional mandibular protraction].
Yuan et al., In Hua Xi Kou Qiang Yi Xue Za Zhi, 2014
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the changes in the expression of phospholipase C-gamma1tyr783 (PLC-γ1tyr783) in the condylar cartilage of a young rat during functional mandibular protraction.
[Regulation on EGFR function via its interacting proteins and its potential application].
He et al., In Sheng Li Ke Xue Jin Zhan, 2013
CaM may alter charge of EGFR juxamembrane domain and regulate activation of PI3K/Akt and PLC-gamma/PKC.
GAB2--a scaffolding protein in cancer.
Celebi et al., New York City, United States. In Mol Cancer Res, 2012
Grb2-associated binding protein 2 (GAB2) scaffolding protein is an intermediary molecule that links plasma membrane receptor signaling including receptor tyrosine kinases with the downstream effectors, such as protein tyrosine phosphatase, nonreceptor type 11 (SHP2), p85 subunit of phosphoinositide-3 kinase (PI3-K), phospholipase C-gamma 1 (PLC-γ), v-crk sarcoma virus CT10 (CRK), Src homology 2 domain containing transforming protein 1 (SHC), and SH2 containing inositol phosphatase (SHIP).
Phospholipase Cγ2 plays a role in TCR signal transduction and T cell selection.
Wen et al., Milwaukee, United States. In J Immunol, 2012
T cell receptor (TCR)-mediated proliferation is impaired in PLCgamma1/PLCgamma2 double-deficient T cells compared with PLCgamma1 single-deficient T cells.
[The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and depressive disorder: recent progress].
Ota et al., Kodaira, Japan. In Nihon Shinkei Seishin Yakurigaku Zasshi, 2012
Furthermore, we demonstrated that glucocorticoid receptor (GR) and TrkB (a specific receptor of BDNF) interact and that DEX acutely suppresses BDNF-induced glutamate release by affecting the PLC-gamma pathway in cultured cortical neurons, indicating a mechanism underlying the effect of excessive glucocorticoid on BDNF function and resultant damage in cortical neurons.
Vav1 oncogenic mutation inhibits T cell receptor-induced calcium mobilization through inhibition of phospholipase Cγ1 activation.
Braiman et al., Beersheba, Israel. In J Biol Chem, 2012
The oncogenic truncation of this region elicits conformational changes that interfere with the Vav1-mediated activation of PLCgamma1 and that inhibit calcium mobilization.
The interplay of HER2/HER3/PI3K and EGFR/HER2/PLC-γ1 signalling in breast cancer cell migration and dissemination.
Dittmar et al., Herdecke, Germany. In J Pathol, 2012
Report the interplay of HER2/HER3/PI3K and EGFR/HER2/PLC-gamma1 signalling in breast cancer cell migration and dissemination.
PLCγ is required for RhoGDI2-mediated cisplatin resistance in gastric cancer.
Yoo et al., Chinju, South Korea. In Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2011
PLCgamma plays a key role in RhoGDI2-mediated cisplatin resistance and cell invasion in gastric cancer cells.
A phenomics-based strategy identifies loci on APOC1, BRAP, and PLCG1 associated with metabolic syndrome phenotype domains.
Lin et al., Chapel Hill, United States. In Plos Genet, 2011
our approach, which is applicable to any set of interval scale traits that is heritable and exhibits evidence of phenotypic clustering, identified three new loci in or near APOC1, BRAP, and PLCG1, which were associated with multiple phenotype domains.
T-cell signaling regulated by the Tec family kinase, Itk.
Berg et al., Ames, United States. In Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol, 2010
In T cells, the predominant Tec kinase is Itk, which functions downstream of the T-cell receptor to regulate phospholipase C-gamma.
Vitamin D controls T cell antigen receptor signaling and activation of human T cells.
Geisler et al., Copenhagen, Denmark. In Nat Immunol, 2010
Here we show that naive human T cells had very low expression of PLC-gamma1 and that this correlated with low T cell antigen receptor (TCR) responsiveness in naive T cells.
Differential expression of interleukin-17A and -17F is coupled to T cell receptor signaling via inducible T cell kinase.
Schwartzberg et al., Bethesda, United States. In Immunity, 2009
We demonstrate that CD4(+) T cells lacking Itk, a tyrosine kinase required for full TCR-induced phospholipase C-gamma (PLC-gamma1) activation, exhibit decreased interleukin-17A (IL-17A) expression in vitro and in vivo, despite relatively normal expression of retinoic acid receptor-related orphan receptor-gammaT (ROR-gammaT) and IL-17F.
The selectivity of receptor tyrosine kinase signaling is controlled by a secondary SH2 domain binding site.
Schlessinger et al., New Haven, United States. In Cell, 2009
Here we describe the crystal structure of the activated tyrosine kinase domain of FGFR1 in complex with a phospholipase Cgamma fragment.
Phosphoinositide-phospholipase C beta1 mono-allelic deletion is associated with myelodysplastic syndromes evolution into acute myeloid leukemia.
Cocco et al., Bologna, Italy. In J Clin Oncol, 2009
PURPOSE: To evaluate the association between the presence of phosphoinositide-phospholipase C beta1 (PI-PLCbeta1) mono-allelic deletion with the clinical outcome of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) patients.
Tyrosine kinases Btk and Tec regulate osteoclast differentiation by linking RANK and ITAM signals.
Takayanagi et al., Sendai, Japan. In Cell, 2008
RANK and ITAM signaling results in formation of a Btk(Tec)/BLNK(SLP-76)-containing complex and PLCgamma-mediated activation of an essential calcium signal.
Effect of Phospholipase C-gamma1 Overexpression on the Protein Level of Waf1, PCNA, and Cyclin B1 Following Ultraviolet C Irradiation.
Kim et al., In Cancer Res Treat, 2001
PURPOSE: It has been demonstrated that PLC-gamma1 is overexpressed in many tumor cells, and that overexpression of Phospholipase C (PLC)-gamma1 is associated with tumor progression.
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