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Phosphatase and actin regulator 2

Top mentioned proteins: HAD, SET, hBD-4, PTPRT, Na+/K+ ATPase
Papers on Phactr2
Functional genomic assessment of phosgene-induced acute lung injury in mice.
Fabisiak et al., Pittsburgh, United States. In Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol, 2013
This integrative, functional approach revealed 14 candidate genes that included Atp1a1, Alox5, Galnt11, Hrh1, Mbd4, Phactr2, Plxnd1, Ptprt, Reln, and Zfand4, which had significant SNP associations, and Itga9, Man1a2, Mapk14, and Vwf, which had suggestive SNP associations.
A survey for novel imprinted genes in the mouse placenta by mRNA-seq.
Clark et al., Ithaca, United States. In Genetics, 2011
Through a well-replicated design using an orthogonal allelic-expression technology, we verified 5 novel imprinted genes that were not previously known to be imprinted in mouse (Pde10, Phf17, Phactr2, Zfp64, and Htra3).
Phactr2 and Parkinson's disease.
Ross et al., Jacksonville, United States. In Neurosci Lett, 2009
identified an association between Phactr2 SNP rs11155313 and Parkinson's disease in US, Canadian and Irish patient populations, but not in a Norwegian population
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