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Phosphodiesterase 6D, cGMP-specific, rod, delta

PDE6D, PDED, PrBP/delta
Top mentioned proteins: Phosphodiesterase, ROD, rhodopsin kinase, CAN, PDE
Papers on PDE6D
Mistrafficking of prenylated proteins causes retinitis pigmentosa 2.
Baehr et al., Chengdu, China. In Faseb J, Mar 2015
ARL3 is an effector of phosphodiesterase 6 Δ (PDE6D), a prenyl-binding protein and chaperone of prenylated protein in photoreceptors.
Membrane protein transport in photoreceptors: the function of PDEδ: the Proctor lecture.
Baehr, Salt Lake City, United States. In Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2014
Germline deletion of the Pde6d gene encoding PDEδ impeded transport of rhodopsin kinase (GRK1) and PDE6 to outer segments, causing slowly progressing, recessive retinitis pigmentosa.
Cyclic di-GMP-dependent signaling pathways in the pathogenic Firmicute Listeria monocytogenes.
Gomelsky et al., Lexington, United States. In Plos Pathog, 2014
Genome-wide genetic and biochemical analyses of c-di-GMP signaling pathways revealed that L. monocytogenes has three GGDEF domain proteins, DgcA (Lmo1911), DgcB (Lmo1912) and DgcC (Lmo2174), that possess diguanylate cyclase activity, and three EAL domain proteins, PdeB (Lmo0131), PdeC (Lmo1914) and PdeD (Lmo0111), that possess c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase activity.
Prenylation defects in inherited retinal diseases.
Siemiatkowska et al., Nijmegen, Netherlands. In J Med Genet, 2014
In addition, there is another class of general prenylation defects due to mutations in proteins such as AIPL1, PDE6D and rab escort protein-1 (REP-1), which can act as chaperones for subsets of prenylated retinal proteins that are associated with IRDs.
A homozygous PDE6D mutation in Joubert syndrome impairs targeting of farnesylated INPP5E protein to the primary cilium.
Attié-Bitach et al., In Hum Mutat, 2014
In a consanguineous family with JS associated with optic nerve coloboma, kidney hypoplasia, and polydactyly, combined exome sequencing and mapping identified a homozygous splice-site mutation in PDE6D, encoding a prenyl-binding protein.
The EHEC-host interactome reveals novel targets for the translocated intimin receptor.
Koegl et al., Heidelberg, Germany. In Sci Rep, 2013
The data set includes six new interactions that involve the translocated intimin receptor (TIR), namely HPCAL1, HPCAL4, NCALD, ARRB1, PDE6D, and STK16.
Unc119 gene deletion partially rescues the GRK1 transport defect of Pde6d (- /-) cones.
Baehr et al., Salt Lake City, United States. In Adv Exp Med Biol, 2013
PrBP/δ, encoded by the Pde6d gene, is an isoprenyl-binding protein that regulates trafficking of isoprenylated proteins, such as PDE6 and GRK1, from photoreceptor inner segments to outer segments.
Identification of PDE6D as a molecular target of anecortave acetate via a methotrexate-anchored yeast three-hybrid screen.
Cornish et al., Fort Worth, United States. In Acs Chem Biol, 2013
Y3H hits were filtered by competitive Y3H screens and coimmunoprecipitation experiments and verified by surface plasmon resonance analysis to yield a single target, phosphodiesterase 6-delta (PDE6D).
The prenyl-binding protein PrBP/δ: a chaperone participating in intracellular trafficking.
Baehr et al., Salt Lake City, United States. In Vision Res, 2013
Targeted deletion of the mouse Pde6d gene encoding PrBP/δ resulted in impeded trafficking to the outer segments of GRK1 and cone PDE6 which are predicted to be farnesylated and geranylgeranylated, respectively.
Expression of phosphodiesterase 6 (PDE6) in human breast cancer cells.
Epstein et al., Farmington, United States. In Springerplus, 2012
By microarray analysis we find highly significant expression of mRNA for the PDE6B, PDE6C, and PDE6D genes in both the cell lines and patients' tissues, minimal expression of PDE6A and PDE6G and no expression of PDE6H.
ARL13B, PDE6D, and CEP164 form a functional network for INPP5E ciliary targeting.
Seo et al., Iowa City, United States. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2012
INPP5E is targeted to the primary cilium through a motif near the C terminus and prenyl-binding protein phosphodiesterase 6D (PDE6D)-dependent mechanisms.
Novel candidate genes of thyroid tumourigenesis identified in Trk-T1 transgenic mice.
Zitzelsberger et al., München, Germany. In Endocr Relat Cancer, 2012
The genes Twist2, Ptma, Pde6d, Bmpr1b, Pdlim5, Unc5c, Srm, Trp73, Ythdf2, Taf12 and Slitrk5 are located in these chromosomal bands.
The GDI-like solubilizing factor PDEδ sustains the spatial organization and signalling of Ras family proteins.
Bastiaens et al., Dortmund, Germany. In Nat Cell Biol, 2012
Data show that PDEdelta activity augments K/Hras signalling by enriching Ras at the plasma membrane.
Detergents stabilize the conformation of phosphodiesterase 6.
Palczewski et al., Cleveland, United States. In Biochemistry, 2011
The modest levels of basal activity exhibited by PDE6 purified from bovine rod outer segments (ROS) indicate that the inhibitory gamma subunit of PDE6 may not be tightly bound to PDE6 catalytic sites.
Structural characterization of the rod cGMP phosphodiesterase 6.
Palczewski et al., Cleveland, United States. In J Mol Biol, 2010
PDE6 is membrane associated through isoprenyl membrane anchors attached to the C-termini of PDE6alpha and PDE6beta and can form a complex with prenyl-binding protein delta (PrBP/delta), an isoprenyl-binding protein that is highly expressed in photoreceptors.
Phosphodiesterase 6 subunits are expressed and altered in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Pullamsetti et al., Gießen, Germany. In Respir Res, 2009
The present study aimed to characterize (i) PDE6 subunits expression in human lung, (ii) PDE6 subunits expression and alteration in IPF and (iii) functionality of the specific PDE6D subunit in alveolar epithelial cells (AECs).
A model for transport of membrane-associated phototransduction polypeptides in rod and cone photoreceptor inner segments.
Baehr et al., Salt Lake City, United States. In Vision Res, 2008
Knockout of the Pde6d gene encoding PrBP/delta, a prenyl binding protein present in the retina at relatively high levels, was shown to impair transport of G-protein coupled receptor kinase 1 (GRK1) and cone phosphodiesterase alpha' subunit (PDE6alpha') to the rod and cone outer segments.
Deletion of PrBP/delta impedes transport of GRK1 and PDE6 catalytic subunits to photoreceptor outer segments.
Baehr et al., Salt Lake City, United States. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2007
absence of PrBP/delta in retina impairs transport of prenylated proteins, particularly rhodopsin kinase 1 and cone PDE, to rod and cone outer segments
Photoreceptor cGMP phosphodiesterase delta subunit (PDEdelta) functions as a prenyl-binding protein.
Baehr et al., Salt Lake City, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2004
PDEdelta functions as a prenyl-binding protein interacting with multiple prenylated proteins in retinal rods.
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