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Paired box gene 1

Top mentioned proteins: POLYMERASE, Sox1, CAN, HAD, PAP
Papers using Pax1 antibodies
A multi-well version of in situ hybridization on whole mount embryos of Caenorhabditis elegans.
Barsh Gregory S., In PLoS Genetics, 1995
... pax-1::GFP analysis the following transgenic strains were used: SM202 ...
Papers on Pax1
DNA methylation in human papillomavirus-infected cervical cells is elevated in high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions and cancer.
Kim et al., Seoul, South Korea. In J Gynecol Oncol, Mar 2016
DNA methylation analysis of four genes, ADCYAP1, PAX1, MAL, and CADM1, was performed on residual cervical cells from LBP samples using a quantitative bisulfite pyrosequencing method.
Methylation of Cervical Neoplastic Cells Infected With Human Papillomavirus 16.
Park et al., Seoul, South Korea. In Int J Gynecol Cancer, Jan 2016
OBJECTIVE: This study was conducted to evaluate the role of methylation of adenylate cyclase activating peptide 1 (ADCYAP1), paired box gene 1 (PAX1), cell adhesion molecule 1 (CADM1), and T-lymphocyte maturation-associated protein (MAL) during carcinogenesis.
Nucleus pulposus phenotypic markers to determine stem cell differentiation: fact or fiction?
Le Maitre et al., Utrecht, Netherlands. In Oncotarget, Jan 2016
qRT-PCR results were used to select NP marker candidates for protein expression analysis.Differential expression at mRNA between AC and non-degenerate NP cells was only observed for Paired Box Protein 1 (PAX1) and Forkhead box F1 (FOXF1).
PAX1 methylation as an auxiliary biomarker for cervical cancer screening: a meta-analysis.
Constantinidis et al., Alexandroúpolis, Greece. In Cancer Epidemiol, Oct 2015
OBJECTIVE: Several studies have implicated PAX1 epigenetic regulation in cervical neoplasia.
PAX transcription factors in neural crest development.
Monsoro-Burq, Orsay, France. In Semin Cell Dev Biol, Aug 2015
The nine vertebrate PAX transcription factors (PAX1-PAX9) play essential roles during early development and organogenesis.
Promoter methylation-independent reactivation of PAX1 by curcumin and resveratrol is mediated by UHRF1.
Capalash et al., Chandīgarh, India. In Clin Exp Med, Jul 2015
UNASSIGNED: Paired box gene1 (PAX1) is essential for normal chordate development and has been recently characterised to be a tumour suppressor gene which is frequently hypermethylated in different cancer types.
Triage of Atypical Glandular Cell by SOX1 and POU4F3 Methylation: A Taiwanese Gynecologic Oncology Group (TGOG) Study.
Lai et al., Taipei, Taiwan. In Plos One, 2014
All patients with AGC underwent colposcopy, cervical biopsy, endometrial sampling, and conization if indicated.
Concordance analysis of methylation biomarkers detection in self-collected and physician-collected samples in cervical neoplasm.
Lai et al., Taipei, Taiwan. In Bmc Cancer, 2014
In this study, we analyzed the concordance and clinical performance of DNA methylation biomarker (PAX1, SOX1, and ZNF582) detection in self-collected vaginal samples and physician-collected cervical samples for the identification of cervical neoplasm.
PAX1 Methylation Hallmarks Promising Accuracy for Cervical Cancer Screening in Asians: Results from a Meta-Analysis.
Zhang et al., In Clin Lab, 2014
This study aimed to evaluate the diagnostic role of paired boxed gene 1 (PAX1) methylation for cervical cancer screening in Asians.
Value of PAX1 Methylation Analysis by MS-HRM in the Triage of Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance.
Jiang et al., Weifang, China. In Asian Pac J Cancer Prev, 2014
Our study tested the efficacy of the paired boxed gene 1 (PAX1) methylation analysis by methylation-sensitive high-resolution melting (MS-HRM) in the detection of high grade lesions in ASCUS and compared performance with the hybrid capture 2 (HC2) human papillomavirus (HPV) test.
Triage of high-risk human papillomavirus-positive women by methylated POU4F3.
Lai et al., Taipei, Taiwan. In Clin Epigenetics, 2014
Five genes, POU4F3, HS3ST2, AJAP1, PAX1, and SOX1, were prioritized for the clinical performance to triage hrHPV-positive women.
Screening of Transcription Factors Involved in Fetal Hemoglobin Regulation Using Phylogenetic Footprinting.
Bonini-Domingos et al., Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. In Evol Bioinform Online, 2014
Of these motifs, 13 showed relation to Hb F regulation: cell division cycle-5 (CDC5), myelo-blastosis viral oncogene homolog (c-MYB), transcription factor CP2 (TFCP2), GATA binding protein 1 (GATA-1), GATA binding protein 2 (GATA-2), nuclear factor erythroid 2 (NF-E2), nuclear transcription factor Y (NF-Y), runt-related transcription factor 1 (RUNX-1), T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia 1 (TAL-1), YY1 transcription factor (YY1), beta protein 1 (BP1), chicken ovalbumin upstream promoter-transcription factor II (COUP-TFII), and paired box 1 (PAX-1).
The mode of inheritance of Scheuermann's disease.
Mikhailovsky et al., Novosibirsk, Russia. In Biomed Res Int, 2012
The study results included disorder in the IHH gene expression and preservation of the expression of PAX1, two aggrecan isoforms, link protein, types I and II collagen, lumican, versican, growth hormone and growth factor receptor genes, and proliferation gene.
Hibris, a Drosophila nephrin homolog, is required for presenilin-mediated Notch and APP-like cleavages.
Mlodzik et al., New York City, United States. In Dev Cell, 2012
Consistent with its role in Psn processing, Hbs genetically interacts with the Drosophila beta-amyloid protein precursor-like (Appl) protein.
Identification of hunchback cis-regulatory DNA conferring temporal expression in neuroblasts and neurons.
Doe et al., Eugene, United States. In Gene Expr Patterns, 2012
The nested DNA elements contained in HG4-1, HG4-3, and HG4-7 all possess the cis-regulatory DNA necessary for proper temporal hunchback expression in newly-formed neuroblasts.
Combinatorial activation and concentration-dependent repression of the Drosophila even skipped stripe 3+7 enhancer.
Small et al., New York City, United States. In Development, 2011
analysis of combinatorial activation and concentration-dependent repression of the Drosophila even skipped stripe 3+7 enhancer; Zld is required for activation; Kni and Hb are dedicated repressors that function by direct DNA binding
The pipsqueak-domain proteins Distal antenna and Distal antenna-related restrict Hunchback neuroblast expression and early-born neuronal identity.
Doe et al., Eugene, United States. In Development, 2011
Dan/Danr and Svp act in parallel pathways to limit Hb expression and allow neuroblasts to transition from making early-born neurons to late-born neurons at the proper time.
Sexually dimorphic shaping of interneuron dendrites involves the hunchback transcription factor.
Yamamoto et al., Sendai, Japan. In J Neurosci, 2011
The present results suggest that hunchback is essential for male-typical shaping of the contralateral neurites by fruitless gene.
The undulated mouse and the development of the vertebral column. Is there a human PAX-1 homologue?
Balling, Germany. In Clin Dysmorphol, 1994
Undulated (un) is one of these mutants showing abnormalities of the vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs.
Chromosomal localization of seven PAX genes and cloning of a novel family member, PAX-9.
Busslinger et al., Vienna, Austria. In Nat Genet, 1993
We have now isolated cosmids for six additional human PAX genes (PAX-1,-2,-5,-7,-8,-9) and a polymerase chain reaction fragment for PAX-4.
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