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Non-metastatic cells 3, protein expressed in

NMe3, DR-nm23
may act as a nucleoside-diphosphate kinase [RGD, Feb 2006] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: CAN, ACID, nm23, P18, H1
Papers on NMe3
Exome-based case-control association study using extreme phenotype design reveals novel candidates with protective effect in diabetic retinopathy.
Alkuraya et al., Carlsbad, United States. In Hum Genet, Feb 2016
Whole-exome sequencing of the entire cohort was followed by statistical analysis employing combined multivariate and collapsing methods at the gene level, to identify genes that are enriched for rare variants in cases vs. CONTROLS: Three genes (NME3, LOC728699, and FASTK) reached gene-based genome-wide significance at the 10(-08) threshold (p value = 1.55 × 10(-10), 6.23 × 10(-10), 3.21 × 10(-08), respectively).
Soaping the NMDA receptor: Various types of detergents influence differently [(3)H]MK-801 binding to rat brain membranes.
Berger, Vienna, Austria. In Biochim Biophys Acta, Jan 2016
Varying the amount of membranes by a factor 8 yielded for cetyl trimethylammonium (16-NMe3(+)) IC50s of inactivation from 10 to 80μM, while for deoxycholate the IC50 of inactivation was 1.2mM for all tissue quantities.
Conjugated Polyelectrolyte-Induced Self-Assembly of Alkynylplatinum(II) 2,6-Bis(benzimidazol-2'-yl)pyridine Complexes.
Yam et al., Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In Chemistry, Dec 2015
Interestingly, the two-component ensemble formed by [Pt(bzimpy-Et){CCC6 H4 (CH2 NMe3 -4)}]Cl2 (1) with para-linked conjugated polyelectrolyte (CPE), PPE-SO3 (-) , shows significantly different photophysical properties from that of the ensemble formed by 1 with meta-linked CPE, mPPE-Ala.
DOSY NMR and MALDI-TOF evidence of covalent binding the DNA duplex by trimethylammonium salts of topotecan upon near UV irradiation.
Kozerski et al., Warsaw, Poland. In Magn Reson Chem, Aug 2015
Using DOSY NMR and MALDI-TOF MS techniques, we present evidence that quaternary trimethylammonium salts of topotecan, [TPT-NMe3 ](+) X(-) (X = CF3SO3, HCOO), bind covalently the natural DNA oligomer upon near UV irradiation in water under physiological conditions.
Bis(σ-B-H) complexes of copper(i): precursors to a heterogeneous amine-borane dehydrogenation catalyst.
Crimmin et al., London, United Kingdom. In Dalton Trans, Aug 2015
A series of bis(σ-B-H) complexes of copper(i) have been prepared by displacement of arene solvent from a β-diketiminate copper(i) complex by four-coordinate boranes, H3B-L (L = NMe3, lutidine).
Se···N chalcogen bond and Se···X halogen bond involving F2C═Se: influence of hybridization, substitution, and cooperativity.
Li et al., Yantai, China. In J Phys Chem A, May 2015
Quantum-chemical calculations have been performed for the chalcogen- and halogen-bonded complexes of F2CSe with a series of nitrogen bases (N2, NCH, NH3, NHCH2, NCLi, and NMe3) and dihalogen molecules (BrCl, ClF, and BrF), respectively.
Why are the {Cu4N4} rings in copper(I) phosphinimide clusters [Cu{μ-N = PR3}]4 (R = NMe3 or Ph) planar?
Johnson et al., Bath, United Kingdom. In Dalton Trans, Apr 2015
The copper phosphinimide complexes [Cu{μ-N[double bond, length as m-dash]PR3}]4 (1, R = NMe2 and 2, R = Ph) were obtained in good yields from the reactions of Cu[Mes] (Mes = mesityl, C6H2Me3-2,4,6) with the corresponding iminophosphoranes, HNPR3.
Supramolecular assembly of achiral alkynylplatinum(II) complexes and carboxylic β-1,3-glucan into different helical handedness stabilized by Pt⋅⋅⋅Pt and/or π-π interactions.
Yam et al., Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In Chemistry, Apr 2015
Microscopic images of [Pt(tpy){C≡CC6 H4 (CH2 NMe3 -4)}](OTf)2 (1) have revealed spherical nanostructures, whereas helical fibrous structures of different lengths, depending on the concentration of complex 1 and CurCOOH, were observed.
Superacidity of closo-dodecaborate-based Brønsted acids: a DFT study.
Koppel et al., Tartu, Estonia. In J Phys Chem A, Mar 2015
The structures and intrinsic gas-phase acidities (GA) of some dodecaborane acids, the derivatives of YB12H11H (Y = PF3, NH3, NF3, NMe3), B12H12H2, and B12H12H(-) (HA, H2A, and HA(-), respectively) have been computationally explored with DFT B3LYP method at the 6-311+G** level of theory as new possible directions of creating superstrong Brønsted acids.
Deregulation of purine metabolism in Alzheimer's disease.
Ferrer et al., l'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain. In Neurobiol Aging, 2015
APRT, DGUOK, POLR3B, ENTPD3, AK5, NME1, NME3, NME5, NME7, and ENTPD2 messenger RNAs were deregulated, with regional variations, in AD cases when compared with controls.
Molecular and electronic structure of dinuclear uranium bis-μ-oxo complexes with diamond core structural motifs.
Meyer et al., Erlangen, Germany. In J Am Chem Soc, 2014
In order to understand possible magnetic exchange phenomena, the mononuclear terminal oxo complexes [(((nP,Me)ArO)3tacn)U(V)(O)(O-pyridine)] (4) and [(((nP,Me)ArO)3tacn)U(V)(O)(O-NMe3)] (5) were synthesized and fully characterized.
Mechanistic studies of CO2 reduction to methanol mediated by an N-heterocyclic germylene hydride.
Driess et al., Berlin, Germany. In Dalton Trans, 2014
Compound and the previously reported LGeOCH([double bond, length as m-dash]O) (L = CH(MeC[double bond, length as m-dash]NAr)2, Ar = 2,6-iPr2C6H3) (2) could be further converted to methanol with the AlH3 · NMe3 alane-amine adduct as a hydrogen source upon workup with water.
Cucurbit[7]uril⋅guest pair with an attomolar dissociation constant.
Isaacs et al., College Park, United States. In Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 2014
The crystal structure of CB[7]⋅6 allowed us to identify some of the structural features responsible for the ultratight binding, including the distance between the NMe3 (+) groups of 6 (7.78 Å), which allows it to establish 14 optimal ion-dipole interactions with CB[7], the complementarity of the convex van der Waals surface contours of 6 with the corresponding concave surfaces of CB[7], desolvation of the CO portals within the CB[7]⋅6 complex, and the co-linearity of the C7  axis of CB[7] with the N(+) ⋅⋅⋅N(+) line in 6.
Preparation and properties of a series of structurally diverse aluminium hydrides supported by β-diketiminate and bis(amide) ligands.
Crimmin et al., London, United Kingdom. In Dalton Trans, 2013
Reaction of Me3N·AlH3 with both N,N'-bis(di-iso-propylphenyl)ethylenediamine and N,N'-bis(mesityl)ethylenediamine gave [{κ(2)-(ArNCH2)2}AlH(NMe3)] (Ar = Mes, 3a; Ar = 2,6-di-iso-propylphenyl, 3b) in moderate yields.
Re-examining the size/charge paradigm: differing in vivo characteristics of size- and charge-matched mesoporous silica nanoparticles.
Brinker et al., Albuquerque, United States. In J Am Chem Soc, 2013
While both particles are ∼50 nm in diameter, PEGylated, and positively charged (ζ = +40 mV), PEG-PEI (MSNPs modified with exposed polyamines), but not PEG-NMe3(+) (MSNP modified with distributed, obstructed amines) rapidly bind serum proteins, diverse cells types in vitro, and endothelial and white blood cells in vivo (ex ovo chick embryo model).
The nucleoside diphosphate kinase gene Nme3 acts as quantitative trait locus promoting non-Mendelian inheritance.
Herrmann et al., Berlin, Germany. In Plos Genet, 2011
NME3 protein interacts with RHO signaling cascades to impair sperm motility through hyperactivation of SMOK, the wild-type form of the responder.
Molecular classification of nodal metastasis in primary larynx squamous cell carcinoma.
Tetè et al., Ferrara, Italy. In Transl Res, 2007
Among genes correlated to nodal metastatic progression, we verified in vitro that NM23-H3 reduced cell motility.
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