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Transforming growth factor beta regulator 1

NIAM, Tb-5, Nuclear interactor of ARF and Mdm2
Top mentioned proteins: mdm2, p16, p53, CAN, AGE
Papers on NIAM
Inhibition of the miR-155 target NIAM phenocopies the growth promoting effect of miR-155 in B-cell lymphoma.
van den Berg et al., Groningen, Netherlands. In Oncotarget, Nov 2015
We identified 54 miR-155-specific target genes in BL cells and confirmed miR-155 targeting of DET1, NIAM, TRIM32, HOMEZ, PSIP1 and JARID2.
Nuclear interactor of ARF and Mdm2 regulates multiple pathways to activate p53.
Quelle et al., Iowa City, United States. In Cell Cycle, 2013
This study examines the functional relationship between Mdm2 and Tip60 with a novel p53 regulator, NIAM (nuclear interactor of ARF and Mdm2).
NIAM-deficient mice are predisposed to the development of proliferative lesions including B-cell lymphomas.
Quelle et al., Iowa City, United States. In Plos One, 2013
Nuclear Interactor of ARF and Mdm2 (NIAM, gene designation Tbrg1) is a largely unstudied inhibitor of cell proliferation that helps maintain chromosomal stability.
The structure of the FYR domain of transforming growth factor beta regulator 1.
Bycroft et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Protein Sci, 2010
Sructure of a fragment of TBRG1 was shown to encompasses two motifs. The FYRN and FYRC regions each form part of a single folded module (the FYR domain), which adopts a novel alpha + beta fold.
Generation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to NIAM: a nuclear interactor of ARF and Mdm2.
Quelle et al., Iowa City, United States. In Hybridoma (larchmt), 2008
NIAM is a nuclear interactor of ARF and Mdm2
A novel nuclear interactor of ARF and MDM2 (NIAM) that maintains chromosomal stability.
Quelle et al., Iowa City, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2007
novel protein with tumor suppressor-like behaviors and functional links to ARF-MDM2-p53 signaling
Growth and nutritional status of Khasi boys in Northeast India relating to exogamous marriages and socioeconomic classes.
Mukherjee et al., Shillong, India. In Am J Phys Anthropol, 2003
They have their own traditional religion (Niam Khasi), but about 65% of them have converted to Christianity.
Antispastic effect of electroacupuncture and moxibustion in stroke patients.
Cho et al., Seoul, South Korea. In Am J Chin Med, 2002
Every other day, 30 minutes of electrical stimulation with a frequency of 50 Hz was given through four needles on the Ch'ΓΌ-Ch'ih-San-Li (LI-11-LI-10) and Wai-Kuan-Ho-Ku (TB-5-LI-4) points of the paretic side.
Predetermined chirality at metal centers of various coordination geometries: a chiral cleft ligand for tetrahedral (T-4), square-planar (SP-4), trigonal-bipyramidal (TB-5), square-pyramidal (SPY-5), and octahedral (OC-6) complexes
Bernardinelli et al., Fribourg, Switzerland. In Chemistry, 2000
Two tetradentate bispinene-bipyridine type ligands, each with six stereogenic carbon centers, were synthesized from (-)-alpha-pinene.
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