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Early growth response 4

NGFI-C, Egr4, early growth response 4
acts as a transcriptional activator [RGD, Feb 2006] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Egr-1, Early Growth Response Protein 2, Egr3, Fos, AP-1
Papers on NGFI-C
Molecular Pathology of Cryptorchidism-Induced Infertility.
Hadziselimovic et al., Switzerland. In Sex Dev, Jan 2016
Molecular biological observations favor LH deficiency, with EGR4 as a master regulatory gene in Leydig cell dysgenesis, as the reason for impaired mini-puberty, and recent evidence supports the idea that infertility in cryptorchidism is a consequence of alterations in the Piwi pathway.
Transcriptome Profiles of Human Lung Epithelial Cells A549 Interacting with Aspergillus fumigatus by RNA-Seq.
Han et al., Beijing, China. In Plos One, 2014
Among them, EGR4 and HIST1H4J gene had the maximum of fold change in up-regulated and down-regulated genes, respectively.
Brain Transcriptomic Response to Social Eavesdropping in Zebrafish (Danio rerio).
Oliveira et al., Portugal. In Plos One, 2014
The network analyses suggested that fos and jun are key players on this response, and that npas4a, nr4a1 and egr4 may also play an important role.
A novel function for Egr4 in posterior hindbrain development.
Saint-Jeannet et al., New York City, United States. In Sci Rep, 2014
Here, we identify the transcription factor early growth response 4 (egr4) as a novel regulator of posterior hindbrain development in Xenopus.
Expression, signaling and function of Egr transcription factors in pancreatic β-cells and insulin-responsive tissues.
Rössler et al., Homburg, Germany. In Mol Cell Endocrinol, 2014
Egr-1 and the related zinc finger transcription factors Egr-2, Egr-3, and Egr-4 are stimulated by many extracellular signaling molecules and represent a convergence point for intracellular signaling cascades.
Decreased expression of genes associated with memory and x-linked mental retardation in boys with non-syndromic cryptorchidism and high infertility risk.
Oakeley et al., Basel, Switzerland. In Mol Syndromol, 2014
However, boys in the HIR group had low or no expression of EGR4, FMR2 (AFF2) and VCX3A.
Early growth response 4 is involved in cell proliferation of small cell lung cancer through transcriptional activation of its downstream genes.
Katagiri et al., Tokushima, Japan. In Plos One, 2013
Here, we report the critical role of early growth factor 4 (EGR4), a DNA-binding, zinc-finger transcription factor, in cell proliferation of SCLC.
Effective myofibroblast dedifferentiation by concomitant inhibition of TGF-β signaling and perturbation of MAPK signaling.
Cermak et al., Praha, Czech Republic. In Eur J Cell Biol, 2013
Here we show that sustained expression of some components of MAPK signaling pathway (PDGFB, Ha-Ras(G12V) or the transcription factor EGR4) in primary chicken embryo dermal myofibroblasts results in a loss of autocrine TGF-β signaling and suppression of the myofibroblastic phenotype, characterized by the loss of alpha smooth muscle actin fibers and a substantial reduction in the production of extracellular matrix.
The novel porcine gene early growth response 4 (Egr4) is differentially expressed in the ovaries of Erhualian and Pietrain pigs.
Xu et al., Nanjing, China. In Reprod Fertil Dev, 2013
The early growth response 4 (Egr4) gene plays a critical role in human and mouse fertility.
Involvement of early growth response factors in TNFα-induced aromatase expression in breast adipose.
Clyne et al., Prince George, Canada. In Breast Cancer Res Treat, 2013
PI.4 luciferase reporter activity is increased in a dose-dependent manner by EGR2, EGR3 and EGR4, with EGR2 showing the most potent activation of promoter activity.
Genetic and functional analyses of early growth response (EGR) family genes in schizophrenia.
Chen et al., Taiwan. In Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, 2012
We also detected a nominal association of 4 SNPs (rs6747506, rs6718289, rs2229294, and rs3813226) of the EGR4 gene that form strong linkage disequilibrium with schizophrenia in males.
Early growth response 4 mediates BDNF induction of potassium chloride cotransporter 2 transcription.
Rivera et al., Helsinki, Finland. In J Neurosci, 2011
Egr4 is an important component in the mechanism of BDNF-dependent KCC2 gene regulation via the ERK1/2 pathway in immature neurons.
Neurturin evokes MAPK-dependent upregulation of Egr4 and KCC2 in developing neurons.
Rivera et al., Helsinki, Finland. In Neural Plast, 2010
Egr4 expression is triggered by trophic factor neurturin to upregulate K-Cl cotransporter KCC2 in immature neurons.
EGR4 displays both a cell- and intracellular-specific localization pattern in the developing murine testis.
Griswold et al., Pullman, United States. In Dev Dyn, 2010
Data suggest that Egr4 may regulate spermatogenesis at multiple steps, with roles in the dividing Sertoli cells, peritubular myoid cells, and the meiotic and elongating haploid germ cell populations.
EGR4 is a master gene responsible for fertility in cryptorchidism.
Oakeley et al., Switzerland. In Sex Dev, 2008
Data found multiple differences in gene expression between the high and low infertility risk groups, confirming the importance of an intact hypothalamo-pituitary testicular axis and EGR4 in fertility development
Upregulation of the neuron-specific K+/Cl- cotransporter expression by transcription factor early growth response 4.
Airaksinen et al., Helsinki, Finland. In J Neurosci, 2007
An important role for Egr4 is indicated in the developmental upregulation of potassium-chloride cotransporter (KCC2) gene expression.
Regulation of radiation-induced apoptosis by early growth response-1 gene in solid tumors.
Ahmed, Lexington, United States. In Curr Cancer Drug Targets, 2004
The Egr-1 gene belongs to a family of Egr genes that includes EGR-1, EGR-2, EGR-3, EGR-4, EGR-alpha and the tumor suppressor, Wilms' tumor gene product, WT1.
The one-to-four rule and paralogues of sex-determining genes.
Ohno, Duarte, United States. In Exs, 2000
One consisted of EGR1, EGR2, EGR3 and EGR4, whereas the only known paralogue of the other is WT1, which controls the developmental fate of the entire nephric system, and therefore of gonads.
The one-to-four rule and paralogues of sex-determining genes.
Ohno, Duarte, United States. In Cell Mol Life Sci, 1999
One consisted of EGR1, EGR2, EGR3 and EGR4, whereas the only known paralogue of the other is WT1, which controls the developmental fate of the entire nephric system, and therefore of gonads.
Sensory ataxia and muscle spindle agenesis in mice lacking the transcription factor Egr3.
Milbrandt et al., Saint Louis, United States. In Nat Genet, 1998
The Egr family of zinc-finger transcription factors, whose members include Egr1 (NGFI-A), Egr2 (Krox-20), Egr3 and Egr4 (NGFI-C), are thought to regulate critical genetic programs involved in cellular growth and differentiation (refs 4-8, and W.G.T. et al., manuscript submitted).
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