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Adaptor-related protein complex 4, mu 1 subunit

This gene encodes a subunit of the heterotetrameric AP-4 complex. The encoded protein belongs to the adaptor complexes medium subunits family. This AP-4 complex is involved in the recognition and sorting of cargo proteins with tyrosine-based motifs from the trans-golgi network to the endosomal-lysosomal system. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: V1a, ACID, CIs, CAN, PZ
Papers on mu-4
How to elucidate and control the redox sequence in vinylbenzoate and vinylpyridine bridged diruthenium complexes.
Zális et al., Regensburg, Germany. In Dalton Trans, 2010
Vinylbenzoate-bridged diruthenium complexes (RHC=CH)(CO)(P(i)Pr(3))(2)Ru(mu-4-OOCC(6)H(4)-CH=CH)RuCl(CO)(P(i)Pr(3))(2) (R = Ph, 3a or CF(3), 3b) and vinylpyridine-bridged (eta(6)-p-cymene)Cl(2)Ru(mu-NC(5)H(4)-4-CH=CH)RuCl(CO)(P(i)Pr(3))(2) (3c) have been prepared from their monoruthenium precursors and investigated with respect to the sequence of the individual redox steps and electron delocalization in their partially and fully oxidized states.
Huang et al., Fuzhou, China. In Acta Crystallogr C, 2010
The asymmetric unit of the title complex, [CdCl(2)(C(14)H(12)N(4)O(2)S)(2)](n), consists of one Cd(II) ion located on the crystallographic inversion centre, one 4-benzoyl-1-isonicotinoylthiosemicarbazide ligand and one chloride ligand.
Synthesis and characterization of molecular rectangles of half-sandwich p-cymene ruthenium complexes bearing oxamidato ligands.
Jin et al., Shanghai, China. In Dalton Trans, 2009
Treatment of the binuclear complexes (1-3) with bidentate ligands such as 4,4'-bipyridine (4,4'-bpy) and trans-1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethylene (bpe) in the presence of AgOTf (OTf = CF(3)SO(3)) gave the corresponding tetranuclear complexes generally formulated as [(p-cymene)(4)Ru(4)(mu-N,N'- bis(aryl)oxamidato)(2)(mu-4,4'-bpy)(2)](OTf)(4) (4a-c) and [(p-cymene)(4)Ru(4)(mu-N,N'-bis(aryl)oxamidato)(2)(mu-bpe)(2)](OTf)(4) (5a-c) in high yields.
Dinuclear organoiridium(III) mono- and bis-intercalators with rigid bridging ligands: synthesis, cytotoxicity and DNA binding.
Sheldrick et al., Bochum, Germany. In J Inorg Biochem, 2009
The DNA binding and in vitro cytotoxicity of the dinuclear Ir(III) polypyridyl complexes [{(eta(5)-C(5)Me(5))Ir(dppz)}(2)(mu-pyz)](CF(3)SO(3))(4)1 and [{(eta(5)-C(5)Me(5))Ir(pp)}(2)(mu-4,4'-bpy)](CF(3)SO(3))(4)2-4 (pp=dipyrido[3,2-d:2',3'-f]quinoxaline (dpq), dipyrido[2,3-a:2',3'-c]phenazine (dppz), benzo[i]dipyrido[3,2-a:2',3'-c]phenazine (dppn)) with the rigid bridging ligands pyrazine (pyz) or 4,4'-bipyridine (4,4'-bpy) have been studied.
Four new dinuclear Cu(ii) hydrazone complexes using various organic spacers: syntheses, crystal structures, DNA binding and cleavage studies and selective cell inhibitory effect towards leukemic and normal lymphocytes.
Mitra et al., Calcutta, India. In Dalton Trans, 2009
Syntheses and crystal structures of four new hydrazone-based Cu(ii) complexes, [{Cu(L(1))(H(2)O)}(2)(mu-pyraz)](ClO(4))(2) (), [{Cu(L(1))(OClO(3))}(2)(mu-4,4'-bipy)] (), [{Cu(L(2)H)}(mu-pyraz){Cu(L(2)H)(OClO(3))}].(ClO(4))
Structurally defined potassium-mediated zincation of pyridine and 4-R-substituted pyridines (R = Et, iPr, tBu, Ph, and Me2N) by using dialkyl-TMP-zincate bases.
Wright et al., Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. In Chemistry, 2009
Treatment of 1 with a series of substituted 4-R-pyridines (R = Me(2)N, H, Et, iPr, tBu, and Ph) gave 2-zincated products of the general formula [{2-Zn(Et)(2)-mu-4-R-C(5)H(3)N}(2)2{K(pmdeta)}] (3-8, respectively) in isolated crystalline yields of 53, 16, 7, 23, 67, and 51%, respectively; the treatment of 2 with 4-tBu-pyridine gave [{2-Zn(nBu)(2)-mu-4-tBu-C(5)H(3)N}(2)2{K(pmdeta)}] (9) in an isolated crystalline yield of 58%.
Mutation in the AP4M1 gene provides a model for neuroaxonal injury in cerebral palsy.
Mancini et al., Rotterdam, Netherlands. In Am J Hum Genet, 2009
In all five patients with autosomal-recessive type of tetraplegic cerebral palsy with mental retardation, a donor splice site pathogenic mutation in intron 14 of the AP4M1 gene (c.1137+1G-->T), was identified.
catena-Poly[[[aqua(ethylenediamine-kappa2N,N')(nitrato-kappaO)copper(II)]-mu-4,4'-dithiodipyridine-kappa2N:N'] nitrate monohydrate].
Oppel et al., Bochum, Germany. In Acta Crystallogr C, 2009
The title compound, {[Cu(NO(3))(C(2)H(4)N(2))(C(10)H(8)N(2)S(2))(H(2)O)]NO(3).H(2)O}(n), is composed of a one-dimensional linear coordination polymer involving cis-protected copper(II) ions and a 4,4'-dithiodipyridine bridging ligand.
catena-Poly[[[tetraaquazinc(II)]-mu-4-amino-3,5-di-3-pyridyl-4H-1,2,4-triazole] sulfate monohydrate] and poly[[bis(mu-4-amino-3,5-di-4-pyridyl-4H-1,2,4-triazole)diaquacopper(II)] dinitrate octahydrate].
Dong et al., Jinan, China. In Acta Crystallogr C, 2009
The isomeric bent triazole-containing ligands 4-amino-3,5-di-3-pyridyl-4H-1,2,4-triazole (L1) and 4-amino-3,5-di-4-pyridyl-4H-1,2,4-triazole (L2) have been used to create the two novel title complexes catena-poly[[[tetraaquazinc(II)]-mu-4-amino-3,5-di-3-pyridyl-4H-1,2,4-triazole] sulfate monohydrate], {[Zn(C(12)H(10)N(6))(H(2)O)(4)]SO(4).H(2)O}(n), (I), and poly[[diaquabis(mu-4-amino-3,5-di-4-pyridyl-4H-1,2,4-triazole)copper(II)] dinitrate octahydrate], {[Cu(C(12)H(10)N(6))(2)(H(2)O)(2)](NO(3))(2).8H(2)O}(n),
Square-grid coordination networks of diaquabis(4,4'-bipyridyl)copper(II) crosslinked by hydrogen bonds through two monoanions of 1-benzofuran-2,3-dicarboxylic acid and five molecules of water.
Goldberg et al., Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. In Acta Crystallogr C, 2009
The title compound, poly[[[diaquacopper(II)]-di-mu-4,4'-bipyridyl] bis(3-carboxy-1-benzofuran-2-carboxylate) pentahydrate], {[Cu(C(10)H(8)N(2))(2)(H(2)O)(2)](C(10)H(5)O(5))(2).5H(2)O}(n),
Poly[[diaqua-mu-4,4'-bipyridine-dinitratodi-mu-L-tyrosinato-dicopper(II)]: a chiral two-dimensional coordination polymer.
Hu et al., Beijing, China. In Acta Crystallogr C, 2009
The title compound, [Cu(2)(C(9)H(10)NO(3))(2)(NO(3))(2)(C(10)H(8)N(2))(H(2)O)(2)](n), contains Cu(II) atoms and L-tyrosinate (L-tyr) and 4,4'-bipyridine (4,4'-bipy) ligands in a 2:2:1 ratio.
Luminescent gold(I) metallo-acids and their hydrogen bonded supramolecular liquid crystalline derivatives with decyloxystilbazole as hydrogen acceptor.
Espinet et al., León, Spain. In Dalton Trans, 2009
Gold complexes of 4-isocyanobenzoic acid, [AuX(CNC(6)H(4)CO(2)H)] (X = C[triple bond]C-C(6)H(4)-C(9)H(19), C(6)F(5), C(6)F(4)OC(6)H(13), C(6)F(4)C(6)F(4)Br) and [(mu-4,4'-C(6)F(4)C(6)F(4)){Au(CNC(6)H(4)CO(2)H)}(2)], have been isolated.
Structural and photophysical characterization of multichromophoric pyridylporphyrin-rhenium(i) conjugates.
Orlandi et al., Trieste, Italy. In Inorg Chem, 2008
Four porphyrin-Re(I) conjugates, in which a pyridylporphyrin chromophore is directly coordinated to the electron-acceptor fragment [ fac-Re(CO) 3(bipy)] (+), were prepared: the dimeric and pentameric compounds [ fac-Re(CO) 3(bipy)(4'MPyP)](CF 3SO 3) ( 1) (4'MPyP = 4'-monopyridylporphyrin) and [ fac-{Re(CO) 3(bipy)} 4(mu-4'TPyP)](CF 3SO 3) 4 ( 2) (4'TPyP = 4'-tetrapyridylporphyrin), and the corresponding compounds with 3' rather than 4' porphyrins, [ fac-Re(CO) 3(bipy)(3'MPyP)](CF 3SO 3) ( 3) and [ fac-{Re(CO) 3(bipy)} 4(mu-3'TPyP)](CF 3SO 3) 4 ( 4).
Semiconducting tellurium-iron-copper carbonyl polymers.
Shen et al., Taipei, Taiwan. In J Am Chem Soc, 2008
The unprecedented ternary Te-Fe-Cu chain polymers [{Et4N}{TeFe3(CO)9Cu}]infinity and [{TeFe3(CO)9Cu2}(mu-4,4'-dipyridyl)1.5]infinity were prepared from the self-assembly of [Et4N]2[TeFe3(CO)9] with [Cu(MeCN)4][BF4] in THF or in the presence of 4,4'-dipyridyl in THF.
Accumulation of AMPA receptors in autophagosomes in neuronal axons lacking adaptor protein AP-4.
Yuzaki et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Neuron, 2008
AP-4 protein complex is involved in the regulation of somatodendritic-specific distribution of its cargo proteins including AMPA receptors.
AP-4 binds basolateral signals and participates in basolateral sorting in epithelial MDCK cells.
Hunziker et al., Lausanne, Switzerland. In Nat Cell Biol, 2002
Results show that AP-4 can bind different types of cytosolic signals known to mediate basolateral transport in epithelial cells. Depletion of mu 4 results in the mis-sorting of several proteins in epithelial cells.
Organization of the constant-region gene family of the mouse immunoglobulin heavy chain.
Honjo et al., In Cell, 1982
We have now cloned the entire region (about 200 kilobases) of the constant-region gene family of the immunoglobulin heavy chain, the organization of which is 5'-JH-6.5 kb-C mu-4.5 kb-C delta-55 kb-C gamma 3-34 kb-C gamma 1-21 kb-C gamma 2b-15 kb-C gamma 2a-14 kb-C epsilon-12 kb-C alpha-3'.
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