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Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 10

MST, 3-mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase
The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the serine/threonine kinase family. This kinase has been shown to activate MAPK8/JNK and MKK4/SEK1, and this kinase itself can be phoshorylated, and thus activated by JNK kinases. This kinase functions preferentially on the JNK signaling pathway, and is reported to be involved in nerve growth factor (NGF) induced neuronal apoptosis. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: CAN, HAD, V1a, ACID, MSP
Papers on MST
Application of Faecalibacterium 16S rDNA genetic marker for accurate identification of duck faeces.
Wang et al., Chongqing, China. In Environ Sci Pollut Res Int, Feb 2016
Meanwhile, this study represents the initial report of a Faecalibacterium marker for duck faeces and suggests an independent or supplementary environmental biotechnology of microbial source tracking (MST).
Human neutrophil elastase inhibition studied by capillary electrophoresis with laser induced fluorescence detection (LIF) and microscale thermophoresis (MST).
Morin et al., Orléans, France. In J Chromatogr A, Feb 2016
UNASSIGNED: Capillary electrophoresis-laser induced fluorescence (CZE-LIF) and microscale thermophoresis (MST) were used for the first time to study the inhibition of human neutrophil elastase (HNE).
Comparison of Primary Spinal Central and Peripheral Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors in Clinical and Imaging Characteristics and Long-term Outcome.
Xu et al., Beijing, China. In World Neurosurg, Jan 2016
Kaplan-Meier analysis showed that radiotherapy (p<0.001) and GTR with radiotherapy (p=0.040) could bring about a longer median survival time (MST).
On the acquisition and analysis of microscale thermophoresis data.
Brautigam et al., Dallas, United States. In Anal Biochem, Jan 2016
While many biophysical methods may be used to obtain KD, the focus of this report is a relatively new method called "microscale thermophoresis" (MST).
MST kinases in development and disease.
Sahai et al., London, United Kingdom. In J Cell Biol, Oct 2015
The mammalian MST kinase family, which is related to the Hippo kinase in Drosophila melanogaster, includes five related proteins: MST1 (also called STK4), MST2 (also called STK3), MST3 (also called STK24), MST4, and YSK1 (also called STK25 or SOK1).
A saliency based motion detection model of visual system considering visual adaptation properties.
Yoshida et al., In Conf Proc Ieee Eng Med Biol Soc, Aug 2015
The purpose of this study is to construct a mathematical model which predicts saliency regions in high-speed egocentric-motion movies, filmed by an embedded camera in a driving vehicle, by reproducing the characteristics of the area MT and MST neurons' receptive fields with consideration of visual adaptation properties.
Regulation of mammalian Ste20 (Mst) kinases.
Chernoff et al., Philadelphia, United States. In Trends Biochem Sci, Mar 2015
Initially identified as mammalian homologs to yeast Ste20 kinases, the mammalian sterile twenty-like (Mst) 1/2 kinases have been widely investigated subsequent to their rediscovery as key components of the Hippo tumor suppressor pathway in flies.
H2S Synthesizing Enzymes: Biochemistry and Molecular Aspects.
Moore et al., Singapore, Singapore. In Handb Exp Pharmacol, 2014
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a biologically active gas that is synthesized naturally by three enzymes, cystathionine γ-lyase (CSE), cystathionine β-synthetase (CBS) and 3-mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase (3-MST).
Interaction of Hydrogen Sulfide with Oxygen Sensing under Hypoxia.
Li et al., Harbin, China. In Oxid Med Cell Longev, 2014
Three enzymes, cystathionine β-synthase (CBS), cystathionine γ-lyase (CSE), and 3-mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase (MST), are involved in enzymatic production of H2S.
Prognostic Value of FOXM1 in Patients with Malignant Solid Tumor: A Meta-Analysis and System Review.
Ruan et al., Wuhan, China. In Dis Markers, 2014
FOXM1 played an important role in MST and prompted a poor prognosis for MST patients.
Protein interaction switches coordinate Raf-1 and MST2/Hippo signalling.
Kolch et al., Dublin, Ireland. In Nat Cell Biol, 2014
In mammalian cells, Raf-1 regulates the MST-LATS and MEK-ERK pathways.
Spatial organization of Hippo signaling at the plasma membrane mediated by the tumor suppressor Merlin/NF2.
Pan et al., Baltimore, United States. In Cell, 2013
Recent studies in Drosophila revealed a potential link between Merlin and the Hippo pathway by placing Merlin genetically upstream of the kinase Hpo/Mst.
Prognostic index for acute- and lymphoma-type adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma.
Tamura et al., Fukuoka, Japan. In J Clin Oncol, 2012
RESULTS: Median overall survival time (MST) for the 807 patients was 7.7 months.
Is novel signal transducer sulfur oxide involved in the redox cycle of persulfide at the catalytic site cysteine in a stable reaction intermediate of mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase?
Niimura et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Antioxid Redox Signal, 2012
Thus, sulfur oxides are suggested to release in the redox cycle of persulfide of mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase.
The Mst1 and Mst2 kinases control activation of rho family GTPases and thymic egress of mature thymocytes.
Zhou et al., Boston, United States. In J Exp Med, 2012
Mst1 and Mst2 kinases control Rho GTPase activation and the migratory responses of single positive thymocytes.
Mutant K-Ras activation of the proapoptotic MST2 pathway is antagonized by wild-type K-Ras.
Kolch et al., Dublin, Ireland. In Mol Cell, 2012
The small number of tumors with co-expression of mutant K-Ras and MST2 has elevated apoptosis rates.
Mst1 and Mst2 protein kinases restrain intestinal stem cell proliferation and colonic tumorigenesis by inhibition of Yes-associated protein (Yap) overabundance.
Avruch et al., Boston, United States. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2012
Findings demonstrate that Mst1 and Mst2 actively suppress Yap1 abundance and action in normal intestinal epithelium.
Mammalian ste20-like kinase and SAV1 promote 3T3-L1 adipocyte differentiation by activation of PPARγ.
Lee et al., South Korea. In Plos One, 2011
Differentiation of 3T3-L1 cells was augmented by MST2 and SAV1 expression and inhibited by knockdown of MST1/2 or SAV1.
The Hippo transducer TAZ confers cancer stem cell-related traits on breast cancer cells.
Piccolo et al., Padova, Italy. In Cell, 2011
In epithelial cells, TAZ forms a complex with the cell-polarity determinant Scribble, and loss of Scribble--or induction of the epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)--disrupts the inhibitory association of TAZ with the core Hippo kinases MST and LATS.
Mst out and HCC in.
Guan et al., San Diego, United States. In Cancer Cell, 2009
Mst1 and Mst2 are key components of the Hippo tumor suppressor pathway.
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