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Mitochondrial ribosomal protein L3

Mammalian mitochondrial ribosomal proteins are encoded by nuclear genes and help in protein synthesis within the mitochondrion. Mitochondrial ribosomes (mitoribosomes) consist of a small 28S subunit and a large 39S subunit. They have an estimated 75% protein to rRNA composition compared to prokaryotic ribosomes, where this ratio is reversed. Another difference between mammalian mitoribosomes and prokaryotic ribosomes is that the latter contain a 5S rRNA. Among different species, the proteins comprising the mitoribosome differ greatly in sequence, and sometimes in biochemical properties, which prevents easy recognition by sequence homology. This gene encodes a 39S subunit protein that belongs to the L3P ribosomal protein family. A pseudogene corresponding to this gene is found on chromosome 13q. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
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Papers on MRL3
Analysis of the MRPL3, DNAJC13 and OFCC1 variants in Chinese Han patients with TS-CTD.
Deng et al., Changsha, China. In Neurosci Lett, 2012
Found MRPL3 S75N variant is probably a rare cause of Tourette syndrome/chronic tic phenotype in Chinese Han patients.
Exome sequencing identifies MRPL3 mutation in mitochondrial cardiomyopathy.
Rötig et al., Paris, France. In Hum Mutat, 2011
the first mutation in large mitochondrial ribosomal protein MRPL3 in a family of four sibs with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, psychomotor retardation, and multiple respiratory chain deficiency.(MRPL3)
Insecticide-tolerant and plant-growth-promoting Rhizobium improves the growth of lentil (Lens esculentus) in insecticide-stressed soils.
Khan et al., Alīgarh, India. In Pest Manag Sci, 2011
strain MRL3 produced plant-growth-promoting substances in substantial amounts, both in the presence and in the absence of the insecticides.
Cloning and characterization of a human ribosomal protein gene with enhanced expression in fetal and neoplastic cells.
Rutter et al., San Francisco, United States. In Nucleic Acids Res, 1987
The protein encoded by the cDNA localizes to the nucleolus and is also found in ribosomes; possibly it is the mammalian homologue of L-3 (MRL3).
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