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Helt bHLH transcription factor

mgN, Helt
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Papers on mgN
Expression of myogenic regulatory factors in chicken embryos during somite and limb development.
Sweetman et al., Nottingham, United Kingdom. In J Anat, Sep 2015
The expression of the myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs), Myf5, MyoD, myogenin (Mgn) and MRF4 have been analysed during the development of chicken embryo somites and limbs.
Ascl1 and Helt act combinatorially to specify thalamic neuronal identity by repressing Dlxs activation.
Jeong et al., South Korea. In Dev Biol, Mar 2015
Here, we show that a combinatorial interaction between the bHLH transcription factors Ascl1 and Helt is required for acquiring thalamic progenitor identity.
Sprouty2 mediated tuning of signalling is essential for somite myogenesis.
Münsterberg et al., In Bmc Med Genomics, 2014
RESULTS: Here, we analysed chick Spry2 expression and showed that it overlaps with that of myogenic regulatory factors MyoD and Mgn.
Mgn-3/biobran enhances generation of cytotoxic CD8+ T cells via upregulation of dec-205 expression on dendritic cells.
Agrawal et al., Irvine, United States. In Int J Immunopathol Pharmacol, 2014
Arabinoxylan rice bran (MGN-3/Biobran) has been shown to be a potent biological response modifier (BRM) that activates different arms of the immune system, including dendritic cells (DCs), which prime CD4+ helper T-cell responses.
Nitrogen requirements of white-lipped peccary (Mammalia, Tayassuidae).
Dias et al., Ilhéus, Brazil. In Zoo Biol, 2014
Likewise, by regression analyses between consumption of nitrogen and the nitrogen balance [NBN consumed-(fecal N + Urine N)] we estimated the daily requirement of 336.5 mgN/kg(0.75) .
History of a prolific family: the Hes/Hey-related genes of the annelid Platynereis.
Balavoine et al., Paris, France. In Evodevo, 2013
Our phylogenetic analyses of more than 200 Metazoan Hes/Hey-related genes revealed the presence of five families, three of them (Hes, Hey and Helt) being pan-metazoan.
Transcriptional control of GABAergic neuronal subtype identity in the thalamus.
Delogu et al., London, United Kingdom. In Neural Dev, 2013
CONCLUSIONS: In this study, we describe two alternative differentiation programmes for GABAergic neurogenesis in the thalamus and identify Helt and Dlx2 as key transcription factors that are sufficient to direct neuronal progenitors along a specific differentiation pathway at the expense of alternative lineage choices.
Cultivation of planktonic anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) bacteria using membrane bioreactor.
Okabe et al., Japan. In Microbes Environ, 2012
d(-1) and 0.47 mgN L(-1), respectively, using enriched planktonic cells.
Genome-wide characterization of Foxa2 targets reveals upregulation of floor plate genes and repression of ventrolateral genes in midbrain dopaminergic progenitors.
Ang et al., London, United Kingdom. In Development, 2012
Foxa2 regulates directly and positively key determinants of mDA neurons, including Lmx1a, Lmx1b, Msx1 and Ferd3l, while negatively inhibiting transcription factors expressed in ventrolateral midbrain such as Helt, Tle4, Otx1, Sox1 and Tal2.
Removal of high concentration ammonia from wastewater by a combination of partial nitrification and anammox treatment.
Tsuno et al., Kyoto, Japan. In Environ Technol, 2012
and an influent nitrogen concentration of 400 mgN/l.
Kinetic study of compost liquor nitrification.
Marrot et al., Aix-en-Provence, France. In Water Sci Technol, 2010
d(-1), K(S)=12.0 mgN.L(-1) and K(I)=26.0 mgN.L(-1).
Are multiple checkpoint mediators involved in a checkpoint linking histone gene expression with DNA replication?
Smythe et al., Aberdeen, United Kingdom. In Biochem Soc Trans, 2007
Expression of replication-dependent histone genes is restricted to S-phase by a combination of cell cycle-regulated transcriptional and post-transcriptional control mechanisms and is linked to DNA replication by a poorly understood mechanism involving checkpoint kinases [Su, Gao, Schneider, Helt, Weiss, O'Reilly, Bohmann and Zhao (2004) EMBO J. 23, 1133-1143; Kaygun and Marzluff (2005) Nat.
Helt determines GABAergic over glutamatergic neuronal fate by repressing Ngn genes in the developing mesencephalon.
Ono et al., Kōbe, Japan. In Development, 2007
Helt determines GABAergic over glutamatergic fate, by repressing Ngn genes; Helt and Ngns are commonly used in the mesencephalon for determination of the GABAergic versus glutamatergic transmitter phenotype.
bHLH-Orange Transcription Factors in Development and Cancer.
Taneja et al., New York City, United States. In Transl Oncogenomics, 2006
Based on structural and phylogenetic analysis, mammalian bHLH-Orange (bHLH-O) proteins, which constitute the repressor family of bHLH factors, can be grouped into four subfamilies: Hes, Hey, Helt and Stra13/Dec.
Megane/Heslike is required for normal GABAergic differentiation in the mouse superior colliculus.
Wurst et al., Germany. In Development, 2006
Homozygous Mgn-null mice die between the second and the fifth postnatal week of age, and show a complete depletion of Gad65 and Gad67 expression in the superior colliculus and a reduction in the inferior colliculus.
Molecular characterization, structure and developmental expression of Megane bHLH factor.
Wurst et al., Germany. In Gene, 2006
Mgn is a single copy gene on mouse chromosome 8 and encodes a 27kDa protein that functions in the nucleus.
Identification and characterization of human HESL, rat Hesl and rainbow trout hesl genes in silico.
Katoh et al., Narashino, Japan. In Int J Mol Med, 2004
identified and characterized human HES-like (HESL), rat hesl, and rainbow trout hesl genes by using bioinformatics
Identification of a novel basic helix-loop-helix gene, Heslike, and its role in GABAergic neurogenesis.
Kageyama et al., Kyoto, Japan. In J Neurosci, 2004
identification of a novel mouse bHLH factor, termed Heslike, that has Hes1-like bHLH domain and transcriptional repressor activity; Heslike is coexpressed with the bHLH factor Mash1 in brain regions that give rise to GABAergic neurons
The well-balanced nucleoside-nucleotide mixture "OG-VI" for special medical purposes.
Ogoshi et al., Kōchi, Japan. In Nutrition, 1997
The whole body protein turnover increased significantly in rats receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN) with OG-VI solution after 70% hepatectomy, compared with rats receiving normal TPN without OG-VI (122.1 +/- 20.9 vs. 97.4
Urea production in normal breast-fed infants measured with primed/intermittent oral doses of [15N, 15N]urea.
Jackson et al., Southampton, United Kingdom. In Acta Paediatr, 1996
The rate at which urea appeared in the urea pool was 265 mgN/kg per hour, 85% of which derived from endogenous production and 15% from the diet.
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