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Proteoglycan 2, bone marrow

human homolog is the primary component of the eosinophil granule crystalline core; may play a role in allergic response and asthma [RGD, Feb 2006] (from NCBI)
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Top mentioned proteins: CAN, V1a, HAD, ACID, CD45
Papers using MBP antibodies
Fas ligand acts as a counter-receptor in Schwann cells and induces the secretion of bioactive nerve growth factor
Klein Robyn, In PLoS ONE, 2010
... ) and myelin basic protein (MBP; A 0623; Dako, Glostrup, Denmark) as described ...
Oxidative protein folding by an endoplasmic reticulum-localized peroxiredoxin
Kaiser Chris A. et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2009
... -tagged MBP were purified from cell lysates by affinity to amylose (New England Biolabs, Inc.) and then dialyzed ...
Correlation of CSF Proinflammatory Cytokines with MRI in Tuberculous Meningitis
Klein Robyn S et al., In Journal of Neuroinflammation, 2009
... Farmingdale, NY), rat anti-MBP (Abcam, Cambridge, MA) and mouse ...
The association between rheumatoid arthritis and periodontal disease
Willson Richard C., In PLoS ONE, 2009
... pMAL-pIII vector, M13KE insert extension primer (NEB #E8101), −96 gIII sequencing primer (NEB #S1259), monoclonal anti-MBP HRP-conjugate, EagI and Acc65I were from New England Biolabs.
Variation in the safety of induced pluripotent stem cell lines.
Amédée Thierry, In PLoS ONE, 2008
... to obtain MBP-Cre/Floxed-CAG-EGFP double-transgenic mice ...
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Papers on MBP
Interleukin-17- and interleukin-22-secreting myelin-specific CD4(+) T cells resistant to corticoids are related with active brain lesions in multiple sclerosis patients.
Bento et al., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In Immunology, Feb 2016
Therefore, we aimed to evaluate the cytokine profile of myelin basic protein (MBP)-specific T cells from MS patients in the early phase of the disease and correlate it to clinical parameters, as well as to the effect of in vitro corticoid treatment.
Myelin in Cartilaginous Fish.
de Bellard, Canada. In Brain Res, Feb 2016
More importantly, the ultrastructure of their compact myelin is indistinguishable from the one observed in tetrapods and the first true myelin basic protein (MBP) and myelin protein zero (MPZ) seem to have originated on cartilaginous fish or their ancestors, the placoderms.
Differential effects of myelin basic protein-activated Th1 and Th2 cells on the local immune microenvironment of injured spinal cord.
Lü et al., Bengbu, China. In Exp Neurol, Feb 2016
UNASSIGNED: Myelin basic protein (MBP) activated T cells (MBP-T) play an important role in the damage and repair process of the central nervous system (CNS).
Crystal structures of MBP fusion proteins.
Waugh, Frederick, United States. In Protein Sci, Jan 2016
UNASSIGNED: Although chaperone-assisted protein crystallization remains a comparatively rare undertaking, the number of crystal structures of polypeptides fused to maltose-binding protein (MBP) that have been deposited in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) has grown dramatically during the past decade.
X-ray therapy promotes structural regeneration after spinal cord injury in a rat model.
Zhang et al., Suzhou, China. In J Orthop Surg Res, Dec 2015
The myelin basic protein (MBP) count decreased at 14 weeks after SCI in the irradiated groups (P < 0.05) but increased at 14 weeks in the sham group (P < 0.05).
Myelin Basic Protein-Induced Production of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α and Interleukin-6, and Presentation of the Immunodominant Peptide MBP85-99 by B Cells from Patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.
Brimnes et al., Copenhagen, Denmark. In Plos One, Dec 2015
Diverse polyclonal stimuli have been used to study cytokine production by B cells, but here we used the physiologically relevant self-antigen myelin basic protein (MBP) to stimulate B cells from untreated patients with RRMS and healthy donors.
Epigenetic Regulation.
Niller et al., Szeged, Hungary. In Adv Exp Med Biol, Dec 2015
The enzymes methylating CpG dinucleotides and those involved in the active demethylation of 5-metylcytosine (5mC) are outlined together with the members of the methyl binding protein (MBP) family that bind to and "interpret" the 5mC mark.
MyelStones: the executive roles of myelin basic protein in myelin assembly and destabilization in multiple sclerosis.
Harauz et al., Guelph, Canada. In Biochem J, Dec 2015
The classic isoforms of myelin basic protein (MBP, 14-21.5 kDa) are essential to formation of the multilamellar myelin sheath of the mammalian central nervous system (CNS).
[GWAS of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Drug Discovery].
Ohmura, In Rinsho Byori, Apr 2015
We previously found that myelin basic protein (MBP) is associated with RA.
The influence of glutamatergic receptor antagonists on biochemical and ultrastructural changes in myelin membranes of rats subjected to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.
Sulkowski et al., Warsaw, Poland. In Folia Neuropathol, 2014
The aim of the study was to test the effects of the glutamatergic receptor antagonists amantadine and memantine (antagonists of NMDA receptors), LY 367384 (an antagonist of mGluR1), and MPEP (an mGluR5 antagonist) on the development of neurological symptoms in immunized animals, morphological changes in cerebral myelin, and expression of mRNA of the principal myelin proteins PLP, MBP, MOG, MAG, and CNPase.
A regenerative approach to the treatment of multiple sclerosis.
Lairson et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Nature, 2013
To identify selective inducers of oligodendrocyte differentiation, we performed an image-based screen for myelin basic protein (MBP) expression using primary rat optic-nerve-derived progenitor cells.
Reshaping of the conformational search of a protein by the chaperone trigger factor.
Tans et al., Amsterdam, Netherlands. In Nature, 2013
To investigate the effect of TF from E. coli on the conformational search of polypeptides to their native state, we investigated individual maltose binding protein (MBP) molecules using optical tweezers.
MHC class I-restricted myelin epitopes are cross-presented by Tip-DCs that promote determinant spreading to CD8⁺ T cells.
Goverman et al., Seattle, United States. In Nat Immunol, 2013
We show that MHC class I-restricted myelin basic protein (MBP) was presented by oligodendrocytes and cross-presented by Tip-dendritic cells (DCs) during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), an animal model of MS initiated by CD4(+) T cells.
Death receptor 6 negatively regulates oligodendrocyte survival, maturation and myelination.
Pepinsky et al., Cambridge, United States. In Nat Med, 2011
DR6 is expressed strongly in immature oligodendrocytes and weakly in mature myelin basic protein (MBP)-positive oligodendrocytes.
Chaperonin-catalyzed rescue of kinetically trapped states in protein folding.
Hayer-Hartl et al., Martinsried, Germany. In Cell, 2010
Here, we address this question using a double mutant of the maltose-binding protein DM-MBP as a substrate.
Sensitization of isolated rat vagal pulmonary sensory neurons by eosinophil-derived cationic proteins.
Lee et al., Lexington, United States. In Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol, 2008
Pretreatment with major basic protein did not significantly alter input resistance of vagal sensory neurons. sensitizing effect of MBP was completely abolished when its cationic charge was neutralized by mixing with a polyanion.
More papers using MBP antibodies
Multiple conformational switches in a GTPase complex control co-translational protein targeting
Shan Shu-ou et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2008
Then, MBP and uncleaved MBP fusion proteins were removed using amylose resin (New England Biolabs), and FtsY-NG+1 was further ...
A B-Myb complex containing clathrin and filamin is required for mitotic spindle function
Shih Hsiu-Ming et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2007
... anti-CHC (X22 [EMD] and M23 [BD]); rabbit anti–maltose-binding protein (MBP; Abcam); rabbit ...
Separate Elements within a Single IQ-like Motif in Adenylyl Cyclase Type 8 Impart Ca2+/Calmodulin Binding and Autoinhibition*
Cooper Dermot M. F. et al., In The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2005
... DNA T4 ligase, calf intestinal phosphatase, and monoclonal antibody raised against MBP were from New England Biolabs (Ipswich, MA) ...
ErbB2 directly activates the exchange factor Dock7 to promote Schwann cell migration
Tanoue Akito et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2004
... The following antibodies were purchased: anti-ErbB2, anti-ErbB3, anti-JNK1, anti-Tiam1, anti-Dbs, anti-HA, and anti-MBP (Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.); anti-autophosphorylated (Tyr ...
Structure of the rotor of the V-Type Na+-ATPase from Enterococcus hirae
Karbstein Katrin, In PLoS ONE, 2004
... Anti-MBP (Maltose Binding Protein) antibody was from New England Biolabs and Enhanced Chemiluminescence (ECL) ...
GROMACS: fast, flexible, and free.
Lengauer Thomas, In PLoS Computational Biology, 2004
... As previously described, recombinant murine HRS was generated as a maltose binding protein (MBP) fusion protein following subcloning of the appropriate sequence (derived from RT-PCR amplification of C57BL/6 myocyte RNA) into the bacterial expression vector pMALc2 (New England Biolabs, Ipswich, MA) ...
Multiple mechanisms regulate NuMA dynamics at spindle poles.
Gonzalez Cayetano, In PLoS ONE, 2003
... MBP-fusion proteins were purified on amylose resin (New England Biolabs), washed with three bed-volumes ...
Cellular and molecular aspects of familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy caused by mutations in the cardiac troponin I gene
Chase P. Bryant et al., In Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, 2003
... Inserts were ligated to maltose-binding protein (MBP) fusion expression vector pMAL-c2 (New England BioLabs Inc., Beverly, Mass, USA) ...
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Cordaux Richard, In PLoS ONE, 2003
... (MOS1: 345 amino acids) was produced and purified as a fusion protein linked to maltose-binding protein (MBP-MOS1), using the pMal-c2 system (New England Biolabs) and following the Manufacturer's ...
Insights into the conformational equilibria of maltose-binding protein by analysis of high affinity mutants
Riggs Paul D. et al., In Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2002
... and Purification System including pMAL-c2X, pMAL-c2G, and pMAL-c4X, the USER Friendly Cloning kit, amylose resin, anti-MBP monoclonal antibody linked to horseradish peroxidase, and synthetic oligonucleotides were obtained from New England Biolabs.
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma agonists inhibit experimental allergic encephalomyelitis by blocking IL-12 production, IL-12 signaling and Th1 differentiation
Reeves Steven A et al., In Journal of Neuroinflammation, 2001
... DCFDA) was from Molecular Probes (Eugene, OR); Goat anti-MBP was from Santa Cruz Biotechnology (Santa Cruz, CA); rabbit ...
The binary Clostridium botulinum C2 toxin as a protein delivery system: identification of the minimal protein region necessary for interaction of toxin components
Bravo Alejandra, In PLoS ONE, 2001
... gpJ was obtained by treatment of MBP-gpJ bound to starch column beads (amylose-Sepharose, New England Biolabs) with factor X ...
Analysis of relative gene expression data using real-time quantitative PCR and the 2(-Delta Delta C(T)) Method.
Fugmann Sebastian D., In PLoS ONE, 2000
... We additionally cloned the MBD of MBD6 and MBD6 into an MBP fusion plasmid (pMALp2X, New England Biolabs) and a GST fusion fusion ...
Myelin protein zero/P0 phosphorylation and function require an adaptor protein linking it to RACK1 and PKCα
Balsamo Janne et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 2000
... are as follows: anti-GST (Ab-3; Calbiochem), anti-FLAG M2 (Stratagene), anti-HA (Roche Applied Science), anti–maltose-binding protein (MBP; New England Biolabs, Inc.), anti-RACK1, anti-PKCα, and ...
Interleukin 2 Signaling Is Required for CD4+ Regulatory T Cell Function
Lafaille Juan J. et al., In The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2000
... mice are MBP-specific T cell receptor transgenic mice crossed to TCR ...
A common temperature-sensitive allelic form of human tyrosinase is retained in the endoplasmic reticulum at the nonpermissive temperature.
Jackson Ian J., In PLoS Genetics, 1999
... , α-LAMP1 from Affinity BioReagents (Golden, CO), and α-MBP from New England Biolabs (Beverly, MA) ...
Direct interaction of insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor with leukemia-associated RhoGEF
Kaibuchi Kozo et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 1999
... Anti-MBP polyclonal antibody was purchased from New England Biolabs, Inc ...
Cell cycle-dependent localization of monoclonal antibodies raised against isolated Dictyostelium centrosomes.
Bassham Diane, In PLoS ONE, 1998
... and anti-myc 9E10 monoclonal antibodies were purchased from Roche Biochemicals (Meylan, France), and the rabbit anti-MBP antiserum from New England Biolabs (Ozyme, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France) ...
ESPript: analysis of multiple sequence alignments in PostScript.
Valdivia Raphael H., In PLoS ONE, 1998
... -MBP-LsrF fusion was also purified by affinity chromatography, but in this case using NiNTA agarose (QIAGEN).
Regulatory CD4+T cells expressing endogenous T cell receptor chains protect myelin basic protein–specific transgenic mice from spontaneous autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Tonegawa Susumu et al., In The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1997
... Anti-MBP TCR transgenic mice have been described ...
IFN-gamma induces cell growth inhibition by Fas-mediated apoptosis: requirement of STAT1 protein for up-regulation of Fas and FasL expression
Russell John H. et al., In The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1997
... MBP-specific TCR transgenic mice on a B10.PL background ...
Embryonic expression of the myelin basic protein gene: identification of a promoter region that targets transgene expression to pioneer neurons.
Gendelman Howard E., In PLoS ONE, 1997
... MBP (18.5 kDa isoform, GenBank #AAH08749) was purchased from Biodesign.
Akt2 phosphorylates Synip to regulate docking and fusion of GLUT4-containing vesicles
Mori Masatomo et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 1997
... MBP expression system was obtained from New England Biolabs, Inc ...
Molecular mimicry and immune-mediated diseases
Goverman Joan et al., In The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1997
... MBP TCR1 transgenic mice (B10.PL-H2 ...
BDNF attenuates functional and structural disorders in nerves of galactose-fed rats.
Singh Shree Ram, In PLoS ONE, 1996
... #Z0334, 1∶1000), mouse anti-human MBP (AbD Serotec, Raleigh, NC, cat ...
Characterization of synthetic human granulocyte chemotactic protein 2: usage of chemokine receptors CXCR1 and CXCR2 and in vivo inflammatory properties
Rooijakkers Suzan H M et al., In The EMBO Journal, 1996
... ER2566, and MBP-ScpB protein purification was performed using Amylose Resin according to manufacturer's instructions (New England Biolabs).
CD30 cell expression and abnormal soluble CD30 serum accumulation in Omenn's syndrome: evidence for a T helper 2-mediated condition
Tonegawa Susumu et al., In The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1995
... The establishment of MBP Ac1-11–specific T cell receptor transgenic mice has been described ...
The clathrin adaptor complex 1 directly binds to a sorting signal in Ste13p to reduce the rate of its trafficking to the late endosome of yeast
Nothwehr Steven F. et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 1995
... Rabbit anti-HA epitope and rabbit anti-MBP antibodies were obtained from Covance and New England Biolabs, Inc., respectively ...
T cells with two functional antigen-specific receptors
Lafaille Juan J. et al., In The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1994
... MBP-specific TCR transgenic mice have been described ...
[Immunolocalization of nucleolar protein B23 in mitotic centrosomes]
Prigent Claude et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 1994
... MBP-CDC25B3 was produced in JM109 bacteria and affinity purified on amylose beads following the manufacturer’s instructions (New England Biolabs, Inc.) ...
In vivo phosphorylation of regulatory light chain of myosin II during mitosis of cultured cells
Inagaki Masaki et al., In The Journal of Cell Biology, 1993
... as maltose-binding protein (MBP) fusion protein and purified on amylose resin (New England Biolabs ...
Backbone dynamics of a free and phosphopeptide-complexed Src homology 2 domain studied by 15N NMR relaxation.
Rey Félix A., In PLoS Pathogens, 1993
... The MBP-fusion proteins were purified by affinity chromatography on amylose resin (New England Biolabs) followed by size exclusion ...
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