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Presequence translocase-associated motor 16 homolog

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Top mentioned proteins: GM-CSF, CsF, HAD, ACID, CAN
Papers on Magmas
N-carbamidoyl-4-((3-ethyl-2,4,4-trimethylcyclohexyl)methyl)benzamide enhances staurosporine cytotoxic effects likely inhibiting the protective action of Magmas toward cell apoptosis.
Trapella et al., Ferrara, Italy. In J Med Chem, 2014
We recently demonstrated that Magmas overexpression protects GH-secreting rat pitutitary adenoma cell lines from apoptosis by inhibiting cytochrome c release from mitochondria after treatment with staurosporine, strongly suggesting a role of Magmas in preventing apoptosis.
Unraveling the intricate organization of mammalian mitochondrial presequence translocases: existence of multiple translocases for maintenance of mitochondrial function.
D'Silva et al., Bengaluru, India. In Mol Cell Biol, 2014
Our data highlight the importance of Magmas as a regulator of translocase function and in dynamically recruiting the J-proteins DnaJC19 and DnaJC15 to individual translocases.
Magmas functions as a ROS regulator and provides cytoprotection against oxidative stress-mediated damages.
D'Silva et al., Bengaluru, India. In Cell Death Dis, 2013
In the present study, we have identified for the first time a component of mammalian protein translocation machinery Magmas to perform a critical ROS regulatory function.
Correction: Magmas Overexpression Inhibits Staurosporine Induced Apoptosis in Rat Pituitary Adenoma Cell Lines.
Zatelli et al., In Plos One, 2012
[This corrects the article on p. e75194 in vol.
Magmas overexpression inhibits staurosporine induced apoptosis in rat pituitary adenoma cell lines.
Zatelli et al., Ferrara, Italy. In Plos One, 2012
Magmas is a nuclear gene that encodes for the mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit Tim16.
Essential role of Drosophila black-pearl is mediated by its effects on mitochondrial respiration.
Jubinsky et al., United States. In Faseb J, 2012
The yeast Blp homologue, Magmas/Pam16, is required for mitochondrial protein transport, growth, and survival.
The yeast magmas ortholog pam16 has an essential function in fermentative growth that involves sphingolipid metabolism.
Jubinsky et al., New York City, United States. In Plos One, 2011
Magmas is a growth factor responsive gene encoding an essential mitochondrial protein in mammalian cells.
Design, synthesis, and biological activity of novel Magmas inhibitors.
Das et al., New Haven, United States. In Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 2011
Magmas (mitochondria associated, granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor signaling molecule), is a highly conserved and essential gene, expressed in all cell types.
Magmas, a gene newly identified as overexpressed in human and mouse ACTH-secreting pituitary adenomas, protects pituitary cells from apoptotic stimuli.
Zatelli et al., Ferrara, Italy. In Endocrinology, 2010
Magmas protects pituitary cells from apoptosis, suggesting its possible involvement in neoplastic transformation.
Role of Magmas in protein transport and human mitochondria biogenesis.
D'Silva et al., Bengaluru, India. In Hum Mol Genet, 2010
Magmas, a conserved mammalian protein essential for eukaryotic development, is overexpressed in prostate carcinomas and cells exposed to granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF).
Alteration of gene expression induced by Silurus asotus lectin in Burkitt's lymphoma cells.
Nitta et al., Sendai, Japan. In Biol Pharm Bull, 2008
Treatment of Raji cells with SAL down-regulated mitochondria-associated granulocyte-macropharge colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) signaling molecule (Magmas) gene, and up-regulated N-myc downstream regulated gene (NDRG) 3. On the other hand, treatment of Daudi cells with SAL down-regulated Rad50 gene.
Redox evolution of a degassing magma rising to the surface.
Scaillet et al., Orléans, France. In Nature, 2007
Volatiles carried by magmas, either dissolved or exsolved, have a fundamental effect on a variety of geological phenomena, such as magma dynamics and the composition of the Earth's atmosphere.
Magmas expression in neoplastic human prostate.
Li et al., United States. In J Mol Histol, 2005
Magmas expression in prostate cancer.
Explosive volcanism may not be an inevitable consequence of magma fragmentation.
Manga et al., Berkeley, United States. In Nature, 2003
Magmas for both types of eruptions originate from sources with similar volatile content, yet effusive lavas erupt considerably more degassed than their explosive counterparts.
U-Th Isotopes in Arc Magmas: Implications for Element Transfer from the Subducted Crust
van Calsteren P et al., Dublin, Ireland. In Science, 1997
Uranium-thorium isotope results from island arc volcanic rocks were used to investigate the rates of transfer of fluids and sediments from the downgoing slab.
Origin of High-Alumina Basalt, Andesite, and Dacite Magmas.
Hamilton, In Science, 1964
The broad spectrum of high-alumina magmas may represent widely varying degrees of partial melting above the transformation level, whereas narrow-spectrum tholeiite magma may represent more complete melting beneath it.
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