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Lysozyme-like 6

This gene encodes a member of the C-type lysozyme/alpha-lactalbumin family. C-type lysozymes are bacteriolytic factors that play a role in host defense, whereas alpha-lactalbumins mediate lactose biosynthesis. The encoded protein contains catalytic residues characteristic of C-type lysozymes and may play a role in male reproduction. Alternatively spliced transcript variants have been observed for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Jan 2011] (from NCBI)
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Top mentioned proteins: Lysozyme, ACID, alpha-Lactalbumin
Papers on LYZL6
Production of LYZL6, a novel human c-type lysozyme, in recombinant Pichia pastoris employing high cell density fed-batch fermentation.
Yu et al., Shanghai, China. In J Biosci Bioeng, 2014
Here we describe the production and performance of human lysozyme-like 6 (LYZL6), a novel human c-type lysozyme homolog.
Characterisation of Lyzls in mice and antibacterial properties of human LYZL6.
Li et al., Yinchuan, China. In Asian J Androl, 2013
However, the function of the remaining two mouse c-type lysozyme genes, Lyzl1 and Lyzl6, is still not clear.
Molecular cloning and characterization of three novel lysozyme-like genes, predominantly expressed in the male reproductive system of humans, belonging to the c-type lysozyme/alpha-lactalbumin family.
Yu et al., Shanghai, China. In Biol Reprod, 2005
Using human lysozyme as an information probe, we cloned four human cDNAs encoding homologues of human lysozyme; these were named LYZL2, LYZL4, LYZL6, and SPACA3 by the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee.
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