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Heat shock transcription factor family, X linked 1

LW-1, Lw-I, HSFX1
Top mentioned proteins: AGE, HAD, SDSL, MAX, ACID
Papers on LW-1
Effect of chronic hypoxia on RAGE and its soluble forms in lungs and plasma of mice.
Reynaert et al., Maastricht, Netherlands. In Biochim Biophys Acta, May 2015
In the lungs, the RAGE ligand HMGB1 was decreased and of the AGEs, only LW-1 was increased by chronic hypoxia.
Bacterial metabolism of methylated amines and identification of novel methylotrophs in Movile Cave.
Colin Murrell et al., Bucureşti, Romania. In Isme J, 2015
LW-1 is probably one of the most active MMA utilisers in Movile Cave.
Nasal cavity dimensions in congenital pyriform aperture stenosis.
White et al., Charleston, United States. In Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol, 2013
METHODS: The width of the nasal cavities was measured at the pyriform aperture, choana, and at two standardized points along the lateral nasal wall (LW-1 and LW-2) between the pyriform aperture and choana.
Cloning and bioinformatic analysis of an acidophilic beta-mannanase gene, Anman5A, from Aspergillus niger LW-1.
Li et al., Taiwan. In Prikl Biokhim Mikrobiol, 2012
Using 3' and 5' rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) techniques, the full-length cDNA sequence of the AnmanSA, a gene that encodes an acidophilic beta-mannanase of Aspergillus niger LW-1 (abbreviated to AnMan5A), was identified from the total RNA.
X chromosome gene methylation in peripheral lymphocytes from monozygotic twins discordant for scleroderma.
Gershwin et al., Davis, United States. In Clin Exp Immunol, 2012
Identified genes include transcription factors (ARX, HSFX1, ZBED1, ZNF41) and surface antigens (IL1RAPL2, PGRMC1), and pathway analysis suggests their involvement in cell proliferation (PGK1, SMS, UTP14A, SSR4), apoptosis (MTM1), inflammation (ARAF) and oxidative stress (ENOX2).
Cloning and functional expression of an acidophilic β-mannanase gene (Anman5A) from Aspergillus niger LW-1 in Pichia pastoris.
Wu et al., Wuxi, China. In J Agric Food Chem, 2012
A cDNA fragment of the Anman5A, a gene that encodes an acidophilic β-mannanase of Aspergillus niger LW-1 (abbreviated as AnMan5A), was cloned and functionally expressed in Pichia pastoris .
Bimutation breeding of Aspergillus niger strain for enhancing β-mannanase production by solid-state fermentation.
Guo et al., Wuxi, China. In Carbohydr Res, 2011
A parent strain Aspergillus niger LW-1 was mutated by the compound mutagenesis of vacuum microwave (VMW) and ethyl methane sulfonate (EMS).
Partial characterization of the molecular nature of collagen-linked fluorescence: role of diabetes and end-stage renal disease.
Monnier et al., Cleveland, United States. In Arch Biochem Biophys, 2010
We now report the presence of a major fluorophore (LW-1) in human skin collagen which increases with age, diabetes, and ESRD.
Double complex mutations involving F8 and FUNDC2 caused by distinct break-induced replication.
Chen et al., Christchurch, New Zealand. In Hum Mutat, 2007
The copy number of several genes is affected by this rearrangement, with deletion of part of the Factor VIII gene (F8, causing hemophilia A) and the FUNDC2 gene, and duplication of the TMEM185A, HSFX1, MAGEA9, and MAGEA11 genes.
Molecular characterization of heat shock-like factor encoded on the human Y chromosome, and implications for male infertility.
Nakahori et al., Tokushima, Japan. In Biol Reprod, 2004
HSFY is similar to LW-1 on the human X chromosome and a murine HSFY-like sequence (mHSFYL), 4933413G11Rik, on the mouse chromosome 1.
Cytostatic effect of 9-(2-phosphonomethoxyethyl) adenine (PMEA). I. Lymphatic leukemia KHP-Lw-I in Lewis rats.
Kren et al., Praha, Czech Republic. In Folia Biol (praha), 1992
PMEA was administered i.p. daily on 10 consecutive days to inbred LEW rats inoculated with leukemic lymphoblastic cells KPH-Lw-I.
Antigenic phenotype of LEW rat lymphatic leukemia.
Kren et al., In Neoplasma, 1986
T-cell differentiation antigen RT6 was also detected by means of alpha RT6 AAS with closely similar specificity as MoAb P4/16 which also positively reacted with KPH-Lw-I cells.
G-banding chromosome studies of acute lymphoblastic Lewis rat leukemia (KPH-Lw-I).
Kren et al., In Neoplasma, 1984
Changes of karyotype in spontaneous acute lymphoblastic Lewis rat leukemia have been studied by conventional Giemsa staining method and by G- and C-banding techniques.
Spontaneous transplantable lymphatic leukemia in Lewis rat (KPH-Lw-I).
Pohlreich et al., In Neoplasma, 1979
A spontaneous transplantable acute lymphatic leukemia in Lewis rats (KPH-Lw-I) is described.
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