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Ligand of numb-protein X 2

Top mentioned proteins: Numb, MUPP1, Ubiquitin, FATE, LnX3
Papers on LNX2
Structural basis for the indispensable role of a unique zinc finger motif in LNX2 ubiquitination.
Sivaraman et al., Singapore, Singapore. In Oncotarget, Nov 2015
LNX (Ligand of Numb Protein-X) proteins, LNX1 and LNX2, are RING- and PDZ-based E3-ubiquitin ligases known to interact with Numb.
Lnx2 ubiquitin ligase is essential for exocrine cell differentiation in the early zebrafish pancreas.
Dawid et al., Taejŏn, South Korea. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, Nov 2015
The gene encoding the E3 ubiquitin ligase Ligand of Numb protein-X (Lnx)2a is expressed in the ventral-anterior pancreatic bud of zebrafish embryos in addition to its expression in the brain.
Ubiquitin E3 Ligase LNX2 is Critical for Osteoclastogenesis In Vitro by Regulating M-CSF/RANKL Signaling and Notch2.
Zhao et al., Shanghai, China. In Calcif Tissue Int, May 2015
In this study, we uncovered that LNX2, an E3 ubiquitin ligase and Notch inhibitor Numb binding protein, was up-regulated during osteoclast differentiation.
Caspr4 interaction with LNX2 modulates the proliferation and neuronal differentiation of mouse neural progenitor cells.
Ma et al., Suzhou, China. In Stem Cells Dev, Apr 2015
Ligand of Numb protein X2 (LNX2), a binding partner of Numb, interacts with Caspr4 in a PDZ domain-dependent manner and plays a similar role to Caspr4 in NPCs.
Genome-wide association with residual body weight gain in Bos indicus cattle.
Ferraz et al., Pirassununga, Brazil. In Genet Mol Res, 2014
Several genes and quantitative train loci (QTLs) present in the regions identified were appointed; we highlight DMRT2 (doublesex and mab-3 related tran-scription factor 2), IFFO2 (intermediate filament family orphan 2), LNX2 (ligand of numb-protein X 2), MTIF3 (mitochondrial transla-tional initiation factor 3), and TRNAG-CCC (transfer RNA glycine anticodon CCC).
Tight, cell type-specific control of LNX expression in the nervous system, at the level of transcription, translation and protein stability.
Young et al., Cork, Ireland. In Gene, 2014
LNX1 and LNX2 are E3 ubiquitin ligases that can interact with Numb - a key regulator of neurogenesis and neuronal differentiation.
Characterization of diverse internal binding specificities of PDZ domains by yeast two-hybrid screening of a special peptide library.
Gao et al., Beijing, China. In Plos One, 2013
The first PDZ domain of LNX2, which has not been reported to bind C-terminal PBMs, was found to bind internal PBMs.
Genetic amplification of the NOTCH modulator LNX2 upregulates the WNT/β-catenin pathway in colorectal cancer.
Ried et al., Bethesda, United States. In Cancer Res, 2013
The functional space of the genes NUPL1, LNX2, POLR1D, POMP, SLC7A1, DIS3, KLF5, and GPR180 was established by global expression profiling after RNAi exposure.
The ligands of Numb proteins X1 and X2 are specific markers for chronic Q fever.
Ghigo et al., Marseille, France. In Fems Immunol Med Microbiol, 2012
The authors found a high level of LNX1 and LNX2 mRNAs in endocarditis, the principal manifestation of chronic Q fever, but not in acute Q fever.
Ligand of Numb proteins LNX1p80 and LNX2 interact with the human glycoprotein CD8α and promote its ubiquitylation and endocytosis.
Mottola et al., Napoli, Italy. In J Cell Sci, 2011
LNX1 and LNX2 interact with CD8alpha and promote its ubiquitylation and endocytosis
Common variants on 14q32 and 13q12 are associated with DLBCL susceptibility.
Matsuda et al., Tokyo, Japan. In J Hum Genet, 2011
× 10(-6) and OR of 1.43) which harbors the notch signaling mediator, LNX2 gene.
Molecular evolution of the LNX gene family.
Young et al., Cork, Ireland. In Bmc Evol Biol, 2010
We find that a LNX1/LNX2-like gene arose in an early metazoan lineage by gene duplication and fusion events that combined a RING domain with four PDZ domains.
Identification of novel Runx2 targets in osteoblasts: cell type-specific BMP-dependent regulation of Tram2.
Frenkel et al., Los Angeles, United States. In J Cell Biochem, 2008
Among the other Runx2 target genes discovered in this study are Lnx2, an intracellular scaffolding protein that may play a role in Notch signaling, and Tnfrsf12a, a Tumor Necrosis Factor receptor family member that influences both osteoblast and osteoclast differentiation.
The cell surface protein coxsackie- and adenovirus receptor (CAR) directly associates with the Ligand-of-Numb Protein-X2 (LNX2).
Sollerbrant et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Exp Cell Res, 2005
coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor is a partner in a protein complex organized at specific subcellular sites by LNX2
Identification and characterization of human PDZRN4L gene and mouse Pdzrn4l gene in silico.
Katoh et al., Narashino, Japan. In Int J Mol Med, 2004
LNX, PDZRN1 (LNX2), PDZRN3 (LNX3 or SEMCAP3) and PDZRN4 (LNX4 or SEMCAP3L) constitute the LNX (PDZRN) family.
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